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Tuesday 9 November 2021

Lest We Forget

Just simple images of remembrance in my Blog Post today, to remind us of all those men and women who died that we may be free. 

Let us remember all those brave servicemen and women, who made the ultimate sacrifice. I will be thinking of a Grandad that I never knew, my dad’s dad, who died on foreign soil, aged 27 years. My grandad was killed at the Battle of Ypres in Belgium. The Battle of Ypres was a series of engagements during the First World War, and during the five engagements, casualties surpassed one million. 

Every year, since 1923, there has been a British Legion Festival of Remembrance, held at The Royal Albert Hall in London, which remembers all those who have lost their lives in conflicts. 

Wednesday 3 November 2021

A Month To Give Thanks ...

Here we are at the beginning of another month - the penultimate  month of the year. (I know - I can't believe it either!).  When I was young, I used to love Anne of Green Gables, and there is a lovely quote in that book ....”It was November, the month of crimson sunsets, parting birds, deep, sad hymns of the sea, passionate wind-song in the pines”.  To me, it is also the month to remind us to be thankful for the many positive things happening in our lives.  We do not have Thanksgiving here in England, but I really wish we did.  I suppose the nearest thing we have over here is the Harvest Festival, which is, of course, a celebration of the food grown on the land. We have given thanks for successful harvests since Pagan times.  

In fact, although we do not celebrate Thanksgiving over here, it was the early English settlers who first brought the idea of harvest thanksgiving to North America., when the first celebration took place in 1621. 

The November flower is, apparently, the chrysanthemum, which would explain why the Americans love their displays of colourful ‘mums’ at this time of the year.  This past week here in heavenly Devon, the weather has been just perfect for Autumn walks.  I have been out almost every day, savouring the wonderful sights and colours which surround the countryside at the moment. The golden and red leaves still hanging on the trees, and the smell of woodsmoke and bonfires in the air.  We also seem to get wonderful sunsets at this time of the year.  Here are a few photos taken this week ....

'Older' Followers of my Blog will know that I have family who live in Ibiza. After not seeing them for two years because of the Pandemic, I was finally able to visit them a couple of weeks ago, and I give thanks for that. Here are a few photos of that beautiful Island. 

On that note, I will say cheerio - hoping that all is well in your little corner of the world. 💕