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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Is It An Aries Trait, Or Just Me??

Hi there everyone. Hope your week is going well.

I was sitting, just ruminating about life yesterday, contemplating my navel, and I asked myself that very it an Aries trait, or just me?  Let me explain - I was looking back over the years of my life (and there are a lot of years for me to look over, let me tell you!), and I was thinking of all the things I had started, but yet never quite finished. 

I had never achieved that hole in one, never painted a masterpiece, never written that best selling novel, to name but a few of the hobbies I have tried over the years. 

I played golf (badly) for a while, but the trouble is, I was always thinking that I had to get back to pick up the girls from school, or what to get for the evening meal.  Not quite the concentration you need when trying to get a hole in one. Also, I used to get transfixed standing over the ball - get the grip right, address the ball, wiggle the bum, until my playing partner used to be shouting, "hit the b....y ball!

When starting a hobby, I think half the pleasure for me is getting all the accessories!  I had a very pretty golf bag, with fluffy covers for all the clubs. I had my golf shoes and visor cap. Oh yes, I looked quite the Pro, until I tried to hit the ball...

I was lucky enough to be given a very expensive digital SLR camera a couple of years ago, but never quite got the hang of shutter speeds, or how much light to let in, and, besides, my iPhone takes very good photos, although the bigger camera is much better for zoom shots, obviously.

I've lost count of the number of gym memberships I've started, or exercise equipment I've bought for home use. I guess I was never meant to have the body beautiful!

I had ALWAYS wanted to try water colour painting. How wonderful to just sit on a cliff overlooking the ocean and be able to capture the beauty of my surroundings.  Again, I had all the equipment, even an easel and a very nice travelling painting set. I was ready to go!  I actually took a few lessons with a friend. Trouble is, the tutor was obsessed with trees, and I just wanted to paint boats and the beach. So! Another one bit the dust. 

I tried learning German, but that didn't work either. There were so many things that I've tried, but I'm still looking for that special talent that we all have within us. (We do, don't we?!). I guess I just have no staying power, which I'm certainly not proud of. 

Please tell me I'm not the only one! Come to think of it, I've never tried Amateur Dramatics. Perhaps that's where my star will shine. Lights! Camera! Action! I'm ready for my close up!

See you later peeps. 


BB said...

It's not just you...believe me! I've done the same thing all my life so don't feel bad. I must say my awesome friend, you HAVE MASTERED BEING A GREAT MUM AND GRANDMA!! Don't think you weren't successful there. You outshine many! Hugs XX

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Of course it is NOT just you mind dear friend. You have a very successful BLOG , you might of taken a break but you are back :-) and look where the blog has taken you. If I was too look back , I would be sad ..I didn't finish things because of being told I wasn't like so and so or not given encouragement. I don't speak any bother language fluently ..but my own greatest achievement is speaking French and being told I speak well (a french shop keeper told me on holiday in august) . I was so chuffed. Also reserving a table for 6 people at 8.30 pm and they say straight away ..OUI madame hesitation. You take fab photos too.

Southhamsdarling said...

BB- well, to be a good mum and grandma is worth a lot to me. Thank you for the vote of confidence my awesome friend!

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Anne. We do need that encouragement, don't we?! That was a lovely comment - thank you. How wonderful that you can speak French that well, and that the French people themselves obviously think so too. That really is something to be proud of. Well done my friend.

flowers on my table said...

Oh Diane, how I laughed when I read this, it's not JUST you! I don't know why it is, we focus on the things we didn't do instead of all the things we did, but I am exactly like that. Come to think of it I'm an Aries too! I agree with the previous comments about you being a wonderful mother and grandmother, and I love to visit your sunny little corner of blogland.I know you have a beautiful garden and always look very glamorous and stylish, and I am sure there is a list as long as your arm of wonderful accomplishments and achievements that have your name on them. Have a very happy week. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such lovely comments on my blog. Much love, Linda xx

Southhamsdarling said...

Dear Linda. Thank you so much for dropping by. I had almost forgotten how kind our bloggy friends are. Thank you SO much for your very generous comments. I suppose that we don't think of being a good mum and grandma as being achievements, but of course, in reality, they are our greatest achievements. Thank you for the reminder!

Terra said...

You have an upbeat attitude about all the skills and hobbies you have tried. I think it is the process and the doing that is important, more so than the end results. Keep trying new things and enjoy the doing, friend.

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Terra. I really like your take on things! I will definitely keep trying all the new experiences that come my way. Thank you!