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Tuesday 2 June 2020

The World Has Been Turned Upside down...

Hallo everyone. I think we would all agree that these are strange and worrying times that we are living in. At the moment, here in the U.K., restrictions were slowly lifted yesterday, so that we can see our grandchildren or a couple of friends in our own garden. That was a lovely moment for a lot of grandparents, and I am thankful that at least two of mine live close by, so I was able to spend a few hours with them.  I know that, for many, it's still going to be a while before families are able to see each other again, as opposed to on a screen! 

My eldest granddaughter is also allowed out for certain periods over in Madrid, and I'm happy for her.

I was going to say that things are very slowly getting back to normal, but that would be wrong. I think we are going to have to get used to a different kind of normal for quite a while to come. I'm certainly in no rush to go out to the shops. Many shops are now open and more will open in a couple of weeks, but, because of the social distancing rule, there are long queues.  

Everyone's top priority should be to keep themselves, their loved ones, and the wider community safe, but I'm sure that many people are feeling anxious or frustrated. To be honest, much of the media coverage doesn't help. They seem to only focus on the negative stories and frightening headlines. Whereas we all know how people are pulling together in our own Communities and doing a fantastic job. These are just ordinary people who are trying to show the very best side of humanity. 

Someone mentioned that we are actually living through History - many years ahead people will look back at what is happening now, and be amazed at how much the world had to change. 

I wish I had written those beautiful words! I think not  being able to hug our family and friends during this time is very hard .... oh, and not being able to visit a Hairdresser!  Over here, we still have many weeks to go. At least I have Benji booked in at the Groomers in the 18th June. He's starting to look like a little teddy bear 🙈.

We have had amazing weather here in heavenly Devon during lockdown, over the months of March, April and May, with almost 700 hours of sunshine. The most since records began and absolutely unheard of. Even though a lot of people have just been working on their gardens, they look as if they've been on Mediterranean holidays! ☀️☀️

I really can't end this Post without mentioning the tragic events that are happening in America at the moment, as the world watches on in horror. Black lives really DO matter - it's time to end this terrible injustice. The worst thing is - how many years have we been saying that, and still it goes on. My prayers are for all Americans, that you may all come together.

 I hope this Post hasn't been too depressing a read for you today, as I usually like to be positive on here - not spreading doom and gloom. Anyway, please take care and look after yourselves. ❤️