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Sunday, 30 July 2017

This And That, Some Memories And A Few Photos.

Good morning peeps.  It is I - had you forgotten me?!  I see my last post was dated the 25th June - eeeek! Where did that time go, and here we are approaching the month of August. 

I seem to remember as a child that August was always a wonderful month, full of sunshine and blue skies, sundresses and sandals, swimming and donkey rides, lying on the grass watching the fluffy clouds float by overhead, and picking out shapes. 

I do feel lucky in that I think our childhoods (for people of a certain age!) were much more relaxed, and yes, with less expected of us. We were allowed to be children and to enjoy those precious years. 

We were being blessed with a lovely Summer this year, over here in heavenly Devon, but as soon as the children broke up from school, yes, you've guessed it, the sun disappeared and the rains came. Hopefully the sun will return. 

In fact, it had been so hot, that my daughter suggested putting up a pool in the back garden. The little ones had a wonderful time! 

Since I last posted, my grandson had his 9th birthday and will soon be as tall as me! 

I was taken out for a very special lunch, as part of my on-going 70th birthday celebrations, and this week, another friend is taking me to the Theatre. I do love these 'big' birthdays !

And, of course, I've been on some lovely walks by the coast here in heavenly Devon. 

My two daughters and their families are all together in Ibiza at the moment. It makes me happy, as a mum, to know that they're making memories together with their own families. 

I can't end without also posting a photo of my beautiful eldest granddaughter, who is also spending the Summer in Ibiza, before she returns to Uni in Madrid at the end of August.

So then, I feel very blessed.  Blessed to be able to do the things I do, and blessed with a loving family and some very special friends. 

I hope that you are all doing well at the moment and I'll see you again soon. 


Suzanne said...

I am glad to see you and your lovely photos here this morning, Thisisme! Your header photo really brightens up your blog, with so many pops of beautiful colors, doesn't it! And I still like your necklace with the shell blouse! The little ones sure had a great time in the pool. We got one for Scooter, but it kept collapsing on us. I believe our yard was not at its level best. The property goes downhill a bit, and we would need to dig some and fill in with sand to make the area level.

Ibiza has to be a beautiful island! Everyone looks so happy-great to see a picture of Eleanor, and I'm glad she's doing well. We do have a tendency to worry a bit about them when they go off on their own. She is a beautiful girl.

Well, lovely lady of a certain age, I enjoyed your post and, oh...I adore the watermelon float! Have a wonderful week! Hugs from "A Hot Texan Lady"! See you soon!

Southhamsdarling said...

Hello there Suzanne. You made me smile with your "Hot Texan Lady" comment. Although our garden looks flat, it obviously slopes a little, because most of the water seems to be in one end of the pool. We are going to try to do something to rectify that! But they loved it. They also have a pink doughnut float, complete with sprinkles, which is also very cool!! I'm glad you still like that necklace!! 😊😉. The family arrive home on Wednesday evening. I'm sure they won't really want to leave Ibiza! I do hope that the sun will come back next week. Lovely to see you over here, as always. Have a good week my friend. ❤️

Empty Nester said...

I remember summers the way you do. It was such a glorious time. Since we live so close to the beach, I took the girls over there nearly every day when they were coming along. Now, it's Marcy's turn. :) The kids look as though they had a wonderful time in the pool. LOVE those floats and the little ones are not so little anymore. But they are still adorable and I know all of them are the joy of your heart. Your daughters are beautiful just like their mom. I love pictures of your loving, happy family!

Southhamsdarling said...

Hallo Pam! Lovely to see you over here, and I'm glad you enjoy the photos. I didn't realise you lived near the beach! How wonderful. That little Miss Marcy is absolutely adorable and she will soon have a little cousin ❤️. How lovely for you all. You're right, my two aren't so little any more. They really are growing away far too quickly. I feel blessed to live just five minutes from them. Thank you for your comment, Pam.

Unknown said...

Dear Diane, you have a beautiful family and blessed that you're all so tight together. Devon looks to be a gorgeous place to live.
Here in Ireland it has been a mix in the weather, it's been rain and sun, but does not stop me from getting out and about on the hills of Wicklow (the Garden of Ireland). Eli & Ruby has grown so fast, and they seem to have a ball there in the pool :)
Beautiful pictures!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Diane , I don't really remember much about my childhood , bits and bobs, as I think I have blocked out most of it , my dad died when I was 10 , which caused me a lot of pain. BUT on a very good note , I have been having FUN with my grandchildren and of course my trip to Malta and other trips I have taken in the past.

My grandchildren have fabulous times out all the time :-)

As I said before All OUR grandchildren were tots when we started out in the Blogging world ,, LOOK At them NOW ♥ I know the girls are very pretty BUT the boys are so handsome ♥ xpx

Southhamsdarling said...

Hello Eva. It was such a pleasure to get a comment from you today. Yes, I feel so blessed and fortunate with my little family, and they all care for me, which is lovely. I see that you are always out walking in the lovely countryside over there. That will keep you fit and healthy! Enjoy the week.

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Anne. Good to see you here as well. My goodness, yes, we have known each other a long time now through blogging, and seen all our little ones from tiny tots. As you say, look st them now. I totally agree, they are very pretty and handsome!! So glad you had that trip to Malta. take care my friend x