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Sunday 13 May 2012

Sunday Snaps

Happy Sunday dear little Bloggies everywhere!  To be honest, I didn't think that I would be posting today, and I was going to make the title of this post "Normal Service Will Be Resumed......"

Many of my friends who are also friends of mine on facebook (and if you are not there already, head on over to find me! Diane Croad is the name), will know that I have been suffering the most awful pain for the past couple of weeks and, this past week in particular, I have been out of action for a lot of the things that I normally do.  My Doctor has referred me to a Gastroenterologist, so I now have to sit tight and wait for an appointment.  So, please forgive me dear friends, as I haven't really switched on my laptop for days, so I know I have not been visiting you, even though I am with you in spirit!

At least the sun is shining today, so I think I will just try to sit in the garden for a while and admire the view.  Here are a few snaps of my May garden - enjoy!

This last one is of my gorgeous boy (!) helping Papa with the contruction of the greenhouse, which is now complete and all the glass is in - and not a single accident.  Phew!  

I will try to visit you if I possibly can, but I know you will forgive me if you don't see me around!

"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, and faithfulnes the best relationship" - Buddha.

"It is health that is real wealth, and not pieces of gold or silver" - Mahatma Ghandi.

"Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings" - Unknown.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day my friend!

Olive said...

Diane, I am so sorry that you are sick. I do hope you see the doctor soon. Sitting in your lovely garden must cheer you. Love, Olive

Claudia Moser said...

Happy Mothers Day my dear friend, stay calm and listen to your doctor, you will get better I am sure. I am so sorry for our pain, wish I could help!

Masia Mum said...

I do hope your appointment date is not too far away - the waiting is always the worse which is why my private health care scheme will probably be the last thing I give up in any economic crisis. I find, especially with any dental treatment, that the moment I get to see the doctor/dentist the pain disappears almost by magic. I wish you that magical cure meanwhile enjoy the Sunday sunshine, we deserve it after so much rain.

Unknown said...

So sorry that you have been in pain and I pray it will end soon for you so you can get back to being the active lady that you are. Your Sunday Snaps are lovely and made my morning.
Have a great rest of your day and know you are always on my mind and in my prayers.

Shelly said...

How lovely of you to share glorious pictures with us even though you are feeling under the weather. I hope the garden will be your elixir of health today. I am continuing to pray for you- I hope they find the answer soon!

BB said...

Happy Mother's Day to a very special Mom, Grandma and friend! You have me worried and I've been thinking about you non-stop since the other day. I'm sending you all the healing energies I could muster in this world and hope you get some relief soon. Please be well and don't be afraid to scream for some strong pain meds! Hugs my awesome friend!

Denise said...

So sorry to hear your not feeling good.You are in My prayers.Wonderful garden to help you cope with the pain.Denise

orchid0324 said...

Dearest Diane,
What a SPLENDID pictures of your garden♡♡♡ And happy to know the greenhouse has built nicely without a hitch with handsome young boy's help(*^_^*)
Oh, please DO know that I will continue to pray for you and that the appointment will be the answer☆☆☆ My mother had had a bit of rheumatism...

Thinking of you from far east, lots of LOVE♡♡♡ Miyako*

Cindy Ellison said...

Dear Diane, I am sorry to read you have been in pain recently. I pray you soon get this all behind you. I hope you were able to sit in your garden and enjoy it for a while. Please keep us informed. Your photos are beautiful as ever, it is good to read you have been practicing with your new camera. I hope you are getting some relief from this pain. Thinking of you on this Mother's Day. ♥

Teresa said...

what beautiful pictures of your garden! of course, the garden has to be stunning to show so beautifully in the pictures!

i've been worried about you and the pain you've been in. praying for comfort and relief of pain for you and a quick visit to the new doc with positive results.

happy mother's day to you.

Shady Del Knight said...

I'm not on Facebook and I was not aware that you have been ailing, dear Thisisme. I am very sorry. You are a treasure to all of your friends and family and it makes me very sad to know that you are in discomfort. I pray that relief will come soon. Your garden is really coming along. Desiree would be impressed if not envious. I admire your choice of statuary. I enjoy examining statues as much as the plants and flowers. They bring me peace. I hope you feel much better very soon. Please know that you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers, dear Diane!

Pat MacKenzie said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well Diane. Hopefully the doctor will be able to fix you up right as rain soon.

Your garden looks lovely. I imagine it smells delicious - expecially the lilacs.

Chatty Crone said...

I am so sorry you are not feeling well. I missed it too with all going on with Rick. I'm sorry about that too.
What is wrong with your stomach???
Hopefully you will get that appt. fast.
I have stomach troubles too.
Have a good Mother's day.
I love your blog heading - love it's meaning.

Belle said...

I am so sorry to hear how sick you have been. I will be praying for you, dear Diane. You are such a support and source of love to me and many others. I hope you are feeling better soon. God bless you and take it easy. Lots of hugs.

Linda O'Connell said...

Hope you feel better soon. I have tummy troubles too. Two weeks ago I lost five pounds because I had excruciating pain and couldn't eat for a week. I have watched myself over the years...those little colon pouches, diverticuli get inflamed and the only thing to do is go on a liquid, bland diet and let your stomach rest for a week. Walnuts set me off. Hope you find the source of your discomfort and hope you had a nice Mother's Day.

Suzanne said...

Hi Diane. I saw you on facebook the other day, and knew you were ailing. I am praying you find the answer, and, quickly. Your gardens are beautiful, and, you will gain strength so you can get into that beautiful greenhouse!♥ Your quotes are true,and, you are a bouncing beauty. I know, sometimes, you too, need reassurance. You give all of us, your dear readers, assurance, and instill faith and hope-remember? Bless you...we're here!♫

Carol said...


I am sorry to hear that you are poorly again.

Sending you best wishes for a speedy answer to your health troubles.
I know it has been a mystery for a while now.

Love and hugs


Carol E Wyer said...

I was really sorry to hear about this. I has been wondering where you were and I am terribly sad to learn that you are not yourself again.
I am sending you all our love and best wishes. Hurry up and get better or I may be forced in coming down there and treating you to a large dose of my humour which will probably see you off!
By the way. Your garden looks amazing. Ours is so windswept that all the trees are touching their toes. (metaphorically speaking because we all know trees don't have they?)
Hugs and love

Unknown said...

Dear Diane,
If I could fold time, so that you would be immediately relieved of your pain, that is what I would do. You live a vibrant, busy life with so many good things to do and people to share it with that it must be incredibly frustrating to be held back by this. Quakers have a unique way of praying in that they "hold you in the light." Sometimes they focus on the location of the pain or illness and hold that particular area in the light. Please know that you are being held in the light today, and every day. Love, Jenny

Glenda said...

Diane, that beautiful garden should have some magical healing benefits. I'm sorry you continue to be in pain. Maybe it's time for your regular doctor to give you some stronger pain meds - at least until you can see the specialist.

Please don't feel that you have to respond to each and every comment we leave. We're leaving our comments out of love and care for you and none of us expect you to exert yourself to comment. Take care, my friend.

Raindrops and Daisies said...


I am so sorry to hear that you are unwell.

Take care of yourself.

Am thinking of you.

Fiona ♥

Sally Wessely said...

I'm hoping that you get in to see the specialist soon. You have many who care about you and are concerned. Take care. Get better. Praying for you.

Your pictures are lovely.

Anonymous said...

I feel like a heal! I had no idea you were sick my friend. I read today's post and had to come back through and find out what happened to you.. Your garden is beautiful but I'm just praying you feel better soon. Don't worry about trying to come visit me just feel better!

Raindrops and Daisies said...

I can't find you on FB
but I will keep on trying!!!


SkippyMom said...

To say I was surprised to find you in the hospital [via FB] when I returned was a shock is an understatement. I was so sad, but you seem to be getting good care and keeping your spirits up - very important, we know, don't we? :wink: and I do hope and pray that you are home very, very soon if you aren't already.

You know I am keeping you in my prayers and think of you often. Pooldad and the kids send their love along too - we are all wishing you a safe and speedy recovery. Get home to those gardens girlie - they [and WE] need you. :D

Love you! Skippy