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Wednesday 6 March 2019

What Happened to Spring?!

Hallo again little peeps. As I write this new Blog Post, I had to move my little puppy to one side - he never likes to stray too far away from me, as you can see! 🐶.  Anyway, he's now having a little nap, so I should be alright for a little while. 

Tomorrow, Benji will have his final injection, so I'm delighted to say that I will finally be able to take him out to explore the big, wide world. Well, my little corner of it, here in heavenly Devon, anyway!

After a real touch of Spring a couple of weeks ago (well, it was almost like Summer, really), I'm afraid to say that we are now having very heavy rain, and the forecast for the next week isn't looking  good either. Despite that, there are signs of Spring appearing in the garden.  As usual, I have to apologize  to my Facebook friends, as they will have seen some of these pics before. 

I was thinking about my eldest daughter and my eldest granddaughter, and I can quite appreciate why they would never want to come back to this Country to live. Why would they, when they can have blue skies almost all year round, and the Winters are warm?!  Daughter lives in Ibiza and granddaughter is at University in Madrid. To be honest, I think my granddaughter feels that she is really European now. 

You obviously miss family when they have to move away from their home location - years ago, families all lived very close together. Sometimes even on different levels of the same house. That way, there was always someone to keep an eye on babies, youngsters, teenagers and the older ones of the family. 

But things move on, and I don't suppose we will ever go back to that situation. 

Well, I will leave you again for now. I don't want to bore you!!  What's that you say..."too late!".  

Anyway, look at the gorgeous blue sky in this photo - not bad  for February! 

Bye for now. I hope all is well with you, wherever you may be reading this. ❤️

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