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Monday 27 January 2014

Happy Monday Dear Bloggies

Well, I hope it's much drier where you are than it is here in deepest Devon.  We have several flood warnings in place, and still the rain continues to fall. 

Oh well, I shall just have to stay indoors nice and snug, listen to some 60's music on my retro record player (Christmas pressie from hubby) and eat some choc chip muffins. Well, I can think of worse things to get up to, can't you?!

"Make the rest of your life the BEST of your life".

I entered this on my Facebook page this morning, and it seemed to resonate with quite a few people. I certainly aim to make this true for myself. 

Having almost reached the age of 67, I feel more confident, happy and content with my life than at any time previously. 

This stage of life (the Autumn of my life if you like) seems to be my time, and I am really enjoying myself. 

Having been quite poorly for most of the previous two Summers, I realize, of course, that good health is everything, and my heart goes out to all those that are suffering for whatever reason, and unable to do the things they would really want to do. 

I consider myself so blessed to have my beautiful grandchildren. For me, they really are the icing on the cake, and they have brought so much love into my life. 

So, although it's the depressing month of January, and although the weather outside is a bit grim, I am feeling good and truly blessed. 

Sending hugs to all my bloggy friends. 

Tuesday 21 January 2014

What Might Have Been ....

This is a funny old time of the year really, isn't it?! Some people start to have a good clear out, getting rid of things that they aren't going to need any more.

Some people feel a little low, especially when the days are so short, and the weather outside the window is pretty dreary to say the least!

Me? Well, this year, I'm trying to be more proactive in my life, and to arrange things throughout the year, so that I have something to look forward to. 

I am going over to see the family in France on the 24th February until the 4th March. Then I have arranged for three weekends away throughout the year with three different friends, so I have made a start, and it's only January!

When I left school, back in the dark ages, the opportunities for women were nowhere near as varied as they are now. I was a Secretary/Personal Assistant for most of my working life, until I re-trained to be a Massage Therapist at the age of 57. A job which I loved.  With the relaxing music playing and the scented candles lit, I think I was always as relaxed as the client!

I was wondering what I might like to do if I had my time over again, and I really would have loved to be a Photographer.  I absolutely love taking photos, and I post a lot of them on Instagram. 

I thought you might like to see a few of them, so here is a small selection...






Hope you are all keeping well, and I'll see you again soon. 

Friday 17 January 2014

To Blog or Not To Blog.. That Is The Question (With apologies to William Shakespeare!)

Little Bloggy Friends! Well, how the devil are you?!  It seems ages since I've written anything on my  Blog.  I thought, if I don't write something soon, I might never write anything ever again, so here I am - especially here to brighten up your day.  LOL!!

We are getting well into January now and the days are very slowly starting to get just that little bit lighter. We have had so much rain over here since Christmas, with just the odd day of blue skies.  On those days, I have taken the opportunity to get out for a walk and enjoy the fresh air.

It is hubby's 70th birthday in July, and I am trying to organize some surprises for him.  We always have made the big O birthdays just that little bit special.  On his 40th, I took him to Paris, on his 50th I whisked him to Venice and we went to a lovely hotel in Spain for his 60th. 

For my 40th, hubby arranged for a white Rolls Royce to pick me up and take me to work.  Then I had lunch with friends, and he arranged for what he said was a singing gypsy violinist to turn up at the lunch.  Unfortunately, the gypsy violinist broke down on the way to the venue, and I ended up with a stripping black vicar instead.  Enough said about that little episode really!!   For my 50th, he arranged a meal in a lovely Elizabethan hotel near here, with all my family and friends, and we also went to Rome.  For my 60th, I was taken to Prague, and watched a very special performance of Les Miserable.

You will probably realize why I just love those BIG birthdays!

Anyway, here we are coming up to his 70th, and I've got to come up with something.  You might (or might not!) have realized by now that I do tend to get excited about things, whereas hubby, on the other hand, doesn't get excited at all.  I still remember his 50th.  We were out for the girls for a meal, and I gave him the Venice tickets in a card.  He didn't say a word.  The girls said "you can get excited now if you like, dad!".    They are just like me, and it's any excuse to make something a little bit special.

Anyway, he did mention a Rhine Cruise some time ago, which was a miracle in itself, because he never wants to do holidays!! Bit of a bummer really, because I can't say I fancy that, but it's HIS 70th, so I must go along with it.  We were based near the Rhine when he was stationed there in the Army over 30 years ago, and I loved all the little places along the Rhine.  It's not that I have the problem with, but it's being with all these other people on a ship that I'm not so sure about!! 

Also, the big Open Golf Championship is always held on his actual birthday, and I was thinking of booking that as a real surprise.  Obviously, I would have to go along as well. I can't just send him off on his own!!  Anyway, wish me luck peeps.

I think that's probably enough for you to cope with at the moment dear friends.  After all, you don't want too much of a good thing!  Perhaps now that I've written this first post after such a while, it will be easier for me to get going again.  Take care, and enjoy your weekend wherever you may be.

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