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Sunday 28 October 2012

Holiday - Day 1 Continued ....

Fortunately, we found the hotel Spa. Very posh . We could see lots of loungers around an indoor pool.

We decided that this would be the place for us today. 25 Euros each, but worth it to get out of the b....y rain!

We made ourselves comfy and settled down to read our Kindles. I was re-reading Surfing in Stilettos, by our lovely bloggy friend, Carol Wyer from facing50withhumour.

Then, vot vas zees (sorry ! I'm still in the book) - we were being rained on - INDOORS!! Do you ever get the feeling that someone up there doesn't like you ?

We hurriedly gathered up our belongings and moved to another area. Whereupon a very handsome , young Spanish guy ( he looked like a boy, but, then, everyone looks so young to me these days).

Don Juan was full of apologies, saying that they had never known rain like this on the island before. (DOH! Quell surpreez (I know that's not the real spelling, but it looks good ) I should have known that the dratted rain would have followed us here from darkest , deepest Devon).

Anyway, because we had got soaking wet INSIDE his lovely,exclusive Spa, we could use it tomorrow at no charge, gratis and for free.

(well, there's a silver lining behind every raindrop I suppose !)

Uno vaso de vino rosado, per favor!


Anonymous said...

My goodness I sure hope your not going to be caught in the Hurricane
Sandy that is to be expected.

Maybe you got your head caught in your book. Look up and around Girl. Soon you may be up to your knees in rain.
It also said in the world may have a shaker coming.

I know in Canada it said it is coming our way.For us to get all things prepared. Flash light, blankets, water. May have know electricity.

I am sure your in a place that has no warning of this coming.

Unknown said...

Glad you two are having a good time even thought it is wet. Was nice of them to give you another day in the spa. Get plenty of rest and enjoy each others company and where are the pictures? Please.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hallo again, dear Thisisme! Rained on indoors? That's one for Ripley's Believe it or Not! I pray that you won't be telling us in your next post that it rained on you whilst you were sleeping in your bed! (LOL) Oh my, it must be "onward and upward" from here, don't you think? I certainly hope so! Be glad you're not in the Northeastern U.S. at the moment because millions of people are getting pounded by hurricane Sandy. Everything's relative, isn't it, dear Thisisme? Blessings and SMOOCHES!

Marsha Young said...

So glad you are having a holiday. It does sound like there may be a couple of challenges during the vacation, though. :)

Hope you enjoy everything there is to be had, wherever you island is.

Shelly said...

Surely that is the sign of good things to come- hoping it is so!

Terra said...

Soaking wet inside the luxury spa, what is this! Keep dry the rest of your stay.

Unknown said...

Dear Diane,

Rained on indoors, that was something new wasn't it?! Well, sometimes you have to make the best of it. Sorry to hear that you got rainy weather on your holiday. 'Always look on the broight side of life'...Hope the sky will clear up soon so that you'll have some sunshine.
Hugs to you xx

Olive said...

Oh dear, wishing you sunshine. Now you see why I do not like our old house where it rains inside all the time:}

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hope you made the most of it Diane, and wishing you some warmer weather soon!

Sally Wessely said...

I am so sorry you got rained on when you wanted a nice, warm, sunny vacation! Not fair! I hope the weather improves.

Unknown said...

That's my girl! Being able to order more red wine in any language is a great life skill.

flowers on my table said...

Oh gosh you poor things, let's hope things have improved by now. Knowing you, you will just make the most of it anyway! Lots of love, Linda x

Darlene said...

Hello, Diane, Hope all is going well, and you are enjoying your holiday. Rain on the inside doesn't sound good, but, getting special attention from a good looking Spaniard doesn't sound all that bad!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would hop on by my blog and follow me back.


Pat MacKenzie said...

How disappointing. I hope the rain quit in time for you to enjoy your 'free gratis' day at the spa. Maybe the rain there is warmer than your English rain??