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Friday, 21 April 2017

A Couple of Perfect Weeks.

Well, hello to you all once again. It keeps coming up on my Facebook Notifications that the people who 'like' and follow my Blog, haven't heard from me in a while, so would I like to write something - if I could think of something entertaining, then, yes, I would love to write something!


Having put that exclamation mark there, it reminded me of something that a teacher in my Creative Writing Class told me, many years ago, and that was, that I tended to use too many exclamation marks!!! (Surely not...).  She said that the sentence should speak for itself, without the need for my scattering of these punctuation marks 😊. I'm sure she was absolutely correct in what she said, and I do try to refrain from not using too many of them. I think that part of it, is me trying to convey my enthusiasm to you!

Anyway, it has been a rather busy but very special couple of weeks, with the occasion of my 70th birthday, followed immediately by Easter. 


I read somewhere that on entering your 70's, you are entering the sunset of your life. Well, I hope to have many more beautiful sunsets before I shuffle off this mortal coil. (See! I would have inserted an exclamation mark there, but I refrained from doing so).  

I did have a truly wonderful family and friends orientated birthday, celebrating in Ibiza (just a week before) and again when I arrived home, with lots of long, leisurely lunches, many by the sea, which I love. I must say that I do count my blessings every day for the love of my family and for the gift of my very special group of female friends, who can always be relied upon to provide fun, laughter, support and encouragement. 



Once again, I always feel that I should apologise to my Facebook friends, as they will have already seen the photos that I'm featuring today. 


So then, as you can see, I'm still here, albeit another decade older, but still up for being silly at times and wanting to enjoy every day that I am blessed with. A quote from one of my Facebook friends rather appealed to me, so I am including it here. Amen to that!


As part of my birthday celebrations, my number two daughter and I went to a beautiful performance of Madame Butterfly last evening. This reminded me of  when I last went to the Opera, and my Featured Post features this visit today. Just click on the link
At the top of the right hand side bar. 


I hope you're all doing well, wherever you may be, and, as always, thank you so much for taking the time to read my meanderings ❤️

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Sunday Snaps from Ibiza 🌞

My journey was about to commence, and so it was that I dragged myself out of bed at 1.30am, to get ready for my trip to Ibiza, where number 1 daughter and son in law have taken a house for a year. My time at the airport was smooth and uneventful, and I was soon leaving the grey skies of England behind for the blue skies ahead. 


Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands nestled in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Spain. Most people know it for its lively nightlife, but that really is just a very small part of Island life. 


It is also home to quiet white-washed villages, yoga retreats, nature, culture, and wonderful coves and beaches. The light here is amazing, and I find myself wishing that I could perch on a cliff top and be able to paint the scene in front of me. 


One day we strolled through the ancient streets of Old Ibiza Town, where locals were sat outside their tiny, picturesque houses, greeting us as we walked by. The houses have brightly coloured shutters, which help to keep out the glaring light of the Summer sun, and to keep the cold out during the Winter months. 


It was quite a climb through cobbled streets to the top of the Old Town, but well worth it to see the Catedral de Eivissa, which sits within the ancient fortified walls, and the magnificent view laid out below. As you make the trek upwards, you do find yourself thinking of the Pilgrims that have made this climb over the centuries. 




I've been taken all over this pretty Island, eaten tasty local food at the waters edge, accompanied by the odd glass of RosΓ¨ and a cup of the delicious Cortado coffee that they serve here. 


Ibiza certainly has a magic all of its own, and I shall find it hard to leave this beautiful place behind. In certain places, I found it to be almost spiritual. 

I hope you've enjoyed the little tour and I'm sure I will see you again soon. 

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Sunday Snaps πŸ“Έ

Well, it's hard to believe that another week has passed by, and here we are with my Sunday Snaps feature once again. 

Last Monday, the sun shone brightly here in heavenly Devon, so a friend and I decided to take full advantage, and set off to Salcombe for a walk. Salcombe is such a pretty resort, about half an hour away. It's lovely at this time of the year, but, from Easter onwards, the narrow streets will be thronged with those lovely 😊 holidaymakers, who rush here to enjoy the beauty of the South Hams. 


 Salcombe is, in fact, Britain's most expensive seaside resort in which to buy a home. It also has the highest population of second-home owners.  For local people, especially the young people, this is very sad, because wealthy people from London and the Home Counties flock here to buy their second homes, and this pushes house prices well beyond the means of the locals. It also means, of course, that once thriving little communities now become ghost towns for many months of the year. It's quite a sore point here in Devon and Cornwall, but there's nothing much that can be done about it really. 

So now I will share some more photos of the picturesque area that I'm proud to call home. 

This is the view from a favourite place of mine to eat lunch, preferably accompanied by a chilled glass of RosΓ©!  

Not a sea view this time, but a photo of the beautiful Dartington Gardens. This is such an interesting place to visit, no matter what the Season. 

This is the Marina on Plymouth's historic Barbican. Ten minutes away from me, and a favourite place to sit and people watch. 

As you can see, we really ARE surrounded by water. This is a view looking across into Cornwall. 

Finally, I just couldn't resist this last one, which is of my two youngest grandchildren, enjoying a day at the beach. It was taken a couple of years ago, but I just love the simplicity of the shot. They're doing what young children have been doing for many, many years. 

I do hope you have enjoyed the selection today - have a good week, and look after yourselves ❤️

By the way, for anyone who is interested, there is a new Feature Post up now. Just click on the button at the top on the right hand sidebar. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Garden Colours....

Here in heavenly Devon, Spring is springing up all over the place, and the gardens are suddenly bursting with colour. In my own garden, the very first tulips are appearing - one of my favourite flowers. Yes, it's lovely to receive a bouquet of flowers from time to time, but, if I'm honest, a bunch of tulips will do it for me every time!  Yes, I'm a cheap kind of gal! 



It's strange, but at this wonderful time of the year, with new life appearing all around me, I sometimes find  that I can feel a little, I don't quite know how to describe it, but a bit under par, I suppose. 

I have a birthday in just a few weeks, and I've noticed that I can feel like this each year,  round about this time.  I spoke to a couple of friends, and it was interesting to hear that they also feel the same way just before their birthdays.  Hopefully I will feel brighter again once the month tips over into my Star sign of Aries, which will occur on the 21st March. 

I know that in certain parts of the world, the clocks have already gone forward an hour, with the promise of lighter evenings. Over here in the U.K. the clocks won't alter until the  26th March, which will also be Mothering Sunday (Mothers Day). 


Photos taken today at Saltram House, a wonderful National Trust property nearby. 

I'll say cheerio again for now, but will see you again soon.  I'll leave you with this little quote, courtesy of


Sunday, 12 March 2017

Sunday Snaps - Edition Two...

Hello there and a happy and relaxed Sunday to you all. A few years ago on my Blog, I used to run a feature called Sunday Snaps (pretty snappy title, don't you think?! 😊). Anyway, I thought I would resurrect it and feature photos of heavenly Devon.  
The beach at South Sands, Salcombe. 

I am fortunate to have been born and bred in this heavenly County of Devon, which is right down in the South West of England. We are surrounded by the sea, with the most wonderful sandy beaches, and we have Dartmoor very close by, so we have the best of both worlds. 

Coastal path to Hope Cove, which is one of my favourite walks. 

Devon is known for its narrow lanes and very high hedges, so that you just can't see what is coming in the opposite direction. No good coming here if you're not very good at reversing!  It's quite funny watching the tourists sometimes .... or Emmits  or Grockles, as we call them (in an affectionate way, of course 😳).


Slapton Sands

Boats at Teignmouth

The beach at Inner Hope, Hope Cove

When I was a little girl, a favourite memory of mine was going out for a drive on a Sunday, picking primroses from the Devon banks, and bringing them home to put in a jam jar. Goodness me, life was so much simpler then. Mind you, I am talking about the early 1950's.  

Picture taken whilst out on a walk 

Pictures taken in my garden today 

I only found out a few days ago that the primrose is the County flower of Devon, so I found that very interesting. 

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the views I've picked for you today, and I shall post more in the weeks to come. As I mentioned, I consider myself blessed to be living in this beautiful little part of the world. 

Have a good week everyone. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

International Woman's Day

Today, on the 8th March, we once again celebrate International Women's Day.

I think it is important to talk about this event each year on my Blog, as we celebrate women everywhere, all over the world, and recognise the progress that has been achieved, and to give thanks for all the courageous women over many, many years, who have fought for women's rights. Rights that promote a position of legal and social equality of women with men. 


 Huge strides have been made over the years. Certainly since the 1960's when I was a young woman.  We didn't have a lot of the freedoms or rights that women have these days. Women certainly were not allowed to get credit under their own name. So a mortgage would be out of the question. Women at that time were very much looked on as mothers and homemakers.  Hard to believe, but right up until the late 60's, women were not allowed to wear trousers in the workplace. 

Of course, if modern mums want to still be stay at home mums and raise their children themselves, there is certainly nothing wrong with that. In fact, in my eyes, that is to be lauded. Many women these days, of course, HAVE to work, purely for financial reasons. 

I suppose my point is, that the younger women now have CHOICE, which was certainly not available before, and that, surely, has to be good for everyone. 



See you all again soon 😊