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Sunday, 23 February 2014

How Are Things??

Hallo my little bloggy friends. How are things with you all in your little part of the world?

With all the rain and snow that a lot of us have been having, I thought I would send you a little taste of Spring!

I must say, as I look out at my garden, it's looking very sorry for itself indeed.  Hard to believe that it will recover and get back to its old, pretty self.  But we all know that in another month, hopefully the buds will start to appear and so another season will be upon us.  Over here, everything is a sodden mess, and I can't wait for dryer days so that I can get out there and tend to everything.

Tomorrow, I will be flying over to Paris once again, and spending time with the family until the 4th March. I am so looking forward to seeing them all again.  I'm just hoping that Eleanor hasn't grown another couple of inches since I last saw her on her birthday at the beginning of December.

I will try to catch up with you as and when I can. Meanwhile, I hope this photo will make you smile.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hallo, dear Thisisme! I see you've changed your header. I can see for miles into that glorious scene! I'm sorry to find out that your part of England is still a soggy mess. I know you must have cabin fever by now and are eager to tend your garden. Spring has sprung here in Florida. It's above 80 and we need to run the air conditioner to keep cool. Rain is always a welcome phenomenon here in the land of perpetual drought.

How many of us can say we're winging it to Paris tomorrow? I hope you have an easy flight. It will be much better than negotiating the dangerous highways by car. Enjoy your stay and give Alfred a pat for me.

Stay safe and well, dear friend Thisisme. Blessings, hugs and smooches to you!

Glenda Manus said...

I do hope things dry up for you soon. The past few windy days we've had here have helped the ground dry up quickly from all our snow. Sending wishes and blessings for a lovely trip with your family!

A pleasant surprise that I can comment on your blog post this morning!

Shelly said...

Lovely pictures and what a lovely trip! I do hope you all have good weather all the way through. Good times!

Montanagirl said...

That's a lovely scene in your Header. And thank you for the beautiful spring photos. I'm duly cheered up. We have minus 4 degrees this morning, and still have snow.

Claudia Moser said...

I went to a wonderful art exhibition today about Montmartre and I thought of Paris and the lovely times I had there. Thus a bit jealous :)

NITA said...

The flowers are beautiful. Hope you enjoy your time away and when you return things begin to dry out a bit.

rainbow said...

I know you will have a blast - any time a FAMILY LIKE YOUR'S GETS TOGETHER IT HAS TO BE FUN - FUN - FUN!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

orchid Miyako said...

Dearest Diane;
Oh, lovely spring flower and girl with pink in photos♡♡♡ I LOVE pink and curl my hair p;)
Have a WONDERFUL time with your family in Paris. I always dream visiting the exotic city.

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Suzanne Prickett said...

Hi Thisisme. You should be in France by now...hope it brings the best smiles to your face. I hope they didn't pat you down too hard at the airport, lol!

I really love your idea of a taste of spring...beautiful pastel tulips! What a way to start your holiday. And, hopefully your gardens will start drying out and budding out soon. I do have some daffodils trying to bloom, but they're not getting much sun lately, so I'm not sure if they will perk upright like they should!

So, have a wonderful trip-bask in the loveliness of it all! See yu soon, hugs!

Linda O'Connell said...

Hope you are enjoying every single minute of your trip.