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Sunday 28 July 2019

Take me down to the sea ....

Well, the weather here in the UK has been hot, hot, hot over this past week, with temperatures being the highest ever recorded!  Fortunately, here in heavenly Devon, it's been a little cooler than the rest of the country, but still very pleasant indeed, and the gardens over here have been looking glorious.   

As most of you know, I live close to the sea and I head there whenever I can. The sea always calls to me and it refreshes my soul. I am proud to be a Devon maid through and through, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else, with all this beauty a mere stone's throw away.

The historic Barbican is always a lovely place to stroll around, as there is always something going on out in the water....

The following quotes say it all for me....

On another note altogether, my beautiful, eldest granddaughter had her Graduation 👩‍🎓 Ceremony in Madrid a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't be more proud of this special young lady. The world awaits her!

I'm blessed with my other two young grandchildren as well, and they only live five minutes away 😊.  My grandson will be starting at the 'big' school in September, so a big step for him. 

So I have so much to be grateful for, and grateful, also, for all of you who take the trouble to read and support my Blog. So THANK YOU ❤️

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Friday 19 July 2019

Make The Most Of Being A Woman Of A Certain Age ....

I was thinking just the other day about how fortunate we ‘women of a certain age’ are in the year 2019.  (When I say ‘women of a certain age’, I think I’m being kind to myself, as I’m sure I’m now in the ‘women past their sell by date age’!).

When I think of my grandma’s time, and even my mum’s time, I can see how things have really improved over these past fifty years or so.  Don’t get me wrong, I realise that we still have some way to go. I’m a big fan of the “me too” movement, and it’s so good to see how that Movement  has improved things for women over just the past couple of years. Now, at long last, talented women are achieving those top jobs, and getting salaries to match their male counterparts.  When you think where we’ve come from, that really is worthy of huge celebration.  

There are so many amazing groups that women can join now, to learn new things, and to forge exciting new friendships.  These things don’t just happen, of course.  You have to go out and look for them.  I know, sometimes, it’s easier to just carry on with the ‘same old’, and if you’re happy doing just that, then that’s fine too.  The main thing is, we have CHOICE these days.  Just remember the old saying......”life is not a rehearsal.”  THIS IS IT!

I do think it’s important to keep a close circle of lady friends.  As we get older, these ladies become even more important, and we realise how blessed we are to have them in our lives.   Cherish these friends, and let them know how much they mean to you.  Remember, life can change in an instant.  Never be afraid to say “I love you”, or  compliment them when they look good, or tell them when you like their new perfume, or lipstick, or whatever.  Try to love all the stages of your life, for they are all magical in their own way.

I hope you have enjoyed all the little quotes I have included with my Post today - all courtesy of  I’ll leave you with one that, hopefully, will make you smile, from the wonderful Dame Maggie Smith......

See you next time little peeps, and thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings ❤️