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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Blogging Pledge


-Create, inspire, and admire rather than
compete with fellow bloggers
-Be understanding of each other. In the blogging community, as well as in the world
-Stay away from internet/blogging bullying
-Speak my opinion freely, while still being mindful
of other's feelings. Be tactful.
-Make an effort--no matter how big or small the gesture,
to spread kindness or joy to others
-Acknowledge that I will make mistakes, (I am only human)
but remember to learn from them
-Know that at times I will post about the negative
stuff in life, and maybe even some complaining
(I am only human) but I will always follow up
with something happy/positive too.
-Believe that this world is a good place,
filled with good people.
I came across this Pledge on Angel Perry's Blog (this life is sweet).  Angel started up her own new Weekend Blog Hop last weekend, called Be Wonderful, and her blog is well worth a visit.

I am very lucky in that I receive some wonderful comments on my posts, but I received one a couple of days ago that really touched me.  It was written by Sunny Toast, who looks to be fairly new to our blogging community, and this is what she wrote :

"How much I love your every post...i come cross your blog and reading it makes me feel like home..coz I miss my mom so much. good luck and how I wish mom is like you..blogging:)"

I don't think I need to add anything to that, but thank you Sunny.  It was Mothering Sunday here in the U.K. last Sunday, and it made me realize just how very blessed I am to have my two beautiful, caring daughters.  They truly mean everything to me and I am the proudest mum in the world!  Appropriate time for a couple of photos I think!

This is my own dear mum, who I still miss very much indeed.
This photo of my two daughters must have been taken about 15 years ago when the three of us had a lovely holiday together in Crete.

I will finish today with a quotation :

"Be the change that you want to see in the World" - Mahatma Ghandi.


SkippyMom said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures of you Mum and your daughters. So lovely.

Thank goodness for pictures, they are such wonderful memories to have. :)

Hope you have a great Thursday This!

Gawgus things... said...

I love the thought behind the blogging pledge. Thankfully, I've never come across any negativity in my blogging experience but I know lots of people who have and I find it very, very sad. Mum's are the best aren't they? Mine in particular... :)

Thisisme. said...

SkippyMom - as you say, thank goodness for our photos. These days, of course, people have video memories, which is even better.

Gawgus things - yes, the blogging pledge is good, isn't it. Yes, no-one can ever take the place of our mums.

Daydream Living said...

This is a great post, and yes, your daughters have a lovely mum who blogs! Enjoy the day!

Thisisme. said...

Maureen - thank you! Looks as if it's going to be warm & sunny (hallelujah!) here in my part of England today, so I shall definitely be spending some time working in the garden.

Claudia Moser said...

A very toucing post and to see the 3 generations ... wonderful!

Thisisme. said...

Claudia - thank you, as always, for your lovely comment. Hope you have a good weekend.

Shirl said...

Such lovely pictures. Every time I visit your blog, I'm struck by how similar we are. I've recently taken this pledge too.

Another warm and sunny day here in Essex so I'll be heading out to the garden ... :0)

PencilGirl said...

That was such a sweet post.. It made me smile.. :) :)
And the idea of a blog pledge to spread positivity, is great! :) :)

Ann Nichols said...

Lovely post... I couldn't agree more with you! Blogging is to inspire and give joy otherwise... it's better to just turn on the TV and tell it whatever mean things one wants to say! TV's feelings don't get hurt!
Blessings to you and your beautiful daughters!

lyndylou said...

what a lovely idea although I think you do this anyway without taking the pledge! I miss my mum so much too. I loved the pics of her and your daughters X

Shady Del Knight said...

That's a great message, Thisisme. Every new day is an opportunity for each of us to commit random acts of kindness and love. If chronic haters would take a break from dispensing poison and find out how good it feels to share love and joy I doubt they'd return to their old ways. I miss my mother, too. She's gone 16 years now and Christmas day of this year will be the 10th anniversary of my father's death. Have a fine Thursday, dear friend Thisisme!

Linda O'Connell said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog across the pond, and for your supportive commnets. Your blog is so fun and inspiring. You are blessed with beautiful daughters, and I am sure they are blessed to have a mom like you.

Odie Langley said...

Loved your post today and how wonderful to to view 3 generations of lovely women. Your posts are always inspiring and make us feel warm and cozy and I really look forward to each and every one mixed in with light hearted fun sometimes. That pledge really speaks a lot and we should all learn from it. Have a blessed day my friend.

Becky said...

That is a wonderful pledge! I have not seen that. Great things to remember! ~ Your mum was a beautiufl lady!! And your daughters are as pretty as you are! I can see the resemblance. That quote is one of my favorites! ~ ((HUGS)) to you, my dear friend!

doreen said...

Lovely photo's! I love the pledge, I have seen the button and have not clicked yet. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your really nice comments:)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Lovely wish. Lovely family photos.

Seems to me, that most people in "Pretty Blog Land," do not want controversy, or continuous sadness, or the-news-of-the-day, or unhappiness, in the blogs they read.

And so be it. There are plenty of Net places, for each and every one of those things, mentioned. Where people really do want to get-into those topics.

I try to keep my participation in "Pretty Blog Land," in the perimeters of warm, cozy, peaceful, soft, gentle, etc. Because I know, that's what's wanted.

But I don't "police myself," about it. Once in a while, something just cries out to be said. And so I say it. But over all, people who read in "The Attic," can be sure of softness and calm, etc.

Gentle hugs...

Thisisme. said...

Shirl - weather unbelievable down here in Devon today. Hot & Sunny. Been working in the garden. It's brilliant, isn't it that the weather is finally improving?!

Pencil Girl - so glad you liked the post today. Thank you for leaving such a nice comment.

Ann Nichols - yes, I think blogging should be to bring joy and to inspire. Obviously, bad things are going to happen in our lives, but I don't really like the doom & gloom merchants!

lyndylou - it's just not the same really, without our mums, is it? Thank you so much for always dropping by and leaving a comment.

Shady - I thought it was a lovely message with the blogging pledge. There are some pretty awful things out there on the internet but, thankfully, all those I have met in Blogland seem to have the right attitude as far as I am concerned! You might like to check my post tomorrow dear friend!

Linda O'Connell - thank you for popping over and leaving such a lovely comment. I always enjoy reading your posts!

Odie - likewise, I always look forward to your posts. I know that there won't be anything there to make me feel miserable. Quite the opposite. Hope you're having a good week.

Becky - glad you liked the photos, and the Blogging Pledge! I hadn't seen it before either. Hugs to you my friend.

Doreen - thank you for your nice comments and I'm glad you liked the photos.

Aunt Amelia's Attic - warm and gentle, that's what I like!! Although nearly everyone posted about the disasters in Australia, New Zealand and, more recently, Japan, so I think we're not averse to what's in the news. Certainly, I'm not looking for controversy on my Blog!! Thank you for coming across and leaving your comment today.

Pearson Report said...

Your post gave me goose-bumps!

What a beautiful worded sentiment. I to try to spread a little light where ever I go, it's just the way I do things.

Random acts of kindness, and being nice in general should just be a given - as said so eloquently in your post.

Have a wonderful day,

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I had never heard of this pledge before so thanks for sharing, nice photos as well :)

Kristina said...

LOVELY POST! What an awesome pledge! :) Thank you for sharing it, as well as the photos of your mum, and daughters!

Desiree said...

I have been off-line for a couple of days and have missed so much! I'm now frantically rushing about trying to say a quick Hi to everyone...this is such a lovely post. It had me reaching for a tissue!

Big hug,

Des xoxo

Thisisme. said...

Pearson Report - if everyone practised being kind to each other, the world would be a better place I think.

LindyLouMac in Italy - thank you for always coming across to read my blog, and leave a supportive comment.

Kristina - thank you so much for your comments.

Desiree - Lovely to see you, all the way from S.A.! Glad you enjoyed the post today. Take care.

Bouncin' Barb said...

That pledge is great. Love the words. And what she said about you is the truth. I love reading your blogs. You always have a kind word and you don't lash out if you happen to not agree with someone. You are AWESOME! I keep telling you that!

Stella said...

What a wonderful photo of you Mum. She looks so sweet and happy. I have had nothing but loving thoughtful comments on my blog. I do enjoy and appreciate my bloggy friends.

becca said...

you are such an amazing person your post are always so lovely and inspiring. i look for ard to reading them everyday because i know i will leave with a smile.

Belle said...

The pledge is lovely and I have found it to be true of most blogs. Yours feels like a hot cup of tea on a cold night for me! My daughters are my greatest gift too.

caterpillar said...

What a lovely and inspiring post....I've handed over an award to you back at my blog...please do accept it...

Chatty Crone said...

I agree if you want change - you have to do it and be it yourself! Happy Mother Days and you have two pretty girls. sandie

Thisisme. said...

Bouncin'Barb - thank you for leaving such sweet comments. I really do appreciate them dear friend. Sending big hugs to you.

Stella - yes, my mum was a lovely lady. I never heard her say an unkind word about anyone. Yes, I really appreciate my blogging friends also. It's opened up a whole new world, hasn't it?!

Becca & Belle - you are sweethearts, both of you. Such lovely comments, and I really do appreciate them.

Caterpillar - thank you so much for that Award you have given me. It has really made my day!!

Chatty Crone - That quotation was really good, wasn't it?! It's right of course - it is US that has to make the change!

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Love that pledge!!

SunnyToast said...

Its my pleasure and this entry give me enough strength to continue blogging and let my heart speak and write things that I love.