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Friday 30 August 2013

Funny Fridays. ....

Who can believe that it's Friday again already?!

These two are obviously sharing a good joke. Wonder what it was!

We're having the little ones to sleep tomorrow evening, so they will be keeping us on our toes!

Hope all is well in your little corner of the world, and enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday 27 August 2013

This and That ....

Hi everyone.  Hope all is well in your little corner of the world today.

I have a facebook page for my Southhamsdarling blog and, at the top, there is an Admin Section, which gives you lots of statistics.  

Now I found it very strange to see the number of people who had looked at an actual blog post, compared to how many at looked at a little picture wishing everyone a happy and relaxing Sunday (203) and just a photo of my granddaughter number 1 (243).   What does that say I wonder? Only that a picture is much more entertaining than anything I have written! (LOL!).  Hey, you don't have to agree with me on that one!!

Also, after I wrote my post celebrating that I now had 200 Followers, I see that one has dropped out on me and I am now back to 199. (That will teach me!!).

Granddaughter number 1 had to go to hospital on Tuesday to have her wisdom teeth out.  She was out for most of the day, as she had a general anaesthetic.  I love the way that, no matter what, she always seems to be smiling.

Thankfully, all went well and she said that she was fine when I spoke to her yesterday.  Brave you see, just like her grandma. (HaHaHa!!).

Did you recognize Lucille Ball in the first picture?  I can remember hooting with laughter at the I Love Lucy Show, which must have been back in the early 60's I guess.

I've been busy making fresh tomato sauce for pasta and tomato soup from our tomato crop this year.  We have also been picking lots and lots of figs - obviously the sunshine has been really good for them, because, usually, we're lucky if we get five or six in a season!

I hope your week is going well my friends, and don't forget to stop by for my Funny Friday tomorrow :)

Sunday 25 August 2013

Sunday Snaps ....

Well, my little bloggy friends, as I write this, it is the last Bank Holiday weekend of the year over here in England, and we have been promised some sunshine!

We have had such a marvellous summer here in deepest Devon, with lots of sunshine and clear blue skies, for which I am truly grateful.  Some of my "newer" Followers might wonder why I keep on about the sunshine!  Well, it is because we haven't had a decent summer for quite a few years now, and last year it was a complete washout, with almost continual rain.  So! We have been blessed indeed.

Judging by the comments from some of my American bloggy friends, it would seem that there has been a bit of a turnaround, in that they seem to be getting more rain than usual.  I'm sure they don't begrudge me some good weather for a change though!

I'm in a bit of a conundrum about my Sunday Snaps feature, because a lot of my bloggy friends also follow me on facebook and, therefore, they will have seen a lot of the photos before.  So, what to do, what to do!  Anyway, I hope they will bear with me because I know there are still quite a lot that don't actually use facebook.  (Shadykins for one!!!).

This first photo is of dear little Ruby.  When I sent it through to daughter number 1 in France, she asked me if I had dropped her! Oh, she is SO funny my dear daughter, or at least she thinks she is!  What actually happened was that Eli was riding his scooter outside their house, and there is a bit of a hill leading down to the house.  Anyway, poor little Ruby was running behind and went flying! Bless!  It's almost healed up now though, but her little face was in quite a state.

The following snaps were taken whilst I was walking around Plymouth Hoe and the Barbican.  I just love being by the sea so much.  It really does refresh my very soul!

Can you see all the blue skies?!

This next photo is of Elijah (as he likes to be called since he started school last September.  I think it's because that's what his teacher calls him!). As you can see, he is having fun in the caravan.

Last today, but certainly not least, especially in my heart, here is a photo of granddaughter number 1, Eleanor, taken when the two of us went out for lunch when she was staying here a couple of weeks ago.

Well, that's it for this edition of Sunday Snaps.  I hope you have enjoyed them and I will see you again soon.  Until then take care.

Sending Big Hugs Your Way!

Friday 23 August 2013

Funny Fridays ....

Happy Friday everyone.

Do you think this might be the happiest Orchid in the world?!

Looks like its having fun anyway!

Wishing you a fantastical Funny Friday my friends!

Friday 16 August 2013

Funny Fridays!

I thought I would start a new feature entitled Funny Fridays. It might be a photo or a funny story, but hopefully something that will give you a smile to start your weekend with. I hope you all have a lovely weekend wherever you are. We are looking after Eli and Ruby on Sunday, so there might be some photos taken!!

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Well, There's A Surprise - 200!!

Hallo my little bloggy friends.  How are you diddling today?!

It makes all the #difference.

Well, I had a lovely surprise this morning.  I hadn't looked at my Follower numbers for quite a while, and I've just realized that I have gained some new Followers recently and I have reached 200!! Now I know that's a drop in the ocean to some of my friends out there, but I am very happy to have got there.  I've noticed that new Followers are a bit like buses.  You don't see one for quite a while and, then, all of a sudden, several come along at once!

Anyway, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all you Newbies to my Blog, and thank you for taking the trouble to follow me.

As that news has made me happy, I have decided to post some Happiness quotes today, courtesy of Pinterest.

"Happiness" is a by product of our choices!

@Jenn L Gray  I hope you have had a super happy birfsday!!!

Pause & just be happy!


happiness. #quotes #inspiration


Finally, here is a photo of Eli on the beach when he was young.  That says happiness to me!!

Take care, and I hope to see you again soon .

Don't forget that Southhamsdarling is on facebook, so you can catch me there as well!

Thursday 8 August 2013


Hallo there little peeps!!  This post, I think, is going to be about Thankfulness.

I am thankful today that I feel well enough to switch on my laptop and write a blog post. 

 I am thankful that I saw Eli & Ruby yesterday.  Their mum has been keeping them away for a bit  because she didn't want their visit to be too much for me.  I keep telling her that I feel so much better in myself, but the trouble is my breathing is still quite bad, and I struggle to talk.

I am thankful that my youngest daughter only lives five minutes away by car, so I usually get to see the little ones all the time.

I am thankful for Eleanor, my granddaughter who lives in France, who was so caring when she stayed with us last week.  She kept telling me to sit down, and that she would do it!

I am thankful that I have been out to lunch with friends recently and able to enjoy a lovely glass of Rose` !

I am thankful for the care and love that I have received from my friends, including all my bloggy friends, who never fail to encourage me with their kind words.

I am thankful for the wonderful summer that we are having here in Devon this year.  As I type this, the sun is again shining in a cloudless blue sky.  Absolute bliss.

I am thankful for the wonderful part of Devon that I live in.  To be surrounded by the Moors on one side, and the sea and wonderful sandy beaches on the other side.  I have tried to be by the water as much as I possibly could because of the gorgeous warm weather we have been having.

I am thankful for my wonderful little family, and especially my hubby, who really has been absolutely amazing all the time that I have been feeling so poorly.  I have to be honest, and say that I have been surprised at just how brilliant he has been.  For sure, I don't know what I would do without him.

Bless him, he has been waiting to go in for an op for several months, and I have kept telling him to chase it up.  My youngest daughter told me yesterday that he has no intention of chasing it up until he knows that I am fully well again.  I thought that was really sweet.

Here is a photo of my three very special grandchildren, that I took last week when they were all here together.

I hope my friends that you have much to be thankful for in your lives too.