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Monday 28 March 2011

The Magnolias Are Out!

Hi there everyone.  Hope you are all well and that you enjoyed a good weekend.

I had a very productive weekend in the garden.  As well as the general gardening work, I also rubbed down all the benches, using hubby's new sander machine, and then painted them pretty colours.  Of course, hubby being a man,  had to spend half an hour explaining to me how to use this little machine.  Golly gosh, I just don't know what I would do without him, always looking over my shoulder to make sure that I'm doing things properly.  (I don't know whether my American friends will recognize the irony (or even sarcasm!)  in that remark!!!).

I have received an order for yet another birthday cake, for someone who has a birthday today.  Yes, that's you, DESIREE, over at Driftwood Ramblings.  I only met Desiree recently through Carol over at Facing50withhumour, but we all seem to have the same sense of humour, which is great.
 Also, she is my first Follower from South Africa, a really beautiful country.

Carol (Facing50etc.etc.) has created (drew it all herself apparently. Ooooh!!) a Blog Button as a surprise for Desiree for her birthday, whilst my good friend Katherine from Katherines Corner and Made It For You very kindly agreed to make the Grab My Button bit to go with the picture.  I was supposed to be showing you Carol's brilliant creation here but, unfortunately, it won't let me save the picture that she e=mailed me.  Sorry about that Carol, but I'm sure everyone will be rushing over to Desiree's Blog page to see it for themselves!!

Ooops! Nearly forgot to show you the wonderful birthday cake that I have created.  I am now looking for premises and will be opening up my own  select little cake shop very soon, and orders are now being taken!!  I do think that I've surpassed myself with this latest creation, even if I do say so myself.  Are you ready?  Ta da!!


The magnolias are now out in our garden and I'm feeling very happy at the moment, which probably has something to do with the fact that my daughter and family (not forgetting the puppy, Alfred!) are coming over here to stay with us for a week soon. Can't wait, as we haven't seen them since Christmas. 


Bethe77 said...

Beautiful cake! I guess we all are having problems with our pcitures. It isnt just you. I cannot get any up at all and have heard many otehrs talking about it today. Interesting. I will head over to the Birthday gals blog spot and wish her a blessed one.
You be blessed as well Thisisme
Oh yes! i understand the hubby thing oh all so very well! Hmm... Interesting birds arent they?

Carol E Wyer said...

I bet it took you all weekend to ice that fantastic cake!!! Hubby painted our fence too must be something in the air :)I'm not too good with these button things am I? Eeeek :)

Just Martha said...

Clever girl!!!

SkippyMom said...

YAY for magnolias. And painted benches. Boo for no pictures. :)

Happy Birthday to Desiree.

[and nice cake!]

Lyndylou said...

busy busy girl! Happy Birthday Desiree :)

Unknown said...

Another masterpiece to your credit and might I add you are getting better each time. I will be sure to pop over and wish the birthday girl a happy one. When I went up the hill to collect Rocky from my MIL yesterday I let him out onto the cement porch & as he was showing me how much he missed me he peed numerous times. Better there than on her carpet. Well it is almost lunch time as I type this for you being only 5 AM here across the pond. Have a wonderful rest of the day.

Southhamsdarling said...

Bethe77 - it's funny about the pictures at the moment, isn't it. I'm glad you understood the hubby bit!! LOL!! - you left an early comment this morning! Definitely something in the air then!

Just Martha - thank you!

SkippyMom - I thought you would get fed up with too many photos!!!

lyndylou - it's so good to feel that I can get out and do these things again, especially on such a lovely day.

Odie - What are you doing up at 5 a.m. That is SO early!! I laughed about little Rocky. My daughter's little dog, Alfred, does exactly the same! Bless them!

BB said...

The talent that you have is remarkable This! And where do you get the energy? I wish I had more than I do. It's just not there. Ever since I had mono at 28 I have never felt the same. Vitamins, exercise, doesn't matter. Never felt the same again. Weird huh? Beautiful cake as always. Was it baking while you were sanding? You're amazing.

Rebecca said...

busy girl aren't we and wow love the cake decorting skills you are awesome.

Happy Birthday Desiree

LindyLouMac said...

Productive Lady! I empathise completely with you about seeing your daughter soon. Looking forward to seeing the results of your handywork.

Shady Del Knight said...

I'm looking forward to a new round of Alfred pics, Thisisme! I can almost smell the flowers in your garden and I am so happy to know that your harsh winter is behind you and that your spirits are lifting. Winter has temporarily returned to much of the northern USA while here in Florida we are getting some much needed rain today, easing our annual spring drought. Have a very pleasant day in Devon, Thisisme!

PencilGirl said...

Wow! Flowers, an absolutely perfect cake, family, and a puppy!!! I'd be zooming around on a moonbeam... :D :D
Actually, I should be zooming around on a moonbeam as well, but being the nutcase that I am, I decided to be grumpy instead. :|
I'm all better now though, thanks to your post! Keep having a wonderful time... :) :) :)

Southhamsdarling said...

Bouncin'Barb - it's a shame that you don't have the energy anymore. I do know that I am very lucky that I am able to do the things I do. Big hugs and hope it's not getting you down too much over there, with this moving business.

Becca - I know, my cake making skills are known for miles around!! LOL!

LindyLouMac - I'm sure you must miss your daughters as well. Hopefully you will be able to see them again fairly soon.

Shady - yes, my spirits have really been lifted with the better weather over here. Sorry that you have the rain, but, as you say, you do need it at the moment. Hope you have a good week.

PencilGirl - Lovely to hear from you! Glad you feel a little better after reading my post :)

Desiree said...

I have been out almost the entire day and was unable to check all the comments on my blog and contact all the bloggers who were so busy baking cakes and sketching BESPOKE grab button designs, huddling in corners and whispering secrets, selecting beautiful cards and working until late into the night putting up posts especially for me and, in a number of instances, completely devoted to me!

I have been so, so spoilt by all of you and I really am, to say the least, completely overwhelmed by all of this attention. I have absolutely no idea why I deserve it, but I have to admit, it's GREAT! Up till now, I've been happy to meld into the crowds of adoring fans throwing themselves at the feet of bloggers such as yourself, Carol (@ Facing 50 with Humour), Karen (@ Out of My Mind), Mona (@ Wsprsweetly of cottages), Lavi (@ The relativity of a corroded mind), H (@ Little Sealed Packages), Michael & Hanne (@ PENTICTON COMMENTARY) and many other wonderful bloggers (too numerous to name here!) who entertain, make me smile, laugh, cry...on a daily basis...but no more! I now want my own pedestal...and it had better be higher and grander than everyone else's ;)

Hopefully, you all know enough about me to know that my last comment was merely an attempt at humour and definitely not what I feel! I'm just getting carried away on the adrenalin high after all the attention that has been lavished upon me today!

And this is where you come in! That cake you have baked is absolutely gorgeous. You knew the way to my heart is via flowers! I did think it could have had just a tad more vanilla essence, though...otherwise, it is perfect...light as a feather and the icing is delicious! Not too sweet...exactly as I like it!

I'm so pleased to hear you're moving into a factory, as with all the orders you receive, it must be getting really cramped in your kitchen.

Your magnolias are too beautiful! I'm sure they are contributing to your happy glad to hear you'll soon be welcoming your daughter home for a visit :)

With love & hugs,

Des xoxo

Southhamsdarling said...

Desiree - Your gold plated pedestal is being built for you even as we speak!! LOL! I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday surprises.

Lavinia said...

Oh dear, the cake is lovely! I'm sure it's delicious too (sorry, my sweet tooth got the best of me).

I'm visiting from Carol's and meeting a lot of great people. I will come back again, your blog is lovely, as far as I've read.

Chatty Crone said...

I'm heading over to go wish her a happy birthday. sandie

Belle said...

The way I get my husband to do things is start doing them myself. He can't stand it because he is sure I won't do it right!

We have magnolia trees here too. They aren't in bloom yet. Yours looks so lovely. I'm happy for you that your daughter and family will soon be visiting.

Southhamsdarling said...

Lavi - how lovely of you to pop over from Carol's blog to see me! I hope you will come by again.

Chatty - thank you!

Belle - you are a very cunning lady, methinks!! I like it! Yes, I can't wait for my family to get here!

On My Soapbox said...

Oh, what a beautiful tree and yard!. It is no wonder your daughter wants to have her special day there.

Suzanne said...

I saw that cake the other day and just had to come back and take a look-thought it might really just be a package. Are you really doing these cakes yourself? If so, Kudos to you-what a yummy talent. And the Magnolias are magnificent!

Southhamsdarling said...

Eeeek! Susan, I feel a bit guilty now - NO, I'm afraid I didn't make those cakes myself. I feel I've let you down now!!! LOL!

Suzanne said...

Oh no-that's ok! No let down, but I bet you could decorate cakes beautifully! And I love your new look on your blog! Light, airy, and refreshing!