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Monday, 5 May 2014

I Am Here....

Little bloggies! How are you all? I know, I have been missing for so long. I'm
afraid that my get up and go just got up and went!

Not in real life, I'm delighted to say, but purely in blogging terms. The problem is, these days, that all my life appears on Facebook, and I just feel that I can't repeat it all again over here!

My daughter did point out that there are probably a lot of my Followers who are not actually friends with me on Facebook. I think we were both thinking of dear Shady here!

Anyway, in utter desperation, I've just been out to take some photos of the garden as it is at the moment.

I know that several of you do seem to enjoy photos of the garden. You will notice all the wood we have around, from trees that we keep cutting down - I think we have enough wood for the woodburner to last us for quite a while!

I always love to see the apple blossom appear in the Orchard, so I have included a couple of those photos also. 

You might also see that I have sneaked in one of little Ruby, which I thought was rather lovely. I know , I know , I'm a proud grandma!

There is also a recent one of Eleanor. You can't see her very well, but I love it, because it is quite atmospheric and could almost have been taken in the 50's or 60's. 

I suppose I should see if I can find one of my little man, although you might have seen this one before. 

I hope you are all keeping well, and I hope you haven't deleted me from your Blog Roll just yet! Sending hugs your way. 


Claudia Moser said...

Again a delightful post(s) heheh! Love spring, such spectaculat display! Have a great Monday, in the end it is not that bad right?

Shady Del Knight said...

Hallo hallo hallo, dear Thisisme! I'm very happy to see you back on your blog. I thank you and Emma for remembering that I am a stubborn holdout and have not yet joined Facebook. That seems to be where all the action is these days. I am beginning to wonder if most people are getting tired of blogging. As you recall, three or four years ago our blog world was filled with enthusiastic participants who loved to laugh and have fun. It has been on a sharp decline since then and it is becoming harder for me to find people who want to come out and play. Onward and upward, as they say.

What a great post this is from the header on down! The little ones aren't very little anymore. Eli and Ruby are growing into a fine looking young man and lady. The wood pile is filled for the next cold spell, your garden is exploding with color and even Sandy is looking better than ever. :)

I am very happy to know you are doing well, dear Thisisme. I hope the same can be said for Emma and Alfred.

Blessings, hugs and SMOOCHES to you, dear friend, and have a great week!

Shady Del Knight said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hi Thisisme,
Your garden inspires me! I love the apple blossoms and those sweet smiling children.
I understand about facebook. I've had to remind myself that it doesn't count as "writing" and since I want to be a writer, I better at least keep to my regular writing practice, even if it's just on the blog.
Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

A delightful post as usual.

Enjoyed your family.

Nice pretty flowers.

Carol Ann

Montanagirl said...

I wondered where you were! Such a lovely post too! Your little granddaughter reminds me a lot of mine...the same color of hair, and worn the same way! Welcome back. Oh, and I'm one of those old fogies who doesn't do Facebook, so I hope you keep blogging!

Grammy Goodwill said...

I waited for this post after seeing your teaser on FB yesterday! You see, this past weekend Winchester, VA celebrated their Apple Blossom Festival for the 87th time. (This was my home for 30 years.) When I saw your blossoms picture yesterday, it brought back wonderful memories.
Your sweeties are growing up as fast as mine! They are so cute.
(I noticed you didn't use "y'all" in your opening sentence. hehehe)

Unknown said...

Hi Diane. I too have been finding it very difficult to blog. Maybe facebook, or just the pressures and busy times. Anyway good to see you on here as well as facebook and I am going to try to put a blog together this week sometime also.

doodles n daydreams said...

Hi, I'm pleased you are on here still blogging, even if only occasionally. I do facebook but tend to mostly have family there, I don't enjoy it as much as I used to do.
Your photo's are lovely as always. Spring has certainly arrived up your way, we are having crisp autumn days so it is nice to see the spring blooms. And I always enjoy photo's of the grandchildren and family, probably because I am a granny myself, so keep up the good work.


rainbow said...

It all is so BEAUTIFUL and Please Post them any chance you get especially the GRANDkids! MAKE IT A GOOD WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzanne said...

I have to say right off that I love your geraniums and clematis! Really vibrant colors. And your apple blossoms rock! And I showed one of your facebook photos to my friend Cindy today, with your retro caravan behind it. She was so impressed-I still want a retro van, maybe when I retire!

Eleanor's photo is a bit atmospheric, you're right-and, it's really cool the way her walk was captured! Eli and Ruby just get cuter everyday. Those two children could light up 'Scrooges' life, couldn't they?

It's great to see you here, Thisisme. Have a great week,dear friend! ♥

Shelly said...

Spectacular! All those months of winter will hopefully fade with the glorious spring you all are having! What a gorgeous family you have-

Sally Wessely said...

My blogging waxes and wanes also. I understand that.

I love seeing you in any setting.

These flowers are making quite envious. We had snow, a.g.a.i.n. I think I need to head over your way.

Unknown said...

Hi Diane
Your garden looks lovely!! Hope the sun is treating you nicely over there. Eli and Ruby are growing so fast aren't they?

Denise said...

Miss Your blogging- FB is just not the same.