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Friday, 15 November 2013

Ze Leetle Grey Cells ....

Can you guess what this post is going to be about from its title?  No? Shame on you! 

Perhaps if I mention the name of Agatha Christie, this will help!

I am talking. of course. about her literary creation, Hercule Poirot. I love watching the television adaptations (along with Miss Marple). Well, on Wednesday evening I settled down to watch the very final episode, entitled Curtain.

It was good to see Poirot's old friend, Captain Hastings, in this episode. He means well, but he is usually pretty hapless when it comes to trying to solve the murders!

Amazingly, the actor David Suchet played Poirot for 24 years, first appearing as the detective in 1989. He was a very finicky little man, and could be irritating at times, but I loved him. Eleanor also loves the show - I think that is one of the attractions of the television series, in that the whole family could sit down and watch it together. 

I believe that Suchet was made for the part. Captain Hastings says, when he first saw Poroit, that he was just 5 ft 4, has a head the shape of an egg, a military moustache and with extremely neat attire. "I believe that a speck of dust would have caused him more pain than a bullet wound!"

Strangely enough, Agatha Christie herself said that she found the character "insufferable" and by 1960, she said he was "detestable".   After his last appearance, in Curtain, published in 1975, Poirot had an obituary published on the front page of The New York Times, the only fictional character ever to have done so! 

Earlier this year, Agatha Christie was named the Best Crime Writer of all time by the Crime Writers' Assiciation. 

Here in the U.K., we were treated to a final four episodes, shown over four weeks. One of these episodes, 'Dead Man's Folly' featured Agatha Christie's own holiday home, here in Devon.   Greenway, on the beautiful River Dart is only about half an hour away from where I live.  The Producers thought it was very appropriate to use the interior and exterior (note the beautiful gardens if you watch this episode) of Greenway, as the series was coming to an end.

The following photo was taken beside the boat house at Greenway, where you can see the beautiful River Dart in the background. I have sat by that peaceful spot on many occasions.

Some of you may remember that we took Eleanor to visit this special property (which is now owned and managed by The National Trust) and she absolutely loved it.  All Agatha's belongings were there, and it was just as if she had popped out for the afternoon!  Eleanor was even able to have a go on the actual typewriter on which all the Author's novels were written. Here are a couple of photos I took on our visit.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hallo hallo hallo, dear Thisisme! Thank you for the new picture of Alfred. My favorite pooch is looking chipper and that makes me very happy. I'll have you know that I frequently use a picture of Alfred as my desktop background to cheer me first thing every morning when I turn on the computer. I love him and I hope his mommy is feeling better today.

I am also very happy to know that young Eleanor has taken an interest in watching the adventures of detective Poirot. Eleanor is an old soul with a maturity level that exceeds that of "Shadykins." :) Mrs. Shady and I love Agatha Christie and regularly watch Poirot and Miss Marple mysteries along with many other BBC programs as I've mentioned before (Rosemary and Thyme, Doc Martin, Downton Abbey). I'm very excited to know that Downton Abbey is still in production.

It must be delightful to live in Devon. A short car ride gets you to lavish National Trust estates that dot your part of England. You are surrounded by such beauty and history. I envy you, dear friend.

Thank you again for the picture of "Alfiekins," dear friend Thisisme, and have a safe and happy weekend!

Claudia Moser said...

I so adore the series and the books, I will miss seeing new episodes, but now my task is to buy the all, still some DVDs missing on my list! Lucky you that you had the chance to see the last episodes.

Shelly said...

What lovely pictures and memories! I love Agatha and her works- so glad Eleanor got to visit there. And little Alfred- how can you resist the look on his face? Hope Emma is doing better~

rainbow said...

So LUCKY for you to live so close to the history that you LOVE. That is the way I am about Palo Duro Canyon. As a kid growing up my patents took me there every chance we had. When my boys were little and I worked at the hospital when I had 2 days off together we were spending the night at the canyon. There are parts of the canyon the boys are sure only them and the indians have been in. THANKS FOR ALL THE GOOD MEMORIES YOU HAVE BROUGHT TO MIND.

BB said...

Great post today Thisisme. Not that they aren't all great! I can't believe he played Poirot for 24 years. That is truly amazing. As an Agatha Christie fan myself, we have to make mention of Albert Finney's portrayal of Hercule Poirot for the big screen. I would love to come and visit that adorable home in Devon! Someday! Hugs my awesome friend XX

Montanagirl said...

I always enjoyed the Poirot program. It's pretty cool that you live so close!

Linda O'Connell said...

What a treat this was for us across the pond! And that little Alfred has stolen my heart. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh how nice. Thanks for sharing. My hubby is a fan of him. Sorry I am not.

I read her book last week at home here.
I liked it. Great Mystery book which I loved.

I have her other book here

Mystery collections of course that is what her books are but this one was with Poirot.I just cannot watch him. Neither read of him.

Miss Marple mysteries hubby enjoys.

So your pictures are interesting I must say.

Great Home.

I picked up anpother book the other day and I thought of you.

Almost finished the book.

It is a mystry book.

By Laura Childs.

The Teaberry Strangler. Not as bad has it sounds.

A lady owns a tearoom in town. Has all these flav teas and scones. Reall fancy comphy place to go and eat and drink fab teas.

I learned alott about desserts as well.

So if you ever get near a library
get this read. You feel your in the place as you turn the pages. Then a lady down the street has a ladies shop of fancy frills.

Oh on tv on Sundays. Is a real awesome one hour off your seat.


Oh a real love story . Again a shop where there is the clothes of lace and fancy going back to the days of Agatha Christie.

Young ladies in their 40's not buying one dress but six of this and five of that and all those pretty hats.

This week is going to be a real doozer of your seat.

You have to watch it.

it is here in Canada at 9 oclock.

Thanks for dropping in to my blog. That pictures is old of me.

I am running out of pictures now seeing winer is upon us. I put it up me sitting on the log from a Tornado we had years back.

I have gained weight like that sad to say.

My hair is that long. For the winter.

I missed you. I seen you got back last week.

Empty Nester said...

I keep forgetting to come to your blog since I keep up with you on Facebook. It was good to get back over here! Love that little Alfred!

Unknown said...

Happy weekend to you, too, back home in Devon. I LOVE Hercule Poirot, and Agatha Christi. Can't get enough.

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful place Thisisme! And, it's so fascinating, the story of Agatha Christie and Poirot! I would have been as excited as you to live near such beautiful grounds, and, watching the show would make you feel as though you were right there!

I agree, Agatha is the greatest crime writer,and I am glad she has been so recognized.

What a lovely picture of Eleanor in the garden, and poor Alfred...he does look sad. I think he might be saying, "Please, don't forget me!"

Say hello to Emma, and you take care dear, friend. I still believe you live in the most beautiful country! ♥

Olive said...

Hi Diane, I think I started reading Agatha Christie when i was about !3 and still love her. I have always felt that the British are the best mystery writers.I do love The BBC show you have pictured here too and have watched it frequently. I have a true affection for public TV here which really means I love British shows of quality. I hope you are well and having a good fall. xo, olive

Maria C said...

I love both, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple! What great characters! I remember when Curtain was published posthumously. Great storyline, althought I was disappointed that M. Poirot proofed to be only too human. I wanted him to live forever.

orchid0324 said...

Dearest Diane,
Hi! I'm here again p;) So sorry for my absence, my dear friend. Dealing with many formalities took much more time than we expected p;)

Oh, I remember watching the drama of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple!!! Along with the story of Agatha Christie, I loved to watch the beautiful nature of your country♬♬♬

And I REALLY loved the face of Alfred saying ""pleeeease let me come in" ♡♡♡

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan to my friend in England, xoxo Miyako*

flowers on my table said...

Hello Diane, a lovely tribute to Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot. I haven't watched any recently, but have enjoyed it enormously in the past.
Did you get a new dog? He is adorable!
It was lovely to see your name in my comments, thank you so much for your kind words. I love your new header, you are looking terrific my dear. Much love, Linda x

Sush said...

Love this post and so happy you have such fun places to share when Eleanor comes to visit. No wonder she has such fun with you! A loving Gramma and so many delightful places to to share!
Hoping Emma is taking care of herself and the pain is under control. Much love to her and your from me!