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Sunday 27 May 2012

Sunday Snaps!

Well my little bloggies, don't faint, but it is I, your old friend 'thisisme' from over the sea! Okay, I know that I'm not over the sea to some of you, but I think most of my friends are across the water in some way or another.  Although, a big hallo to all those of you in the United Kingdom as well, of course!

I really thought I had better make an effort to post some photos today, otherwise all my Followers will be leaving me in droves and that will never do, as you all mean so much to me.  Truth be told, I know the ones that would stick with me through thick and thin, and you know just who you are, you little rascals!

Actually, I have been so grateful for all your love, prayers and support over the past couple of weeks.  It really does mean such a difference to know that someone is out there thinking of you and wishing you well.  I was hoping to tell you today just how much better I was feeling, but, unfortunately, I still feel as weak as a kitten, and I am still just flopping around all over the place - NOT a pretty sight! Hee Hee!  Anyway, onwards and upwards as they say, so here we go with the Sunday Snaps for this week.

I'm afraid that I'm resorting to the garden again, and I'm wondering if you can tell which are my favourite colours in the garden.  It shouldn't be too hard for you to work that one out! Yes, I just love pinks, purples and lavenders, with the occasional pale yellow thrown in for good measure.  I know lots of people like the 'hot' look in their gardens, with all the vivid colours, but I prefer a more pastel palette myself.  (Gosh, I'm getting quite poetic there - did you notice?!!).

I just love to have lots of old, terracotta pots in the garden.  I like to think that it gives it an Italian feel.

As part of my birthday presents this year, daughter number two gave me a new rucksack for when I'm out walking, along with a matching flask and a book on some new walks in the area.  So here I am with my new rucksack and enjoying my first cup of hot chocolate on the beach.  This was when the family were here from France and, as you can see, it was still pretty chilly then, although I'm delighted to say that since I was 'released' (!) from hospital, the weather has been absolutely glorious over here in England.

Finally, I am going to finish off with a photo of little Ruby Violet.  I know that my facebook friends have already seen this one, but I think it is such a delightful photo that I wanted to share it here as well, for those who haven't seen it.

So there you have it, that's my Sunday Snaps done and dusted for another week.  I really am hoping that I will have a little more energy during this coming week so that I can pop over and see you all.  Until then, be good and take good care of yourselves.

Big hugs to you all!


Shelly said...

What gorgeous pictures, my friend, and the most exquisite is little Ruby herself. I do love the purples and lavenders, too. Very soothing on thr eyes.

I am continuing to pray for a complete return to health for you- please don't overdo it!

Natasha in Oz said...

Your Sunday snaps are just lovely! It's good to see that you are enjoying the warmer weather. It is very chilly here in Brisbane today...I'm loving it!

Best wishes for a fabulous week.
Natasha in Oz.

orchid0324 said...

Hi! Dearest Diane,
Oh, how wonderful to hear from you again!
So happy that we can see you are doing fine at least take marvelous pictures and post a blog. Wonderful, Gorgeous pictures of the garden and lovely to see you with the present looking relaxed. Your angel Ruby is so cute♡♡♡
Thanks for the update, my friend!!!
Take Care of Yourself and hope you won't push yourself.

Love you always from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

orchid0324 said...

PS> I love the pastel color rather than vivid strong color. And I think it is because we both have sweet caring heart, hehe (♥^_^♥)~* Miyako*

Claudia Moser said...

Such a lovely garden you have Diane! I am sure the lavender scent is amazing! Happy week!

Raindrops and Daisies said...

So nice to see you posting Diane. I missed you.
Lovely photos and you look lovely too
Take care of yourself
Fiona x

Unknown said...

Dear Diane, what a nice surprise to see you here today :-) I love reading from you and your flowers are just gorgeous. I do love the old pots! Your pictures are lovely [as usual] The weather has been lovely here in Dublin as well for the past week [can you believe it?] and I am really enjoying it, sitting outside at my little patio reading...Have a lovely Sunday my friend. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Big hugs, Eva

BB said...

Your garden always gives me the best pick-me-up feeling. I just love the colors and variety. The pictures of you are great too! Or should I say "Awesome"?! Big hugs. Glad you felt up to posting today!

Unknown said...

Do I see snow clouds? I beat Tom here this morning. Will wonders never cease? Of course your garden is always beautiful with colors and a joy to see on Sunday morning here at 6:30 AM.
I was captured by the scene of the amazing Diane enjoying some hot chocolate on the beach. Adorned by your pretty matching fingers and toes along with my favorite color blue in your ring. Now that is a Sunday snap my dear.
I am sure I can speak for everyone wanting dearly for you to feel better and back to your usual spunky self. Take care and know you are on our minds and in our heart.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hallo, dear Thisisme! I am elated to see you posting again, dear friend! Yes, we've all been thinking about you, all your many friends around the globe. You are on my mind many times each day. I imagine that your meds have you knocked out. I pray that you will soon be feeling better and stronger. All you need to do is focus on your upcoming holiday with Eleanor. Before you know it you'll be there having a ball and you can forget that this unpleasant disruption ever happened.

Your garden is really coming along and I agree with your subdued color scheme. I also love the variety of containers and whimsical ornaments. Desiree would be envious.

That is a bewitching photo of our dear Ruby Violet. The camera loves her as do we all.

Shady sends Sunday smooches your way, dear friend Thisisme!

Grammy Goodwill said...

I'm sorry you haven't heard from me in awhile, but I am so glad to hear that you're better (even if you say you're still flopping around.) I always enjoy seeing your garden pictures - and of course, Ruby. I had to giggle when I read about the gift of your flask. On my side of the water, a flask wouldn't have hot chocolate in it. (And the contents would cause some people to flop around. hehehe I hope I made you laugh.)

Linda O'Connell said...

Your garden makes me sigh. Hope you feel better soon. That Ruby Violet is a charmer.

Unknown said...

So glad to see this post! I have missed your sunny words and colorful garden. I'm still praying for your recovery, and hope that you don't get too discouraged.
I will be on vacation, traveling to see family and also going to the not to worry about not visiting me. I may be back in July. xoxoxo

Thinking of you always,
Your friend Jenny

Christmas-etc... said...

Such a lovely and loving post... thanks so much for spending your limited energy and writing it up - you are rather amazing! Get well soon!

Olive said...

Diane, I like purples, yellows and blue but really all colors are welcome here. I do pray you will feel better right now sweetie. Hugs, olive

Belle said...

Hello dear Diane. I'm sorry to hear you are still weak and I pray you will have strength soon. I love the pictures of your flowers, and Ruby looks beautiful and innocent in the sunshine. She is a living doll. That is a thoughtful gift. When I walked in Vancouver I had a small backpack with water bottle too. It is so handy to have while walking. God bless you.

Suzanne said...

Hi Thisisme. Glad to see you're up and about, but, pace yourself. I know you dont want to stay down...pick yourself up as you can. I love your gardens and your favorite colors all blend fabulously! (I recognized a familiar flower I've raised called 'scabiosa'). And I did see that gorgeous photo of little Ruby on facebook. 'Picture Perfect!' Myself, I am running behind on blogging...have been spending a lot of time outdoors before it becomes unreasonably hot. Hope you have a good week...please don't overdo! Hugs!♥

Katherines Corner said...

yea! you are blogging again, happy you are on the mend my friend. love your snaps xo

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos; hope you are fit and healthy very soon xxx

Carol said...

Gorgeous photos, Diane.

I am a fan of lilacs and blues in the garden.
My lovely dad has just bought me a hydrangia in blue and a beautiful purple lupin.

Irises and freesias are a favourite


Unknown said...

Ruby is growing up so fast! Your pictures are just lovely. Continuing to pray for you and keep you in my thoughts!!

Glenda said...

Hopefully after your operation you'll be feeling better. Your garden colors are beautiful. I have one area of the garden planted in the "hot" colors and another in the pastels. I love both.

Ruby Violet is just about the cutest child I've ever seen. Love those little blond curls.

Feel better my friend! Hugs from across the water.

Empty Nester said...

It's always a delight to see pictures of your garden! And, of course, of that sweet little Ruby! Hope all is going well! Thinking of you!