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Sunday 23 February 2014

How Are Things??

Hallo my little bloggy friends. How are things with you all in your little part of the world?

With all the rain and snow that a lot of us have been having, I thought I would send you a little taste of Spring!

I must say, as I look out at my garden, it's looking very sorry for itself indeed.  Hard to believe that it will recover and get back to its old, pretty self.  But we all know that in another month, hopefully the buds will start to appear and so another season will be upon us.  Over here, everything is a sodden mess, and I can't wait for dryer days so that I can get out there and tend to everything.

Tomorrow, I will be flying over to Paris once again, and spending time with the family until the 4th March. I am so looking forward to seeing them all again.  I'm just hoping that Eleanor hasn't grown another couple of inches since I last saw her on her birthday at the beginning of December.

I will try to catch up with you as and when I can. Meanwhile, I hope this photo will make you smile.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Being In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time ...

I met up with daughter number 2 yesterday, and she told me about something that had happened to them on Sunday, whilst they were driving along with the children to an Adventure Play Park.

It transpires that they were driving along, when a huge lorry literally pulled out in front of them from a side junction, not bothering to stop at all.  As Alison said, if her husband was just a bit distacted at that very second, there would have been a tragic accident.  As it was, they had to pull out into the oncoming traffic lane and, again, fortunately, nothing was coming the other way, so they were safe.

Needless to say, I gave her a huge hug when she told me this story.  Any other outcome, really doesn't bear thinking about.  I firmly believe that nothing is by chance.  When it is our time to go, then we will go.  I just thank God that he was looking after them on that particular occasion.

I still remember when Emma was three years old, I was driving along, when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw this car hurtling towards me at breakneck speed.  There was nothing I could do, it all happened so quickly.  But my car was flung up in the air, off the road and landed beside a Church, which was set back off the road.

Emma was flung through the windscreen, and I could hear her screaming outside.  People came rushing up and an ambulance was called, and we were both taken to hospital.  I had quite bad facial injuries and severe bruising where the steering wheel had gone into me. When I saw Emma, there was blood all over her face, and I could see all the cuts but, thankfully, and don't ask me why, they were only superficial cuts, and she wasn't left with any scars at all.

The thing is, about a week later there was a knock on the door, and a Vicar was standing there.  He said that he just wanted to tell me that where my car landed was solid concrete  only three hours before the accident.  Five tons of topsoil had been delivered that very morning.  Hence the reason that we weren't more seriously injured.  Now you tell me that someone wasn't looking after us on that occasion!

How many times do we read instances of this when something really tragic occurs?  9/11 is a classic case, when people were saying that they stopped on their way to the office to get a paper, or they overslept, or a myriad of other reasons.  Exactly the same thing happened when we had the London Bombings.  People that always caught that train at the same time, every day, every year, had (for whatever reason) cause to miss it on that particular day.

Gosh, not a particularly uplifting post from me today I suppose you could say.  I'm sure we all know by now just how fragile life is, and how we really must try to make the most out of every day.

Perhaps I had better leave you with a few quotes, all courtesy of Pinterest.

A Message From The Creator | LadyRomp

What an uplifting quote!

uplifting quotes

Be an encourager... Join us on to share your favorite uplifting quotes that motivate you to improve your life. Others will see what you post and get inspired too!

I have to apologise dear bloggies, for not visiting you in the past few days.  I hope to catch up with you all soon.  Take care and keep well.

Friday 14 February 2014

With Love From Me to You!

I'm sure there's a song somewhere in the title of my post today! Well, I looked at the calendar this morning  and I felt sure that the date meant something, but I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was!

Oh yes, of course, it's Valentine's Day.  So hold on to your hats, as I try to fill your day with thoughts of love.  If you're on your own, don't worry.  That's no excuse - go out and buy yourself some chocolate, light some scented candles and play your favourite music.  Just generally pamper yourself!

As for me, I am sending warm and loving thoughts to all my Followers today,  and I really do hope that it will be a day filled with love for you.

So that's the end of this romantic series for another year.  Me? I think I will just go and lay down in a darkened room for a while.

See you again soon.

Thursday 13 February 2014

Always On My Mind ....

This is my love song for you today, and I must admit that I am indulging myself!  I have always loved this record and I always feel a bit emotional when I'm listening to it.  Don't ask me why.  Anyway, any excuse to look at Elvis I say, and what a voice he had!

Well, I am almost at the end of this little series of Romance, and I hope you have enjoyed some of them, if not all of them.  Today I have found some romantic statues for you, starting off with the most romantic of them all.  Rodin's The Kiss.

The following statue represents Eros reviving Psyche, by Antonio Canova, and is held at The Louvre Museum in Paris.

The following is a Gothic statue found at Lamorran House in Cornwall.

The following is a statue of Romeo and Juliet, the most star crossed of lovers and can be found in Central Park, New York.

Don't forget to pop by tomorrow, as this is the day that we have been leading up to with my recent posts!

Monday 10 February 2014

The City Of Love ....

They do say that Paris is the city of love (although, in my eyes, Venice comes a very close second), so what better than to post some images of that romantic city for you today.

Hotel de Ville de Paris, France
Exterior shot of the Hotel du Ville
It is ten years now since my daughter and her family moved across to Paris, so I'm lucky to have been there many, many times.  I still love it every time I visit, the romance and sheer magnificence of that beautiful city.

LHôtel de Ville de Paris
Interior shot of the wonderful Hotel De Ville
Paris Town House in the Baroque style
Paris town house in the Baroque style
Pretty little restaurant surrounded by fleurs
Montmartre, Paris    Seriously one of the cutest parts of the city.
Photo taken in Monmartre - one of my favourite areas of the city

Another view of the Sacre Couer` in the Monmartre district

Sacre Coeur!   One gasps every time turning a corner in Paris... there's always something to see.
The amazing Sacre Couer`Moulin Rouge, Monmartre, Paris
The famous Moulin Rouge is also in the district of Monmartre

Well, I hope these images have given you a flavour of this wonderful City of Paris and, who knows, you may even be able to visit there some time.

Sunday 9 February 2014

Sunday Love Song ...

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you enjoyed the Sunday Love Song today.  I remember it being at the top of the charts forever (or so it seemed at the time!).  It was a cross between this song and Always by Bon Jovi, which I absolutely love, but the videos all looked a bit raunchy to put on my little blog (HaHa).  Now I don't want you all dashing over to Youtube to have a look!!

I am writing a post for tomorrow on Paris, the city of love, so I very much hope that you will join me again then.  Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Another gorgeous 'still life' by Rachillustrates on Etsy. Love it!

Saturday 8 February 2014

The Art Of Letter Writing ....

Author unknown.  Courtesy of Pinterest.

Hallo there dear bloggy friends.  Yes, it's lovely to have all this new technology and to be able to contact people instantly, but am I the only one who misses receiving an actual letter in the post?  I also love writing letters.  although these days I tend to look out for special cards when I'm out and about and I send them to friends.

What could be more romantic than to find little love notes hidden around the house, from someone you love.  When my eldest granddaughter went to Peru at Christmas, my daughter found lots of these little notes scattered around the house, which I thought was really lovely.  (But then, you all know what an old romantic I am!).  

The following letter is from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice -

Here are some more images, which I hope you will enjoy.  All courtesy of

The Love Letter by Auguste Toulmouche

It won't be long until Valentine's Day now, and I hope that this little series of posts will help you to feel the love.

I was lucky enough to see the balcony in Verona from Romeo and Juliet, and, as you can see, romantic lovers leave their love letters at this spot.  What a lovely idea!