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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Another New Book Release from a Crazy Blogging Friend

Hi again everyone!  I wasn't due to write a post today but news reached me that yesterday (the 1st June) as a very special day for one of my very special (and crazy! Yes, crazy!!) bloggy friends, Melynda over at Crazy World, as her second book entitled "More Nonsense" was published.

I have read a preview of this new book and it promises to be even funnier than her original which was entitled "Just Nonsense" - you can see that there's a theme going on here - right?!  Anyway, if you just type Melynda's name into Amazon, all will be revealed. (Well, the books anyway!).

Melynda writes a very funny blog, and really is a complete inspiration to all who know her.  I'm sure she would love it if you popped over to say 'hi' and tell her that her Dopey friend from Devon sent you over!

Meanwhile, I am off to order my own personal copy of "More Nonsense" as I guarantee that it will bring a smile to my face, having read the first book.

Bye for now and see you again soon.


Denise Adorian said...

Hi Thisisme, Hoping you have a wonderful day.I'm going to visit your friend right now.Thanks for the recommend.Talk to you later My Dear-Denise

Craziness abounds said...

You just made my day! Thank you! I may be crazy but I sure do pick great friends! Denise came over to visit from your blog also. So another big thank you!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Yes yes yes she is amazing and I bet this book will be better then the last one.......