Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Yes, it's me.... Thisisme!

Many of you might be surprised to see me here today.  I see the last blog post I wrote was on the 14th June, 2014.  Gosh, it seems much longer ago than that!  I said then that I was saying goodbye to blogging, having written regularly over a four year period.

Fortunately, I have been able to keep in touch with a lot of my blogging friends via Facebook, and it has been lovely to keep in touch with you all.  I don't know, I was just gazing out of the window, watching the mists rising from the fields, and I suddenly thought that it might be rather nice to just write a few words once again.

I realise that most of my Followers will have disappeared into the ether by now, but here goes anyway!

The big thing for me, is that I visited America last year, going to the wonderful State of Wisconsin, where I met up with a dear friend that I had met on-line. So, at 67, I visited the USA for the first time.  My friend then came to England in April, and I was able to show her the lovely area in which I live.  I absolutely loved America, and the people were so welcoming and super-friendly to me.

The good news is, that I am returning in three weeks time! We were due to do a road trip to New England, but, unfortunately, my friend broke her wrist, so long drives are out of the question at the moment. So! We are going to visit the lakes in Michigan instead, as well as returning to the beautiful Door County, which I completely fell in love with. 

Eli and Ruby are growing away now and return to school this week. Eli is in the Juniors now and Ruby will be going into year 1 now, after her foundation year.  

The big news is that Eleanor, who will be 18 in December, will be starting at Madrid University next week.  Obviously, we are all very proud of her. She will be doing her Degree in Business Studies, and then her Masters in International Relations.  I know that she will absolutely love the experience, as she is such an outgoing young lady, who brings joy to all those around her. 

Well, I am just dipping my toes into the water here, to see if anyone is still out there, so, if you are, "hallo" and I might write the occasional post from here on in. 

Best wishes, as always, from Thisisme. 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Goodbye? Well, never say never, so perhaps Au Revoir ...

My dear little Bloggies - how are you all?  Yes, I know, I have been very remiss in not keeping in touch, so I felt that I really had better write this little note today.

I have been blogging for four years (it might even be a little longer) and, during that time, I have covered all the usual world anniversaries, as well as those anniversaries of my own dear family.  I have covered world tragedies, including the devastation caused by the terrible earthquake in Japan, the equal devastation in New Zealand, the bush fires in Australia, and who could forget that awful shooting of those innocent little children at their school in America.

There have been good times as well, of course, and from my own country's point of view, highlights would have to be the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympic Games which were held in London.

I have told you about my family, my garden, and my travels, and I really do feel that there is not a lot more that I can amuse you with, so, albeit reluctantly, I have decided to end my little scribblings in the Southhamsdarling blog.

I really can't leave until I have said a massive "thank you" to all my wonderful Followers, especially those who used to pop over at every post to leave a comment for me.  You always showed me so much support, encouragement, laughter, affection and, yes, even love, and I will always be grateful for that.  The good thing is that so many of you have become friends with me on my personal facebook page, and we are in touch on virtually a daily basis, which is a lovely way for us to keep our friendship going.

I hope you will notice that I have changed my header for my leaving post, and this is just how my garden looks at the moment.  I thought I would leave you with a few photos of things that have been happening here in heavenly Devon and, yes, we are getting some wonderful sunshine at the moment!

Most of you will know how much I love quotations, so this is how I will end today ...  my wish for all of you is that you keep healthy and keep smiling.  It is, after all, a beautiful world, and we are truly blessed.
ONE OF MY FAVORITE QUOTES but this photo almost brings tears to my eyes:  Only kindness matters

Because kindness matters!!

With much love, from thisisme x

Monday, 5 May 2014


Me again! See, you don't see me for ages, and now I appear twice!

I forgot the photo of Eleanor, so here she is ....

I Am Here....

Little bloggies! How are you all? I know, I have been missing for so long. I'm
afraid that my get up and go just got up and went!

Not in real life, I'm delighted to say, but purely in blogging terms. The problem is, these days, that all my life appears on Facebook, and I just feel that I can't repeat it all again over here!

My daughter did point out that there are probably a lot of my Followers who are not actually friends with me on Facebook. I think we were both thinking of dear Shady here!

Anyway, in utter desperation, I've just been out to take some photos of the garden as it is at the moment.

I know that several of you do seem to enjoy photos of the garden. You will notice all the wood we have around, from trees that we keep cutting down - I think we have enough wood for the woodburner to last us for quite a while!

I always love to see the apple blossom appear in the Orchard, so I have included a couple of those photos also. 

You might also see that I have sneaked in one of little Ruby, which I thought was rather lovely. I know , I know , I'm a proud grandma!

There is also a recent one of Eleanor. You can't see her very well, but I love it, because it is quite atmospheric and could almost have been taken in the 50's or 60's. 

I suppose I should see if I can find one of my little man, although you might have seen this one before. 

I hope you are all keeping well, and I hope you haven't deleted me from your Blog Roll just yet! Sending hugs your way. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

The Easter Bunny ...


A man is driving along a highway and sees a rabbit

jump out across the middle of the road.

He swerves to avoid hitting it, but unfortunately the

rabbit jumps right in front of the car.  

The driver, a sensitive man as well as an animal

lover, pulls over and gets out to see
what has become of the rabbit.
Much to his dismay, the rabbit is

the  Easter Bunny , and he is DEAD  .

The driver feels so awful
   that he  begins to cry.   
A beautiful blonde woman driving down the highway
sees a man crying on the side of the road
and pulls over.

She steps out of the car and asks the man
what's wrong. 

"I feel terrible," ! he explains,
"I accidentally hit the Easter Bunny with my car
  and KILLED HIM."  

The blonde says,"Don't worry."

She runs to her car and pulls out a spray can.
She walks over to the limp, dead Easter Bunny,
bends down, and sprays the contents onto him. 

The Easter Bunny jumps up, waves its paw at the

two of them and hops off down the road. 

Ten feet away he stops, turns around and waves

again, he hops down the road another 10 feet,
turns and waves, hops another ten feet, 
turns and waves, and repeats this again and again

and again and again, until he hops out of sight.

The man is astonished.
He runs over to the woman and demands,

"What is in that can?
What did you spray on the Easter Bunny ?" 

The woman turns the can around
so that the man can read the label.

It says.. 

(Are you ready for this?)   
(You know you're gonna be sorry)

(Last chance)

(OK, here it is)

It says,

"Hair Spray  
Restores life to dead hair,
and adds permanent wave.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Not Saturday Again, Surely?!

Hallo again everyone.  I don't seem to be posting very much lately, but on looking through Bloggy Land, it would seem that many of us are taking a little break for one reason or another.  I'm not officially taking a break, rather I am running out of scintillating topics to entertain you with!

Emma, Mark and Alfred are here at the moment.  They arrived at 3 a.m. on Thursday morning, and will be leaving again first thing tomorrow morning, so very much a fleeting visit.  Nevertheless, it is still lovely to have them here.  Eleanor is off on one of her United Nations Trips for the weekend.  This time to Amsterdam.  Very nice too!

Eleanor absolutely loves the dynamics of politics in all the different countries of the world, and I told her that it would be a good career choice.  Trouble is, she wants to start at the top!! :)  If she is fortunate enough to get into the University of her choice (Madrid), she will be studying International Relations amongst other things.  I would say that she has had a head start!

Emma took me out for lunch on Friday - sort of a late Mother's Day lunch and an early birthday lunch!  It's always good to spend time with her, and I am so fortunate with both my daughters, as we always talk about everything under the sun.  I am blessed indeed.

As I look out of the windows, I'm sorry to say that it's raining very hard out there again today.  So disappointing, because, particularly at this time of the year when Spring really should be with us, we look for brighter days.  At least the evenings are drawing out now, so that's good.  Onwards and upwards little peeps!

Well, I did warn you at the very beginning that I didn't really have anything exciting to write about!  I hope you are all keeping well and that Spring is appearing in your little corner of the world.

Enjoy your weekend.

Just an FYI for those who camp out on my page, waiting for my pins ;)