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Saturday 18 March 2017

Sunday Snaps πŸ“Έ

Well, it's hard to believe that another week has passed by, and here we are with my Sunday Snaps feature once again. 

Last Monday, the sun shone brightly here in heavenly Devon, so a friend and I decided to take full advantage, and set off to Salcombe for a walk. Salcombe is such a pretty resort, about half an hour away. It's lovely at this time of the year, but, from Easter onwards, the narrow streets will be thronged with those lovely 😊 holidaymakers, who rush here to enjoy the beauty of the South Hams. 


 Salcombe is, in fact, Britain's most expensive seaside resort in which to buy a home. It also has the highest population of second-home owners.  For local people, especially the young people, this is very sad, because wealthy people from London and the Home Counties flock here to buy their second homes, and this pushes house prices well beyond the means of the locals. It also means, of course, that once thriving little communities now become ghost towns for many months of the year. It's quite a sore point here in Devon and Cornwall, but there's nothing much that can be done about it really. 

So now I will share some more photos of the picturesque area that I'm proud to call home. 

This is the view from a favourite place of mine to eat lunch, preferably accompanied by a chilled glass of RosΓ©!  

Not a sea view this time, but a photo of the beautiful Dartington Gardens. This is such an interesting place to visit, no matter what the Season. 

This is the Marina on Plymouth's historic Barbican. Ten minutes away from me, and a favourite place to sit and people watch. 

As you can see, we really ARE surrounded by water. This is a view looking across into Cornwall. 

Finally, I just couldn't resist this last one, which is of my two youngest grandchildren, enjoying a day at the beach. It was taken a couple of years ago, but I just love the simplicity of the shot. They're doing what young children have been doing for many, many years. 

I do hope you have enjoyed the selection today - have a good week, and look after yourselves ❤️

By the way, for anyone who is interested, there is a new Feature Post up now. Just click on the button at the top on the right hand sidebar. 


Penny Gadd said...

I love the photo of your grandchildren. An absolute classic!

Suzanne said...

What pretty sea view photos! It is sad that area is unaffordable to most of the locals. We have a lake some miles away that is similar, however, not near as beautiful as your sea. I've always been attracted to marinas and the boats rocking around in their slips. As you say, marinas are a great "people watching" place! You do have the most wonderful and peaceful areas to roam.

I remember the photo of Eli and Ruby on the beach. It's one of the best, isn't it. Well, my little Scooter goes back to school tomorrow. I can use the break, haha! It is good to see you this morning, Thisisme! Love the Sunday Snaps! ♥

Southhamsdarling said...

Thank you Penny! I almost feel that it should be in a Holiday Brochure for the beautiful South Hams 😊

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Suzanne. Happy Sunday to you 😊 I'm so glad you liked this week's photos. Like you, I just love to see boats bobbing around on the water. When I visited my friends in Wisconsin, they have the Great Lakes all around them, so I felt right st home with all the boats!
You will have done time to yourself again, now that your little man is returning to School. They can be quite tiring at that age!! Have a good week ahead my friend.