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Thursday 26 October 2017

Time To Light The Lamps And Snuggle In ....

Here in England, on Saturday, the clocks will be falling back an hour, and it’s time, once again,  to make our homes as cosy as we can, so that we don’t start to feel ‘down’ with the onset of the shorter days.  Summer is now becoming a distant memory, with the exception of certain people!  Daughter number 1 who lives in Ibiza, keeps sending me photos of sandy beaches, hot sun, and stunning sunsets. I am starting to go off her! πŸ˜‰. This is the latest photo she’s been teasing me with. No wonder she loves it so much over on that beautiful Island. 

But, meanwhile, I shall be lighting the lamps and the candles, and looking forward to when I can put all the twinkly fairy lights around at Christmastime!

Have you heard of the word ...Hygge?  It’s pronounced hue-gah, and comes from a Norwegian word meaning “well-being.”  In other words, enjoying life’s simple pleasures, often achieved with good food, drink, comfy surroundings, warm blankets and candlelight. So, as you will see, Autumn and Winter are just made for us all to practice some Hygge. Colourful throws on the armchairs, potpourri scented with smells of orange and cinnamon - anything to lift our spirits whilst these darker days are with us. Of course, I’m aware that in many parts  of the world, you are approaching Springtime. Forgive me, but I have to write as it is with the Seasons in my homeland! 

Most of the colours are fading in the garden at the moment, but I took this photo of a wilting rose earlier today. I think it still looks quite beautiful. 

So my friends, may your lives be filled with Hygge during the coming Season. See you again soon. 

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Grammy Goodwill said...

It's turning cold here as well. I picked my last 3 green tomatoes this evening as we are expecting a frost tonight. I need to find a heavier coat to wear to our football game Saturday because it won't start until 730 that night.
I like that word because it makes me thing of huggy. I'll give lots of huggies to stay warm!!

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi again Grammy. Go Hokies!! I like your thought of giving out lots of Huggies!! Just be careful who you give them to!! Gosh, if that Game doesn’t start until 7.30 on Saturday, it will be getting pretty chilly come the end, I would think. I’m just hoping for a dry Autumn and Winter over here. Otherwise it can become a bit depressing. Thanks for your visit, Patricia 😊

Suzanne said...

I love the Hugge idea, Thisisme! I've been practicing that today, myself. Our temperatures have dropped from 53 degrees to 48 degrees now, with chilly winds. I've actually worn gloves outside today, haha! And, I love it. We are expecting a freeze tonight, so I will have to cover the Halloween mums outdoors! Our day to 'fallback' on Sunday, November 5th, but it is already getting dark here sooner.

Your roses are still looking pretty, sometimes I still get some blooms as it cools down, but they don't get as large. I really love the sunset photo and your sheep photo! What a great time of year! I've been really busy this week with Shawn's birthday and Halloween coming up. Time to take a breather and practice some "Hugge". Love your post, have a wonderful weekend! ♥

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Suzanne. Sorry I’m late in replying, but it’s been Half Term this past week, so I’ve been spending some time with Eli and Ruby. I enjoyed seeing Scooter’s birthday pics on Facebook. I think Autumn is really arriving now, but at least you have Halloween and Thanksgiving to look forward to over there! I’m glad you’re trying to make some time for ‘YOU’ 😊. Hope you’re having a good weekend all the way over there in Texas. Hugs ❤️

Sally Wessely said...

I love the Hugge concept and have been thinking of buy a book about it. It is that time of year to snuggle in and light a candle and read or watch a movie. I have been dreading the time, but I decided this year I would try to change my attitude and accept that is the season that we have even if it not the one I want. Hugs to you.

Southhamsdarling said...

Hello Sally. Lovely surprise to see you here. I like that you’re going to try to embrace this time of the year. To be honest, at my age, I’m just grateful to be here to see another Season! You have Thanksgiving to look forward to, and I hope that you will have family around you. Then, st the beginning of December, I shall look forward to putting the fairy lights around and look forward to Christmas. It’s January that I find to be rather a bleak month.
But we must count our blessings, my friend. Thank you so much for leaving a comment ❤️