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Monday 5 May 2014


Me again! See, you don't see me for ages, and now I appear twice!

I forgot the photo of Eleanor, so here she is ....

I Am Here....

Little bloggies! How are you all? I know, I have been missing for so long. I'm
afraid that my get up and go just got up and went!

Not in real life, I'm delighted to say, but purely in blogging terms. The problem is, these days, that all my life appears on Facebook, and I just feel that I can't repeat it all again over here!

My daughter did point out that there are probably a lot of my Followers who are not actually friends with me on Facebook. I think we were both thinking of dear Shady here!

Anyway, in utter desperation, I've just been out to take some photos of the garden as it is at the moment.

I know that several of you do seem to enjoy photos of the garden. You will notice all the wood we have around, from trees that we keep cutting down - I think we have enough wood for the woodburner to last us for quite a while!

I always love to see the apple blossom appear in the Orchard, so I have included a couple of those photos also. 

You might also see that I have sneaked in one of little Ruby, which I thought was rather lovely. I know , I know , I'm a proud grandma!

There is also a recent one of Eleanor. You can't see her very well, but I love it, because it is quite atmospheric and could almost have been taken in the 50's or 60's. 

I suppose I should see if I can find one of my little man, although you might have seen this one before. 

I hope you are all keeping well, and I hope you haven't deleted me from your Blog Roll just yet! Sending hugs your way.