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Saturday, 27 April 2019

Where Does The Time Go?!

I see that I last wrote a Blog Post on the 21st March, and here we are, almost at the end of goodness, time passes so much more quickly than it used to.  I suppose it must be because everyone seems to lead such busy lives these days.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that would just like to hold back time. So if that Magic Geni with the lamp suddenly appeared in front of me, that would certainly be one of my three wishes. My second wish would be for my mum and dad to return just for a moment in time, so that I could ask them all the questions I never got round to asking when they were still alive - and my third wish?  It would have to be that all my little family would have healthy and contented lives.

I’ve decided to post a few photos of my garden today - all these photos were taken in the last couple of weeks, and you can see that it has suddenly burst into life once again.  Am I the only one to feel really thankful at the start of each new Season?  Thankful that I am still here to see new life appearing everywhere and to take in the beauty of the garden at this time of year.

One thing is for sure - life is very fragile and precious.  You only have to look at the atrocity that occurred in Sri Lanka ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ฐ on Easter Sunday.  Easter Sunday of all days.  But then that is why that day was chosen by the terrorists, to cause maximum death and bloodshed with so many people attending  Church Services.  Of course, they also targeted the tourists, which has happened so many times before, elsewhere in the world. Families sitting down for breakfast, and in an instant, half of the family was blown away. These attacks are always indiscriminate- no-one is immune.  I’m thinking here of the Billionaire who lost three of his teenage children.  Wouldn’t he give away every penny, just to be able to hold his children in his arms again?  How do families recover from such terrible losses?  It just doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

That’s why I always say “I love you” to my children and grandchildren, whenever I see them, or whenever I message them.  You can never say it too often and you can never love them enough.  Never.

I hope you have enjoyed the little snapshot of my garden today, and I’ll be in touch again soon.  Look after yourselves,  wherever you are reading this.

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Thursday, 21 March 2019

Spring Has Officially Arrived ....

Hallo to you all once again.  So yesterday was the first day of Spring, and I’m certainly looking forward to it. We haven’t had a particularly hard Winter here in Devon, but I think we just all want the longer days once again.  As I write this, I’m well aware that some of my Followers will be heading into Autumn, so forgive me! 

I do think that Spring has to be one of my favourite months.  Simply because it follows the dark days of Winter, I suppose. But it’s more than that - Spring brings hope, as we see new life appearing all around us.  From the bulbs poking out of the earth, the garden gradually coming back to life, and the lambs gambolling in the fields. How can our souls and spirits not be lifted?  

You would have to be a bit of a curmudgeon if your heart wasn’t lifted by the sight of daffodils everywhere. They bring their own sunshine, don’t they? 

 The Poet, William Wordsworth, summed it up perfectly in his poem, “I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud”, also known as the daffodil poem ......

We are now in the Star Sign of Aries, and I am an Aries person - Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac.  We are supposed to be the trailblazers, although, to be honest, I’m not sure that I’ve done much trail blazing in my life.  Although, I think we always tend to think of things being done in a very outward way, with all guns blazing if you like.  But, thinking about it, things can also be done in quiet ways.  Aries are supposed to be passionate and independent, and I certainly see that in myself.  Although with regard to the independent bit, I always thought that had something to do with me being an only child.  They are also supposed to be loyal and impulsive.  I like to think that I am a loyal friend, and I am certainly impulsive!

I’m sure there are people reading this, who do not believe in such ‘nonsense’!  But I believe that there must be something that determines us from the month that we  are born.  After all, the earth is ruled by the moon and the pull of the sea, as they both wax and wane.  My mind has always been open to everything alternative, really.  It would be a foolish person to dismiss these things.

Anyway, I will leave you for now.  Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read my scribblings!  (All images today, apart from the daffodils, are courtesy of Pinterest).  Oh, and here’s a pic of my little pup, walking through the Spring flowers in my garden....

Friday, 8 March 2019

Today, on the 8th March, we once again celebrate International Women's Day. The theme for 2019 is #balanceforbetter, with the aim of making a global push for professional and social equality. This is being described as a "business issue", and the aim of the theme is to encourage gender balance in the Boardrooms (which is badly needed), in the media, and, also, in wealth, so that economies can thrive. 

I think it is important to talk about this event each year on my Blog, as we celebrate women everywhere, all over the world, and recognise the progress that has been achieved, and to give thanks for all the courageous women over many, many years, who have fought for women's rights. Rights that promote a position of legal and social equality of women with men. 


 Huge strides have been made over the years. Certainly since the 1960's when I was a young woman.  We didn't have a lot of the freedoms or rights that women have these days. Women certainly were not allowed to get credit under their own name. So a mortgage would be out of the question. Women at that time were very much looked on as mothers and homemakers.  Hard to believe, but right up until the late 60's, women were not allowed to wear trousers in the workplace. 

Of course, if modern mums want to still be stay at home mums and raise their children themselves, there is certainly nothing wrong with that. In fact, in my eyes, that is to be lauded. Many women these days, of course, HAVE to work, purely for financial reasons. 

I suppose my point is, that the younger women now have CHOICE, which was certainly not available before, and that, surely, has to be good for everyone. 



My wish is that my granddaughters will live in a world where they can be anything they want to be.  I also take this opportunity of celebrating all the women that follow my Blog. Remember, you are ALL special and you are ALL important. 

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

What Happened to Spring?!

Hallo again little peeps. As I write this new Blog Post, I had to move my little puppy to one side - he never likes to stray too far away from me, as you can see! ๐Ÿถ.  Anyway, he's now having a little nap, so I should be alright for a little while. 

Tomorrow, Benji will have his final injection, so I'm delighted to say that I will finally be able to take him out to explore the big, wide world. Well, my little corner of it, here in heavenly Devon, anyway!

After a real touch of Spring a couple of weeks ago (well, it was almost like Summer, really), I'm afraid to say that we are now having very heavy rain, and the forecast for the next week isn't looking  good either. Despite that, there are signs of Spring appearing in the garden.  As usual, I have to apologize  to my Facebook friends, as they will have seen some of these pics before. 

I was thinking about my eldest daughter and my eldest granddaughter, and I can quite appreciate why they would never want to come back to this Country to live. Why would they, when they can have blue skies almost all year round, and the Winters are warm?!  Daughter lives in Ibiza and granddaughter is at University in Madrid. To be honest, I think my granddaughter feels that she is really European now. 

You obviously miss family when they have to move away from their home location - years ago, families all lived very close together. Sometimes even on different levels of the same house. That way, there was always someone to keep an eye on babies, youngsters, teenagers and the older ones of the family. 

But things move on, and I don't suppose we will ever go back to that situation. 

Well, I will leave you again for now. I don't want to bore you!!  What's that you say..."too late!".  

Anyway, look at the gorgeous blue sky in this photo - not bad  for February! 

Bye for now. I hope all is well with you, wherever you may be reading this. ❤️

Sunday, 17 February 2019


Hallo my friends.  Who knew, but today, apparently, is ๐Ÿ’ซRandom Acts of Kindness Day๐Ÿ’ซ.  I have often written a post about Kindness, as it really is one of my favourite words. I think ๐ŸŒŸHope๐ŸŒŸ would be another.

In the world we live in today, I think it is even more important to be kind to each other.  Kind to people we know, kind to people we love, kind to that person in the local store, and everyone, really, that we come into contact with. I know myself, when I'm out and about, just how a smile from a stranger can really lift me. 

Having looked up the actual definition of Kindness, it is "the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate".  I think it means to care and be concerned for the well-being of others - simple as that, really!

So, today, I thought I would send out some Kindness to all of you through my Blog, as I can't actually be with you in person. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful if EVERY day was a Random Act of Kindness Day ๐ŸŒŸ⭐️๐Ÿ’ซ.

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Bye for now ❤️

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Whisper it quietly ......

Hallo again everyone!  Yes, whisper it very quietly, but we are in the final week of January.  Yay, I’m doing a happy dance here in deepest Devon.  So on Friday, we will be entering the month of February, and already the mornings and evenings are starting to get a tad lighter.  Primroses are in the garden, and lots of bulbs are peeping through already. My winter flowering pansies are still putting on a good show, but we have been pretty fortunate, in that we have only had a couple of frosty mornings so far.  I have a yellow camellia with around 40 buds on it, so I’m really hoping that we don’t suddenly get a hard frost.  Daffodils are now on sale in the shops, which I always think are a real sign of the Spring yet to come.  This photo was taken last year.  It really is like having a little bowl of sunshine in the house.

I realise that there could  well be people reading this, whose Season might be completely the reverse of what we have over here in England.  It’s a funny old world, isn’t it?!  Even here in the UK, the weather can vary tremendously.  I live right down in the South West of England, next to Cornwall, and Devon and Cornwall are amongst the mildest Counties in the Country.  Our flowers are always a few weeks ahead of everyone else.  

Oh! My life has changed somewhat since I last wrote a Blog Post.  I have a little puppy, and he is the cutest little thing.  I have only had him for six days, but he has settled in so well, and is such a good little pup.  This is a completely new experience for me - I was avidly reading a puppy handbook before he arrived, but, really, SO FAR (!), it has been much better than I could have hoped for.  He is a Cavapoo, and a cross between a King Charles Spaniel and a toy poodle, so he will only be a small dog.  But then, I am only a small person, so we will fit together nicely!  I can’t wait until I can take him out to the beach!  At the moment, he can only go in the garden, until he has had all his injections.  Anyway, here he is! 

Who could not love that cute little face?!

Well, I’ll leave you again for now, hoping that all is well in your little corner of the world.  See you again soon!

I love reading, and have done so since I was a little girl.  I’m sure many of you also love settling down with a good book.  Anyway, I came across this quote on Pinterest, and thought it was rather lovely, so decided to share it with you here today ....

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Sunday, Sunday....

Hello..... It’s me!  How are you all on this January Sunday?  The celebrations are all over once again, and it’s time to get back to the nitty gritty of life.  Just a short Post today, but I thought I would  drop in at the beginning of 2019, to wish you well for the year ahead. 

Who knows what the year ahead will hold for any of us.  Being now in my 70’s, apart from wishing happiness for my little family, I tend to pray that I will remain in good health. Whenever I’m out on my walks, I never take anything for granted.  I always look around, take in the beauty around me, and be thankful that I can still enjoy those moments. 

I’m sure this new year will bring the usual share of ups and downs. Hopefully, we will have many joyful moments, but the disappointments will be there as well. Sometimes it’s really hard to deal with those disappointments, and we struggle to see the wood for the trees (I think that’s how the saying goes!).  It is at times like that, we have to try to remember what we DO have in our lives, and try to carry on the best way we know how. 

So I’ll leave you again for now, in the hope that this year - no matter how it might have started - will be a good one for all of us. See you again soon ❤️

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