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Friday, 10 November 2017

We Will Remember Them ....

Just simple images of remembrance in my Blog Post today, to remind us of all those men and women who died that we may be free. 

This weekend, let us remember all those brave servicemen and women, who made the ultimate sacrifice. I will be thinking of a Grandad that I never knew, my dad’s dad, who died on foreign soil, aged 27 years. 

Here are a few photos of the Wave of Poppies here on Plymouth Hoe, my hometown. 

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Suzanne said...

I always love your poppies quotes, Thisisme! Years ago I planted some poppies, but they didn't do very well. I got a few poppies, and that was all. They are such a pretty flower.

It is amazing to think of our own dads and grandads having served in the military. My grandfather served in World War I. I wish I had a picture of him in uniform, as I remember seeing one before.

And, I just enjoy your beach photos. The one on your header is really cool the way it curves around. Thank you for the lovely poppies pictures and quotes. Have a great week! Hugs to you dear friend! ♥

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi there my Texan friend. Sorry I’m a little late in getting back to you, but, as always, thank you so much for reading my Post and leaving your comment. Poppies are so beautiful. I saw some gorgeous pale pink ones when I visited Monet’s Garden. Like you, I just can’t seem to grow them though. Strange! Yes, as I said, my grandad lost his life in the First World War and my dad served in the Second World War, fighting in North Africa. Frightening really. Hope all is going well with you over there, my friend, and hope that your mum is now very much better. Take care ❤️