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Friday, 28 December 2012

Home again ....

Here I am then, home again, after spending a lovely few days just outside Paris with all my family.

Whatever you were doing, I do hope you enjoyed the celebrations.

I am thankful today that our journey home went smoothly, our home hadn't been broken into, and the house was not flooded, even though the garden is like a quagmire!! The rain has been mon stop, apparently, since we left! Thankfully, our journey home was in the dry.

Poor Alison, her hubby and the two little ones didn't fare quite so well on the journey home. They left the Channel Tunnel, only to find that their front lights on the car weren't working.

They had a fairly rough trip, and arrived home two hours after us. I'm thankful that they eventually arrived home safely. I think I've said before that they are not at all well off, but, for peace of mind, Alison paid £90 for breakdown cover.

When she phoned them up, they informed her that she was only covered whilst travelling abroad, but not in this country. I ask you! Unbelievable really.

We had car problems too, in that just after we arrived over there, hubby couldn't get the car started! Quite a performance, but we managed to get it towed to a repair garage. Something to do with the steering, which will cost £2,000!!

We actually changed the car only a few weeks before Christmas as we knew we had this long journey coming up . The car is 5 years old, and, fortunately, hubby took out a three year Warranty, which cost quite a bit . What's the betting that they will say what happened is not included in the Warranty?! Cynical?? Moi??!!

So we cadged a lift over with daughter number one and family, and hubby will go back with them on the 5th January, and then drive our car back the next day. What a palaver!!

The important thing is that we're all safe and sound . Everything else is just inconvenience!

I hope that all is well with all of you. I've missed catching up on your posts

I'm actually preparing this post on my iPhone, so I'm just hoping that it will work out ok! Left my charger for my laptop behind! DOH!!

Take care and hopefully I'll be in touch again soon.

Hugs from me coming to you.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hallo, dear Thisisme! I'm happy to know you and the others made it home safe and sound. You discovered that it had rained in Devon whilst you were away? What are the odds of that happening? (LOL) I know how it is with car problems, warranties and fine print that prevent you from actually getting coverage when you need it. It's a racket! I hope you took some pictures of Emma and Alfred because I haven't seen either of those friends in quite a while. Please enjoy the rest of your holiday period, dear friend, and know that you and your family are in my thoughts often.

Terra said...

That is quite an assortment of annoying and expensive car problems, but I am sure it did not interfere with your holiday cheer being with loved ones.

Claudia Moser said...

Good to have you back!

Manzanita said...

Don't feel lonely or I'll have to put on my skiis and ski over. How would I come? By way of Alaska and across Russia?

Sorry you had some trouble but hey look at those happy pictures. You are one HOT grandmother, kiddo.

Retired English Teacher said...

First of all, I am very impressed that you posted this from your iPhone! I would never have the patience for that.

I'm thinking it is time for that dark cloud that has been over all of you for a quite some time to disappear. Nothing is more upsetting than the damper that car problems put on the holidays or any road trip. I'm so glad you had some back-up plans.

Your photos are lovely. And, I'm grateful you all returned home same and sound and in one piece. May the New Year bring an end to the storms in your life.

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Congrats for posting this from your iphone! Cars sound like a real inconvenience back over there. But we've never travelled more than 30km in our car!

Glad to hear you enjoyed your Christmas and you're back home safe..

Dizzy C said...


I wish you and your family health and happiness in 2013!

All best wishes


NITA said...

Welcome back Dianne and a Very Happy New Year to you.

Hugs Nita.

Chatty Crone said...

Car problems are the worst - sorry you had them, but I am glad you had a good time and got home safe.

orchid said...

Dearest Diane,
Oh, you always ahead of us for the technology; I cannot use mobile-phone for posting(^^;)
Oh My!!! Rain and car trouble. Than God you've made it home safe and you had a wonderful Christmas time☆☆☆
Wishing that your coming year 2013 will be happy and prosperous one for you and all of your lovely family♡♡♡

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*