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Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Art Of Letter Writing ....

Author unknown.  Courtesy of Pinterest.

Hallo there dear bloggy friends.  Yes, it's lovely to have all this new technology and to be able to contact people instantly, but am I the only one who misses receiving an actual letter in the post?  I also love writing letters.  although these days I tend to look out for special cards when I'm out and about and I send them to friends.

What could be more romantic than to find little love notes hidden around the house, from someone you love.  When my eldest granddaughter went to Peru at Christmas, my daughter found lots of these little notes scattered around the house, which I thought was really lovely.  (But then, you all know what an old romantic I am!).  

The following letter is from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice -

Here are some more images, which I hope you will enjoy.  All courtesy of

The Love Letter by Auguste Toulmouche

It won't be long until Valentine's Day now, and I hope that this little series of posts will help you to feel the love.

I was lucky enough to see the balcony in Verona from Romeo and Juliet, and, as you can see, romantic lovers leave their love letters at this spot.  What a lovely idea!


Claudia Moser said...

You are such a romantic! Love the idea of your post

Shady Del Knight said...

Hallo, dear Thisisme! It is very special indeed to receive an actual love letter in the post. The practice of writing and sending real letters is now so rare that it is called "snail mail" which is not a very romantic term for such a loving act. It takes time and effort to sit down and write a letter. These days society's goal is to save time and effort whenever possible; but at what cost?

I've told this story before but it relates to today's topic. As I mentioned in my previous post, Mrs. Shady and I met at our workplace and began dating steadily after falling for each other at the company Christmas party - a moonlight yacht cruise. When Valentine's Day rolled around shortly thereafter, Mrs. Shady and her daughter surprised me by sneaking into my office after hours and decorating it floor to ceiling with red valentine hearts, streamers, and love notes written on red paper. I was stunned when I arrived to work the next morning and found the display. It was the grandest and most touching expression of love I had ever experienced.

I hope the gales have subsided there in England and that you are having a wonderful weekend, dear friend Thisisme. Hugs and smooches to you!

thisisme said...

Oh my goodness me Shady, what a wonderfully, romantic gesture by Mrs Shady and her daughter. I can imagine how overwhelmed you must have felt, and also very loved. Now that really is romance at its best. Can I have Mrs Shady in my life please??!!

Shady Del Knight said...

Ha! Be careful what you wish for, dear Thisisme! :)

While I'm on I need to report the sad news that Margaret Schneider is back in the hospital diagnosed with pneumonia. Your prayers are needed, dear friend.

rainbow said...

When I was first married I attended a lecture at the church and the lady was talking about some Love Letters her husband sent her when he was on a business trip. Her point was she loved that he had sent them to her and she treasured them but she tied them up in ribbons and never read them. When he got home he told her of all she had missed by not reading them. She point was our LOVE LETTERS from God is our BIBLE and it us up to us to read it and use it. That made a very deep empression on a young wife.


Lili Sulastri said...

Very impressive post. Made me miss my letter-writing days. Maybe, I should start writing again.
how are you dear?

Montanagirl said...

That is a truly lovely post!

Eva Ason said...

That is so beautiful! It is very nice to receive and write letters. What a beautiful post Diane :)

Shelly said...

It is such a treat to receive the rare handwritten letter. I just received one from my 96 year old great-auntie, and it will keep me smiling all day!

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh how romantic! My hubby and I have been exchanging the same card for years, because he will never top that one's message.

Manzanita said...

I totally agree. I do love the computer but I still write letters and send actual cards. My granddaughter found a place that sells replicas of the old fashioned valentines and sent me a box. I sent out more than I ever did and the people were thrilled to get one of those old silly love cards. Ha
A very romantic post, my dear.

doodles n daydreams said...

I love to get a letter now and then, but it happens so seldom now. But I do have one or two friends who do not have computers so we correspond by "snail mail".
I'm enjoying your romantic posts, I'm just having a catch up after being away.


Suzanne Prickett said...

Hi Thisisme! Sorry I missed this post somehow, but I'm glad to have found it. Love your love letters, and I agree how wonderful it would be to find a little love note now and then. Although Karo is such a romantic, he has not left any love notes around for me to find. Oh well, he doesn't forget to give me a card, and he does write romantic notes it the cards. So, I won't whine!

Well, onward and upward, as we say! I think I see a Sunday post from you...will see you later!

P.S. that wall of little love notes is cool!