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Sunday 28 October 2012

Holiday - Day 1 Continued ....

Fortunately, we found the hotel Spa. Very posh . We could see lots of loungers around an indoor pool.

We decided that this would be the place for us today. 25 Euros each, but worth it to get out of the b....y rain!

We made ourselves comfy and settled down to read our Kindles. I was re-reading Surfing in Stilettos, by our lovely bloggy friend, Carol Wyer from facing50withhumour.

Then, vot vas zees (sorry ! I'm still in the book) - we were being rained on - INDOORS!! Do you ever get the feeling that someone up there doesn't like you ?

We hurriedly gathered up our belongings and moved to another area. Whereupon a very handsome , young Spanish guy ( he looked like a boy, but, then, everyone looks so young to me these days).

Don Juan was full of apologies, saying that they had never known rain like this on the island before. (DOH! Quell surpreez (I know that's not the real spelling, but it looks good ) I should have known that the dratted rain would have followed us here from darkest , deepest Devon).

Anyway, because we had got soaking wet INSIDE his lovely,exclusive Spa, we could use it tomorrow at no charge, gratis and for free.

(well, there's a silver lining behind every raindrop I suppose !)

Uno vaso de vino rosado, per favor!

Holiday- Day 1....

The flight from our local airport was on time, so granddaughter number 1 and moi were looking forward to our holiday in the sun.

Chaos at Las Palmas airport whilst waiting for our coach to take us to our chosen resort. (Memo to self; make sure to book a private transfer next time).

After sitting on the coach for almost an hour, the rep said that we had a problem . Apparently, there were 44 on the coach, when there should only be 40. Eeek!! He now proceeded to ask each of us in turn, in very strict tones, were we absolutely sure that we were going to the hotel named on the front of the coach.

I immediately started to feel guilty and almost put up my hand to admit that , yes, we were two of the scoundrels that shouldn't be on his coach. I dont know about you, but I've been like that all my life. Feeling guilty if something goes wrong, even though it's nothing whatsoever to do with me.

After much tut tutting by this rep, who we shall call John, (we will call him John, because that's his name), we finally set off to our Hotel.

We were suitably impressed. It was, according to old grumpy boots, the best hotel on the island, so we were feeling suitably smug as we alighted from the coach.

John informed us that he would be the one giving us the welcome spiel at 10 am the next day. Mmmm- we decided to give it a miss.

On waking this morning on our first day, what was this I could hear? Was it the gentle pitter patter of rain ? NO! It was the sound of hailstones bouncing off the balcony. I consoled myself with thinking that it would soon clear and we lazing by the pool after breakfast.

Pfft! By mid morning I'm afraid I was saying some not very nice things to God, as the rain continued to pour from leaden skies. This really was beyond a joke .

To be continued....

Tuesday 23 October 2012

To All Those Brave Ladies Out There ......

I have just realized that it is two years to the day (23rd October) since I started on this blogging adventure of mine.  Two years in which I have met some truly wonderful friends from all over the world.  My blog now has 188 Followers and has had over 70,000 page views.
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your encouragement and support.  I think all of us, when we wrote our very first post, had no idea how things were going to turn out.  Would anyone read our posts, how would they find us, how would we find other peoples' blogs! It was all a complete mystery when I first started out, but in that two years I really have learnt so much from you all.
It was my daughter in Paris who started me on this road.  She had already started a Blog of her own, and thought that I would very much enjoy doing it as well, especially as I had always enjoyed writing - so, thank you Emma, for that initial idea and for setting it all up for me at the very beginning!
I think most women now know that October is Breast Awareness Month, so I thought I would re-post one of my very early scribblings in honour of all those brave women out there who are going through this disease, or have been through it.  I admire you all so much.
"For a minute, I couldn't really think what I was going to write about today. Then, as October is Breast Cancer month, I decided to dedicate this blog to one of my daughter's best friends (she is actually one of my granddaughter's godmothers) who is undertaking treatment for this awful illness. She has a little girl who is only nine months old and, all through the Summer, she has been undertaking chemotherapy treatment, which, at times, has left her feeling drained. They then found that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, so, last week, she had a mastectomy as well as having all her lymph nodes removed (which is quite unusual apparently). In a couple of weeks, she has to start a course of radiotherapy. You can probably imagine how gruelling all this has been for her, especially as she hasn't been able to devote herself to the little baby, like most mums are able to. I feel so sorry for her, because she had wanted to be a mum for so long. I also feel terribly sorry for her mum and dad, who are in their eighties, and never thought that they were going to be grandparents. Obviously, when the little baby girl came along, they were over the moon. Then, just a couple of months later, they were hit with this. I just can't envisage how it must be for a mum to see a beloved daughter having to go through so much suffering.

My daughter flew over from Paris at the weekend, on a flying visit, just to go and spend some time with her friend after the operation. It was a surprise visit, so very emotional for them both, but the friend was so thrillled. I went along to see her as well on Sunday, and I have to say that she is being so incredibly brave and positive. At the moment, she doesn't have any hair, but, hopefully that will start to grow back in the not too distant future.

It's wonderful how, at times like these, the goodness in people comes out. They were saying how friends and family had really rallied round, and they have visitors most days, which helps to keep their spirits up. Also, they find that friends leave cooked meals on the doorstep, which is such a help to them at this time.

It is incredible to think that something like 140 women A DAY learn that they have breast cancer. I pray that my daughter's friend will get through this and then be able to lead a normal life again with her beautiful little daughter.

I also take my hat off to all those women out there that are going through something similar. Our love and positive thoughts are with you all. xx"
The good news is that my daughter's friend came through all her treatment.  She is such a joy to be around - always positive and full of fun.
Most of you know that I am off on holiday on Saturday for a week with my beautiful granddaughter, so I will say Au Revoir for now, and will look forward to catching up with you all on my return.  Meanwhile, take care of yourselves my friends.

Sunday 21 October 2012

Try to Keep a Twinkle in your Wrinkle! ....

I thought I would give you something a little different this Sunday, and I hope you enjoy.  I think there are quite a few little gems in this video and, as you can see, I particularly liked the one about trying to keep a twinkle in your wrinkle! That's something I always try to do!
I'm a firm believer in "age is just a number" and I certainly intend to grow old disgracefully. 
Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.--Franz Kafka.
Another belief of mine: that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise.--Margaret Atwood.
At age 20, we worry about what others think of us.
At 40, we don't care what they think of us.
At 60, we discover they haven't been thinking about us at all.--Jock Falkson.
I believe the second half of one's life is meant to be better than the first half. The first half is finding out how you do it. And the second half is enjoying it.--Frances Lear .
I hope that all of you are smiling today and just remember to keep a twinkle in your wrinkle, and all will be well!

Friday 19 October 2012

I've Lost My Mo-Jo! ....

Well little bloggies, it's been five days since I've posted. I'm stumped, I'm afraid!  I've lost my mo-jo, I've come to a grinding halt, my brain has gone blank.  

In fact, I need some of this

It's funny how blogging goes sometimes, isn't it?  I seem to have a little flurry of posts, and then - nothing! I read all your posts, and they are full of beautiful words, musical memories, lovely stories and poetry, stunning photographs, fabulous finds, and renovation or decoration of your properties, and then - here am I, trying hard not to bore you with my random musings.

Oh! Do you remember that I 'distressed' a stool a couple of weeks ago, which was my first attempt at this sort of thing?  Well, I have just finished a little table and I am quite pleased with the result.

Many of my 'older' Followers will know how much I love Italy, and I hope that the following video will give you an idea of why I'm keen to get back there as soon as I can.  This book has definitely gone onto my Christmas Pressie List!

Well, there you go, that's me done for this week.  I will leave you with this Irish Blessing :

Sunday 14 October 2012

Sunday Snaps! (And Blessings Too!)

Sending blessings to all my bloggy friends this Sunday.  I'm sure we all have such a lot to be grateful for in our lives, even if things aren't going quite so well for us at the moment.  There is always, always something to be grateful for at the end of each day.

I love this one, because I think it shows Devon at its best, where you can see that the hills really do roll down to the sea. (Son in law number 2, Eli & step-grandson).

This was taken a couple of years ago. After a day on the beach, Eli & Ruby are chilling in their little tent.

I like this one, because it is daughter number 2's stepson, who is called Hendrix, and he is wearing his Jimmy Hendrix t-shirt!

Just love this one where the sun is setting on the water.  The little figure is Eli.

I've included this one, because, to me, it captures a child's pure innocence and delight. (Eli is 2 years old here).

I do hope that you have enjoyed my little selection for you today, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


Tuesday 9 October 2012

50 years ago .....

Yes, when I was fifteen two very important things happened, or rather started.  Can you guess what these two events could be?  No - well, then I will tell you.  

On the 5th October 1962, a new single entitled "Love Me Do" hit record shops all over England, sung by a group calling themselves  The Beatles, although they were hardly known outside their native city of Liverpool.  

The rest, as they say, is history.  I actually saw them when they visited my home town, although you couldn't really hear them sing, because the audience screamed from start to finish!!  My favourite was George.  He seemed like the quiet one of the group, and that rather appealed to me.

They absolutely took the world by storm, and I can still remember them landing at all the different airports with thousands and thousands of screaming girls waiting to greet them.  I wasn't all that keen on that first record, but I loved their second one, Please Please Me, which was released in January l963.  It went right to the top of the charts, and Beatlemania was born.  It would be another year though before they also took America by storm. 

I was a devoted fan from thereon in, and I still have all my Beatles Monthly magazines in the loft, together with numerous scrapbooks that I compiled.  I wonder if they might be worth a bit of money now?!

The second thing that happened fifty years ago was the start of the James Bond films, strangely enough also in October of 1962.  The first Bond film, of course, was Dr No with Sean Connery.  Who could forget all the terrific villains that appeared in these iconic films?  The two that stick in my mind are Rosa Klebb (terrific) and Oddjob with his steel bowler hat.  There was also the one that used to sit stroking that white persian cat, but I can't remember his name!

Who do you think was the best James Bond?  I think I liked all of them, although I suppose the definitive one has to be Sean Connery.  Back in the 60's I saw the films as they were released, and the queues used to stretch all around the cinema building!

The latest Bond movie entitled Skyfall will hit the cinemas in the United Kingdom on the 26th October, and November in the United States.  All the Bond movie themes are fantastic (Shirley Bassey singing Goldfinger, and Matt Monro singing From Russia With Love are two of my favourites.)  Adele is the latest artist to sing a Bond theme, and her Skyfall has gone right to the top of the charts, the first time that a Bond theme has managed to get to number 1.

 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hopefully the above link will enable you to listen to Adele's song, although I'm not usually very successful with trying to link a video from YouTube!


Monday 8 October 2012

Sorry, I*'m Here Again .....

Hallo everyone. Sorry I've had to appear again today.  Anyway, what are you doing reading this blog, you should be over to Carol's party by now! Hee Hee!

It would seem that I didn't read the rules properly. (Typical me!).  Apparently, if I am to have a chance of winning a prize, I have to put up a blog post today with a photo of myself as I would normally appear when I am surfing the internet.

SO!  Here I am -you will see that I am surrounded by the things that I love.  The champagne certainly helps when I am stuck for ideas for my blog posts!

Come on judges - surely I deserve a prize?! (I'm not going to beg, you understand!).

I'm Over At Carol's Party Today! ....

Thisisme is not here today. She has put on her party shoes and can be found at the fabulous Surfing in Stiletto party at

She hopes that you will go along and join her,  as there are some fantastic prizes to be won, surprises and desirable shoes!

Sunday 7 October 2012

Sunday Snaps!

Here we are again little bloggy friends. It's that time of the week again when I try to look out some more photographs for my Sunday Snaps! feature.

I must say that my blog seems to be looking quite pink at the moment! Is it a bit too much for you?  If so I will try to do something different with it.

My facebook friends have seen this one recently, but I thought it worth putting it on here so that my bloggy friends can see it.  It was so good to actually catch a photo of Eli and Ruby together.

Whilst I am thinking about the little ones, I have noticed that during the childrens' programmes, all the adverts are really coming into play now about toys for Christmas.  Whereas a couple of months ago, Eli was saying "could I have that for my birthday, grandma".  He is now saying "could I have that for Christmas please, grandma".

Am I the only one that thinks these adverts are totally misleading to the little ones?  If they have a dragon castle for example, it will show the dragons leaping around and breathing fire.  Now we all know that the actual toy does NOT move and does NOT breath fire.   Most of the toys are shown to be doing something really exciting, whereas in real life, that just does not happen.  I keep trying to explain that to Eli, because I think they are going to be so disappointed when they open the box and the things just lie there!!  I just think it's all a bit of a con.

granddaughter number 1

Anyone else like Scoobydoo and Shaggy?!  My two daughters used to love it, and granddaughter number l.  Now the two little ones love this show as well.

I hope that you are all taking care of yourselves and keeping well.  If there are any of you not feeling quite so good at the moment, I'm sending loving thoughts your way.


Facing 50 officially invites you to the launch party for Surfing in Stilettos. Heels essential and a sense of fun imperative.

"He who laughs...lasts!"

My 'older' Followers will remember last year's launch party of Mini Skirts & Laughter Lines, which was written by my very funny blogging friend, Carol E. Wyer (facing50withhumour) - it really was an excellent party, and I don't think Carol has got the wine stains out of her carpet to this day.  

Anyway, tomorrow (Monday) will see the release of her second novel, "Surfing in Stilettos" and she is having more fun and games over at her place to celebrate.  Prizes galore, and lots of fun.  Don't be square - be there!  I shall certainly be scrabbling around at the back of my wardrobe for my tiara.

Hope to see you all again soon.

Friday 5 October 2012

Think Good Thoughts ....

I love quotations, and it's been quite a while since I've included any in a post, so today we're going to concentrate on 'good thoughts'.    

We all know about all the horrible things that are going on in the world, and all we can really do is to try and make things happy in our own little corner of the world.  

I hope you enjoy the quotes that I have found for you today - all courtesy of Pinterest.

First of all, here's a photo, just because I think it is so cute!

Thursday 4 October 2012

Guest Blogger - Moi? It Would Seem So.....

Hi everyone.  Just to let you know that I am a guest blogger today over at my friend Duncan's blog.

Duncan is a young Englishman, who now lives with his wife and two delightful little daughters in Kuantan, Malaysia.  His blog is an interesting insight into how he came to settle in that beautiful country. He also tells us about the area in which he lives and  also takes some stunning photographs, which feature regularly in his posts.

Perhaps you might like to pop along to Duncan's blog today, so that I'm not feeling too lonely all on my own! Look forward to seeing you there, and here is the link  to transport you magically to the other side of the world.

To get you in the mood, here is one of Duncan's stunning photographs, which is a night scene of Marina Bay in Singapore taken at night. Wonderful!

See you again soon here at Southhamsdarling.

Monday 1 October 2012

Back in the days ....

As the years go by, I like to think that I am young at heart, and can still find pleasure in being silly, but however hard we might try to hold back the years, there are times when I know that I am (whisper it very quietly) getting older!

Things that I used to love doing in my teens, scare me silly now.  For example, whenever the Fair hit town back in the 60's, I would head off with a group of friends and always look out for the Waltzers.

I used to love how they would whirl around, with us holding onto the drop down bar handle for dear life!  Then, of course, the very handsome (usually wearing a very tight t-shirt, very tight drainpipe trousers and with hair slicked back with brylcreem!) fairground attendant would jump on to our waltzer and whizz us round and round, first one way and then the other.  You could hardly walk when you finally dismounted from the ride.  Now I look at the rides that go up in the air, sweep down and up again, twirling round all the time, and I feel quite sick!

I also used to love riding pillion on the back of motorbikes.  I hasten to add that my mum and dad would have had a fit if they could have seen me because, bear in mind, we didn't even have to wear crash helmets in those days.  I can still remember the bike leaning right over whilst going around a bend, and me almost touching the road.  Quite frightening really when you think about it, but, again, when you're young, you just don't seem to have any fear.  

This is one of the bikes I remember, which is a 1960's Matchless 650 cc.

In my days, we had the coffee bars with a jukebox and we used to put a record on the juke box, jump onto the motorbikes and head off along this  stretch of straight road, which was around a mile in distance (so two miles there and back) and we had to be back in the coffee bar before the record had finished! Great fun!  I certainly know that I couldn't get on the back of a roaring motor bike now.   It takes me all my time to get on a 'going down' escalator these days!

This is me with my own personal jukebox, containing 100 45  rpm records, which I love.  I don't always dress like this! You might remember that this photo was taken for Carol's (facing50withhumour) mini skirt competition last year. (For some reason, it has escaped me who actually won!!!!).

Sending blessings to you all my friends and I hope it's going to be a good week for you.