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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sunday Snaps ....

Well, my little bloggy friends, as I write this, it is the last Bank Holiday weekend of the year over here in England, and we have been promised some sunshine!

We have had such a marvellous summer here in deepest Devon, with lots of sunshine and clear blue skies, for which I am truly grateful.  Some of my "newer" Followers might wonder why I keep on about the sunshine!  Well, it is because we haven't had a decent summer for quite a few years now, and last year it was a complete washout, with almost continual rain.  So! We have been blessed indeed.

Judging by the comments from some of my American bloggy friends, it would seem that there has been a bit of a turnaround, in that they seem to be getting more rain than usual.  I'm sure they don't begrudge me some good weather for a change though!

I'm in a bit of a conundrum about my Sunday Snaps feature, because a lot of my bloggy friends also follow me on facebook and, therefore, they will have seen a lot of the photos before.  So, what to do, what to do!  Anyway, I hope they will bear with me because I know there are still quite a lot that don't actually use facebook.  (Shadykins for one!!!).

This first photo is of dear little Ruby.  When I sent it through to daughter number 1 in France, she asked me if I had dropped her! Oh, she is SO funny my dear daughter, or at least she thinks she is!  What actually happened was that Eli was riding his scooter outside their house, and there is a bit of a hill leading down to the house.  Anyway, poor little Ruby was running behind and went flying! Bless!  It's almost healed up now though, but her little face was in quite a state.

The following snaps were taken whilst I was walking around Plymouth Hoe and the Barbican.  I just love being by the sea so much.  It really does refresh my very soul!

Can you see all the blue skies?!

This next photo is of Elijah (as he likes to be called since he started school last September.  I think it's because that's what his teacher calls him!). As you can see, he is having fun in the caravan.

Last today, but certainly not least, especially in my heart, here is a photo of granddaughter number 1, Eleanor, taken when the two of us went out for lunch when she was staying here a couple of weeks ago.

Well, that's it for this edition of Sunday Snaps.  I hope you have enjoyed them and I will see you again soon.  Until then take care.

Sending Big Hugs Your Way!


Claudia Moser said...

Little darling Ruby, but I am sure all will be well soon!

As always your selection of snaps make me happy, seeing the blue sky makes me want to be on the road ahead in search of serene locations, but first I need to recover after the Chinese trip!

Happy Sunday my dear!

Manzanita said...

That is a shame for little Ruby to get banged up but glad to hear she's healing.
That caravan does prove to be fun for the little ones. It looks adorable. Hope you are in the middle of a sun-filled weekend.

Montanagirl said...

Nice selection of photos! Ruby will heal - and there'll likely be lots more bumps and falls still coming. So glad you have sunshine to enjoy!!

Shelly said...

We never get tired of seeing your delightful pictures, my friend. I'm so glad the weather is better for you this year. Ours is the same: hot and hotter yet. Poor little Ruby- I'm so glad she's a trooper and is on the mend!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hallo, dear Thisisme! Shadykins here. Sorry I'm later than usual. I slept in this Sunday morning and awoke to find a couple of new comments on my blog that needed replies.

I couldn't be happier about your weather (or your and Alfred's return to good health). If we hang tough and meet life's disappointments with dignity and grace, sooner or later life eases up on us. The weather presents a fitting metaphor. It is only after we endure a rained out summer or a long hard winter that we can truly appreciate a period of fine weather.

Yessum, all of your Devonish rain seems to have come to Central Florida this summer. My property is flooded after weeks of torrential downpours. There are silver linings. Normally we experience drought conditions, have water use restrictions imposed upon us and face numerous brush and muck fires due to the dryness. Not this year. It has also been a quiet hurricane season thus far which is another blessing that makes a little flooding much more tolerable.

It must be wonderful to have easy access to that pristine coastline. I love to view your postcards from the edge of paradise.

Poor Ruby has had her share of knocks, bumps and bangs curing her childhood. She's a pretty little princess but seems to enjoy being a tomboy as well. It's interesting that Eli likes being called Elijah now. The formality of the name suits him and will serve him well. I'm so happy to see Eleanor smiling. I'm certain her mood was elevated by your recovery and Alfred's.

Blessings, hugs and SMOOCHES to you, dear friend Thisisme! Have a wonderful week ahead!

Unknown said...

My dear friend I am so thrilled that you have had this wonderful weather to enjoy and times to be near the water that you love so much. You sure have to take it when you can get it there across the pond. As for pictures, you sure blessed us with some gorgeous ones and the sky was amazing. Your grandchildren always bring a smile to our faces and I never tire of seeing them especially your Eleanor that I enjoy seeing or hearing about. You certainly are one blessed woman but you already knew that. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

We certainly have had a turn around with the weather , sunny here and the USA rain etc ,,

Funny that you are the second person to point out that it is the last Bank holiday of the year , , I never know when they are ,, I sometimes never even no the date , and I never where a watch ,, LOL ,,strange yes but never been late for work :-)

Love your photos , Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow ,

rainbow said...

Photos of your grandkids are a treasured blessing any time you share. THANKS FOR SHARING OFTEN!!!

BB said...

Even though I am on Facebook with you, I could look at your pictures over and over. The scenery is just priceless and the grandkids are all beautiful. I love that Eleanor is laughing so hard! Hugs my awesome friend! XX

Grammy Goodwill said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying such beautiful weather, but it's those grandchildren that really brighten up your days. I'm so glad Ruby is okay. I love that Eli has lengthened his name. My daughter had to be sure Cate knew her full name was Catherine in case the teacher used it! And pictures of Emma are always a delight.

Sally Wessely said...

The sea must be so soothing. You are fortunate to live near it. I've spent my life landlocked. I do love the ocean though. I never get enough time near it.

Suzanne said...

Well, you answered my question from your previous is the sea. And, oh how beautiful. I'm such a dreamer of the sea, but, have to admit, one time I went deep sea fishing, I was sick the whole time-you know...over the side of the boat. Well, I finally hooked an 11 pound kingfish, and no one would help me bring him in. I was alternately reeling him in and being sick over the side of the boat with everyone laughing at me. I did get him in, mine was the biggest catch of the day! LOL!

But, it's so wonderful that you are feeling better and having a great summer-next summer, I'm coming your way, lol! Your photos are great, they look better on your blog, so I don't mind seeing them again. Poor Ruby-she's so precious and cute! See you soon! ♥

SkippyMom said...

I will gladly and happily enjoy my summer of continuous rain if it means that you, my friend, get to enjoy and flourish in beautiful sunshine. I have said it on FB, but I will say it again - you are most deserving.

To tell you the truth - we have had some pretty dry summers these past few years with drought conditions, so I am quite happy that my new neighbors - most in the agricultural business - are thriving because of how much rain we have had. It's a blessing really. And to see field upon green field of corn growing tall brings a peace to my heart as we drive hither and yon. Yon and hither. [I feel like we spend half our lives in the car. Can't wait to move and get closer to civilization. :)]

You grandbabies. Sigh. SO lovely. And that you get to spend so much time with them must be such a treat. They are very lucky to have y'all for Grandparents.

Always always share these Sunday snaps. I, for one, don't mind viewing them twice. As long as you don't mind me loving them in comments two times, here and on FB.

Here's hoping your gorgeous weather continues and you are feeling well.

Hugs and much love, JG

Denise said...

I always enjoy seeing photos of Your family,full of love and joy.Beautiful photos for Your Sunday snaps-May Your life be full of son-shine ;)

Katherines Corner said...

Sunday snaps, one of my truly favorite things. I know I probably write that every time but I do love the photos you share. Biggest hugs from across the pond. xo

Ellie Kings said...

I'm a sunshine girl and without it I am a little miserable. So go ahead enjoy the lovely Sunshine and your beautiful grandbabies :)

Anonymous said...

Your full of sunshine smiles so I enjoy your Sunshine Grandchildren
and adult family. Pictures you show and tell. I never get tired of looking at them.

Oh it looks so nice the water and the boates.

My friend as you know lives the oppoisite of direction from you but she said it has been a wonderful summer for her as well.

She is enjoying her beautiful Grandchildren as well. She has just got another new addition of Grandchild. So she is hapy,hapy as well.

Thanks Sushine!

Huggs back

Carol Ann

pembrokeshire lass said...

Lovely grandchildren! I love seeing photos of my bloggy friends'families. Poor little lass she did come. Cropper though. Isn't it good to have time out with teenage grand daughters? I only have one and she lives in Hemel so I only see her a couple of times a year. Enjoy yours. Joan

orchid0324 said...

Dearest Diane,
Oh, poor cute Ruby1 But at least she has a big smile and look SO lovely♡♡♡
I am happy to hear you had a wonderful summer weather compared to the one we had in Japan.
I really enjoyed your delightful snaps as well; especially the blue sky♬♬♬

PS>So sorry for my recent absence and belated comment, my friend in England. I was a bit under the weather for the summer heat and busy days, not having had much strength to read and write in English(^^;)

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*