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Monday 16 October 2017

Many Miles Travelled....

It’s been a while since my last post, but the past couple of weeks have been a bit frantic, with my friend from Green Bay, Wisconsin 🇺🇸 staying here with me in England. 

I rather like this quote about female friendship. It certainly rings true to me...

When you actually sit down and think about it, friendship is a wonderful thing, which adds so much joy to our lives. Sometimes we have known friends for as long as we can remember, and sometimes friends come into our lives suddenly and unexpectedly, just when we were least expecting it. 

It’s funny how you really connect with some people, and feel that you have known them for ever. I read a quote a while ago, by S E Hall, which said “Maybe it’s not about the length of time you’ve known someone; maybe it’s about instant recognition on an unconscious level.  Our souls know each other.”

I do believe that - how else can we explain that instant connection, or spark, with someone when we meet them for the first time. All part of life’s deep mystery, I suppose. 

I certainly believe that there is much more to
life than we could ever imagine. It’s like when there are tragedies, and you hear people telling the story of how they had decided to have a lie in that morning, or take a different route, thereby saving their lives.  Simply by changing their daily routine for some unexplained reason. 

Well, I’ve gone off on a complete tangent here, as I’ve just seen the title of this Post. I was going to tell you about the miles we covered during my friend’s visit, but that will have to wait for the next time.

Suffice it to say that these two ladies ‘of a certain age’ (or have we now passed that certain age?!) had a wonderful time, with much fun and laughter. 

Hope all is going well with you. 


Suzanne said...

Hi Thisisme. I really enjoyed your post with your good friend from Green Bay. Your quotes are very true, and it's so wonderful to have a friend to connect with no matter what the distance is. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos, and have a great week!

Southhamsdarling said...

Thank you for always supporting my Blog, My Texan friend. The older I get, the more important female friendships become, especially being an only child. Enjoy your week, Suzanne.