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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday Snaps! (Might Be The Last!)

Hi everyone.  Just a couple of Sunday Snaps for you today.  These might be the last for a while, as I thought I would give you all a little break from them!

I will have to think of another snappy title for a Sunday post.   Perhaps my witty bloggy friends could come up with some suggestions for me.  

Ruby and Eli were helping out in the garden this week, so here is a photo of Ruby helping Papa to water the tomatoes, and Eli planting some seeds.  I think it's lovely to get the little ones interested in gardening at a young age, just as it is so important to get them looking at books from a young age.  

Thankfully the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games seemed to go without a hitch.  I thought parts of it was quite amazing, and  that we could be proud of the show that the country put on.  There was quite a lot of negativity before the Games started. People whinging about this and whinging about that.  I'm afraid that it does seem to be part of the British psyche, in that if we haven't got something to moan about, then we're not happy! It probably all starts with the British weather, which we certainly do have a lot to moan about!

Life is short (the older you get, the more you realize just how true that is) and surely it makes one much happier if you can try to be positive and really look out for the good things each and every day.  It might only be small things, like finding a parking space in a crowded place, or seeing the beauty of a flower in the garden, but each little thing is a blessing in our lives and something that we should hold onto, especially in these times that we live in.

I don't know about you, but I find that my bloggy friends are all blessings and they generally spread happiness amongst us, which is something that we all need.


Linda O'Connell said...

I think of you every time I watch the Olympics! Love seeing the grandbaby photos. Have a great week.

kneesandpaws said...

Hi Diane, I always enjoy your weekly Sunday Snaps and don't really have a good suggestion for a new theme. It is a comfort to see your pictures of family, garden and beautiful surroundings. I truly appreciated your message today because I feel the force of time whipping by. Gratitude for small comforts add to the enjoyment and appreciation of the gift of life. Last night I attended an event in our downtown area for people experiencing homelessness and learned that even people who are currently living on the streets find ways to express gratitude. One man said, we are homeless, yet we have a home (in Jesus and on Earth).

Shady Del Knight said...

Hallo, dear Thisisme! As an answer to Wordless Wednesday you could present Snapless Sunday in which you post no pictures, only words. :)

I am thrilled to see the latest images of the children. Ruby looks like she's jumping back into life in the wake of her nasty spill. I pray that she continues on the mend both physically and psychologically.

I agree with you and our friend Jenny that even the dirt poor have reason to express gratitude and they do so more readily than the wealthy. The best things in life truly are free. The more material possessions we accrue the more we think we need. By lowering the threshold of expectation and yearning we can restore a sense of peace to our lives.

I am reminded of a favorite episode of The Twilight Zone television series entitled An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.

Plot synopsis from Wiki:

<< Peyton Farquhar, a Civil War civilian prisoner and spy, is about to be hanged from Owl Creek Bridge. As he is dropped, the rope breaks and he swims away, the soldier's bullets missing him. Avoiding capture, he arrives at his home and sees his wife and child. He runs toward his wife and she toward him. Just as they are about to fall into each other's arms, the scene cuts back to Farquhar being dropped from the platform and hanged on the bridge. The entire escape was a dream or hallucination that he experienced in the seconds before his death. >>

The most revealing moment of the teleplay was when Farquhar, in his dream, swam to shore and rested on the creek bank. Suddenly his senses came alive, more so than ever before in his life. He breathed the sweet air, savoring the smell of wet grass and wildflowers. He examined the unfathomable beauty of leaves on the trees above him.

If you have life, you have everything.

Life 101 said...

Love the snaps. Happy Sunday to you.

becca said...

so cute and they look to be enjoying their time together

Claudia Moser said...

First of all I would be really sorry if you stop the Sunday Snap theme, I enjoy it a lot!
The two are so cute in the garden, lovely gandparenting!
The Olympics is GREAT, I enjoy it a lot
Happy Sunday :)))

Odie Langley said...

You brighten everyone's day with your sunday snaps especially when they include your beautiful grandchildren so I am with Claudia in that I hope you really don't stop.

Denise said...

Opening ceremony was beautiful.No worries My Dear:)Thank you for visiting Me,always love hearing from you.It's been 3 weeks from surgery,I guess that's a golden number because starting at 3 weeks I was feeling almost back to normal-I'm loosing almost a lb. a day.Will be looking like you soon :)God bless Denise

Olive Cooper said...

I missed the opening ceremonies due to being exhausted from my little trip. I am glad they were so great. I heard many people here talking about how pretty they were. I like Sunday Snaps, please so not stop. xoxo, olive

Chatty Crone said...

You are a blessing to me Diane. Life is short and the older we get the more we realize and are grateful for the time we have. And I think you should be proud of your Olympics!

Grammy Goodwill said...

I always enjoy your Sunday Snaps. I hope you don't stop them. I loved the opening ceremony. I thought it was so British. I agree with you about being positive. That's what keeps me going.

EM Illustrator said...

Hi Diane, you must be so thrilled about your new garden house. It looks great. Eli and Ruby are so cute. I always enjoy reading your Sunday Snap's blog. And I so much agree, that all bloggy friends gives so much, since I started to blog a year ago, I've come a cross many genuinely nice people :-)
Hope you're enjoying your Sunday evening and that the weather has been good. Here it's been rainy on and off, but it has cleared up this evening. Big hugs to you x

Retired English Teacher said...

I agree with you. Life is short. It helps to look for those things that bring some sunshine in life. An example would be the photo of your sweet Ruby helping her grandfather in the garden. What a treasure that is. I agree with you on getting young ones in the garden early in life. They love it. They really are fascinated by it all.

The Olympic opening was spectacular. I loved it.

Take care dear bloggy friend. I hope you are feeling stronger each day.

Sush said...

Dear Friend,
I loved the opening ceremony! It all seemed so very British to me and all my family kept asking me about you and what you have been saying about the Olympics. I said you are very proud of your country and proud your country is hosting them! I am so thrilled to get to see snips and snaps of your beautiful London and surrounding area.

I loved the segment with all the British authors! It was like all my dreams come true...and I think if you are a writer of any must be a reader! The cycling doves were breathtaking and the Olympic Cauldron was superior!

I hope Ruby is doing much better, I think of her often. So little to have to deal with such a bad break. Much love to you and yours...
Oh I haven't ckd draw something...will do soon!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

It is always lovely to see your photos however, whenever and where ever, you share them. What about having the weekend off and creating a Monday Moment. :)

Shelly said...

I am late commenting as we were out of town, but I injoyed the sweetness of your pics very much. I do hope little Ruby is doing better. It looks like she was having fun in the garden. I am with you- the best way is to look at the postive side of things (and there always is one if we look hard enough).

SkippyMom said...

We loved the opening ceremonies and are enjoying the games immensely. They are on constantly here.

Where are you? And don't forget Lyndy - I still have half a cake left. :( And I am not sending it to work with Pooldad. They wouldn't appreciate it enough. giggle

Oh - and what's with this - you may give us a break from Sunday Snaps? Did someone say something? Because I HIGHLY doubt that - and if there is going to be a vote, I say KEEP EM. I look forward to it. Please?

And don't make me pull the "sick lady" card over her, 'kay? ::wink::

orchid said...

Dearest Diane,
Oh, I LOVE to see your GORGEOUS grandchildren♡♡♡ I hope Ruby is doing fine and coping with the bothersome of cast!!!
Lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

ps. So sorry for my belated comment. So tied up with things(^^;)

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

What great Sunday snaps and what is this about them being the last.......NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........

I didn't watch the opening ceremony in fact I don't watch much of the Olympics I am just not a big sport person I am married to an even big non sport person

Anonymous said...

nice post thanks for sharing i found you thrue other followers looking for to visit more blessings across the miles

Katherines Corner said...

Lovely photos of the little ones. I like snappy Sundays but Simply snaps and Snap To It came to mind when you asked.
I treasure your bloggy friendship and all of the bloggy friendships I have been so blessed with.
Yes, staying positive , live each day in gratitude, less moaning more smiling xo

vanilla said...

Dispel the gloom. A worthy goal for any blogger.

~Ellie Kings~ said...

I didn't realize you are from UK or maybe I did & forgot. But you sure made me laugh with the whole whining & moaning thing. & I agree it is good to have bloggy friends:) By the way, you have a beautiful family! God bless you and them. Thanks again for the motivational comments you leave on my blog. Much love!

Susan said...

Hi Thisisme. What sweet photos of your husband and the children. You're right, start them early. And, they will take the knowledge with them throughout their lives! I agree with you about the little things...just one flower can bring a smile. And, when I see someone doing even the smallest thing to help another, I take note, and strive to do the same.

I am a week late on your Sunday Snaps, but always look for them. I have been negligent, as I have spent a lot of free time watching the Olympics. I have to tell you's hilarious! Karo and I got the biggest kick out of your description of Mitt Romney's behavior when you said 'flippin cheek'! We are still laughing.
I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to know you. I enjoy all of my blog friends too, and, miss them when they're on blog breaks, lol! You look forward to seeing others photos and reading their stories, don't you?

Anyway, how about 'Sunday Shorts', or 'Short Snips'? You could do 'Classic Clips', or 'Flippin Fotos'? lol! Have a great week-Go World!♥