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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Something A Little Different - Chapter 3.

As  Sophie came out of the shower,  her husband was heading downstairs to answer the doorbell.  She didn't think anything of it and moved into the bedroom, her mind on the ingredients for a new recipe that she was going to prepare for dinner that evening.

When she entered the lounge, Alan was standing ashen-faced by the window.  Only then did she notice the boys' Commanding Officer on the other side of the room.

Again, Sophie's mind wandered.  The boys were laughing as each one of them tried to be the first one to tell her that they had passed their entrance exam to Sandhurst Military Academy, after gaining their degrees at Leeds University.  The Army was the only career they had ever wanted, and they were determined to stay together.

How proud Sophie and Alan had been at their Passing Out Parade, and how young and full of life the boys had seemed.  Shortly afterwards the three of them were posted to Afghanistan.

Sophie pulled herself together, to hear Colonel Roberts saying what a brilliant example they had been to their Regiment...." loved and revered"...." sons to be proud of"........ "massive mortar bomb had made a direct hit on the compound in Helmand Province, where the   three boys were meeting up for a de-briefing" ... She felt her knees buckle beneath her as she slid to the floor.

Sophie watched the three flag-draped coffins being lowered into the ground to the haunting strains of the Last Post, knowing now that she would never attend their weddings, never know the pleasure of grandchildren, and her heart ached.

A year later, another coffin was being lowered into that cold, dank ground as the sleet whipped around the graveyard of the little village church, where Sophie and Alan had been married all those years ago.  His heart had always been weak, and the shock of losing his boys had simply been too much.

Sophie soon realized that there was nothing in England for her anymore, and it was an easy decision to head off to the little village in the Spanish hills where the family had enjoyed so many happy holidays over the years.

The last thing Sophie did before leaving for the airport was to place four wreaths onto the granite headstone.  It didn't matter that she was leaving England, as Alan and her beloved boys would be in her heart forever.


For those of you who can't wait for me to get 'back to normal', I will be posting a Sunday Snaps feature later on today!


Claudia Moser said...

Very sad, but powerful

Unknown said...

Hi Diane,
I had to back to the previous posts to read the full story. I enjoyed reading it, a sad story but very nice. Hope that you're having a nice Sunday morning. I am feeling that I am slowly coming back to life. Have a lot of catching up to do. Hugs x

Christmas-etc... said...

Oh my... too sad. But, has to be written. Well done to you for doing so!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hallo, dear Thisisme! Sophie's story leaves me crestfallen because I was hoping for a happy ending. I assume it is a true story and I hope you will let us know more about its origin in a future post. Even if this is a fictional account it is nevertheless representative of countless true stories of people who have suffered more than their fair share of loss, particularly military families. Thank you for presenting this story to us, dear friend, and I will be back later to experience your Sunday Snaps. Bless!

Denise said...

What a delightful and unexpected surprise for Me to read your story.Very good writing Thisisme.Enjoyed!-Denise

Shelly said...

Oh, so well done, my friend! How tragic! I, for one, would love to hear even more installments about Sophie's life in her new home.

I hope you continue to exercise your gift~

orchid0324 said...

Dearest Diane,
I agree with other's comment. So heartbreaking about Sophie's story. Yes, I am also the one who are waiting to read the progress, my friend.
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Unknown said...

A very touching story indeed. It is always sad to read about children passing. Very well written.

Suzanne said...

Oh, this was sad, but, it shows Sophie's will to go always carry the fond memories with you, no matter where you are! I loved your story, and the beautiful finds me really looking for the 4 wreaths.

Beautiful story Thisisme! Have a wonderful September day!♥

Cindy Ellison said...

Diane, you are an excellent writer and story teller and I would love to read more of your writing. Such a sad story, totally heart breaking as you illustrated in your story. And all the young wounded who are returning ... get heart breaking feelings everytime I see them on TV.

Enjoyed your Sunday Snaps ... totally beautiful and I could just imagine Monet's paintings as I looked at them.

Thank you, Diane!

Chatty Crone said...

Well that was really sad - I bet things like that really happen. :(

You are a powerful writer though.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

What a sad ending to the story

Glenda said...

Wonderful writing my friend! I felt as if were walking the same streets as Sophie. And my heart ached for her sadness. That's what writing is all about!

Unknown said...

There is enough here for a whole book. Your descriptions of the scenery could be developed into a whole countryside. The new home could be stretched to include neighbours and village shops and small side stories. The sad fore-story could come out in small vignettes of remembrances. What a wonderful tale it is as it stands too. Great writing. It leaves me wanting