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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

On This Day Before Thanksgiving, My Thanks To All Who Read And Follow My Blog ❤️

Hello again.  I hope this finds you all well, wherever you are!  Last week, for the first time in ages, I actually looked at my Blog Statistics ~ it really is amazing to see the Countries that have visited my Blog recently ~. most readers are from the USA (thank you America!), but also featured were Brazil, France, China, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, and Russia!  I certainly mustn’t forget my friends here in my own Country ๐Ÿ˜Š.  How those other Countries find this Blog, I have no idea, but thank you everyone. 

Also, I’ve just realised that the number of page views has just passed the 200,000 mark, which I suppose is quite an achievement in itself. 

When I start to write a post, I have no idea what the title is going to be ~ I just hope it will come to me as I muddle along!  Anyway, tomorrow, in the USA, it will be Thanksgiving Day, and I’m sure that, even as we speak, households throughout the land will be in a great state of flux, making sure that everything is ready for the great feast ahead, and if you have visitors arriving, perhaps a cleaning frenzy will also be going on. Hopefully your turkey isn’t still running around!  I’ve seen photos of tables laden with food, courtesy of I must say, I shall be feeling very envious of you tomorrow when I sit down to my bread and dripping ~ I jest. 

Then, of course, after a day when thanks is given for all that you have, Black Friday rears it’s ugly head!  A couple of years ago, here in England, we had never heard of Black Friday, but it seems to be another tradition that has found its way across the pond ๐Ÿ˜Š.  It’s a bit like the Boxing Day Sales over here, the day after Christmas Day.  Personally, I can think of nothing worse than being pushed, shoved and jostled by a crowd of bargain hunters.  For a start, being fairly short, I would probably be trampled on!  

This Autumn, we have had some wonderful, mild, sunny days, when all the colours have been at their best, but, today, we have gale force winds blowing around, so very soon the trees will be bare once again.  Here are a few photos taken by me earlier in the week, whilst visiting a pretty little fishing village near here. 

So I will say cheerio from here in deepest Devon.  Don’t be afraid to leave a comment if you feel like it.  I’d love to hear from you, and this next pic is for all my many good friends spread throughout the United States. I’ll be thinking of you all ❤️


Glenda said...

It doesn't have to be a special for us to be thankful, does it? And of course, I'm very thankful for our friendship!

Southhamsdarling said...

Hello Glenda! You’re right, of course, we don’t need a special day to be thankful for all our many blessings, and we DO have much to be thankful for. Our friendship is certainly on that ‘Thankful List’. I’m assuming that you will be surrounded by your lovely family tomorrow, and I wish you a very happy day ❤️

Unknown said...

Hi Dianne, this is the first time I've seen your blog. I love the pictures of Devon, beautiful. I'm also an over 50s blogger (62) living in Queensland Australia, and just found you on blogging grandmothers. Nice to meet you and enjoyed your article.

Southhamsdarling said...

Hello Linda. Welcome~ it’s really lovely to see you over here. I was 70 earlier this year, so I’m beating you! It’s really nice to have someone here from Australia. So you will be looking forward to your Summer, whilst we are now at the beginning of our Winter! Thank you again for dropping in ๐Ÿ˜Š

Suzanne said...

Hi Thisisme. I'm sorry I didn't make it over here before Thanksgiving. We left before dawn on Wednesday to drive to Kansas and spent Thanksgiving with my family. We arrived home only last night. I just couldn't bear another year's Thanksgiving without them. Even though I have been fortunate to see them 3 times within a year, it has been 20 years since we spent Thanksgiving together. And, it was wonderful, even though we are tired from the drive.

I know I tell you this a lot, but I just so love your Marina pictures, and, on your blog they really are large and stand out so colorful.

Thank you so much for recognizing our Thanksgiving holiday! I'm with you...I don't even approach the "Black Friday" scene! I can get just as good bargains shopping during the week when there are not many people around!

What a wonderful post, with my favorite pictures! Have a great week, sending hugs! ♥

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi there Suzanne. I was starting to worry about you ! I’m so happy that you got to spend Thanksgiving with your family this year, despite the long journey. I think you were right to do it, my friend. I’m glad you enjoy my Marina pics - I do love being by the sea ๐Ÿ˜Š. Thank you, as alwYs, for your continuing support of my Blog. I really do appreciate it ❤️

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello Diane , As always a fabulous post and wow congratulations on reaching over the 200,000 mark . I often wonder how people found our blogs in the first place and it is something I am asked all the time, I don't have a clear answer, I am so THANKFUL to all my super blogger friends (now Fb and Instagram too) , You all got me through a very tough time , and you didn't let up , until I answered , which I am so GRATEFUL for ♥

I am with you on the Black Friday but I must admit this year I did get and absolute bargain on something I NEEDED , a new PuFFer coat, not a jacket but a coat , so little bit grateful but as for Boxing Day sales , Why I ask myself would you want to put yourself through it and Where do they get there money from , and do people just buy for the sake of buying ? I don't have an answer , only Crazy people.

Take care and stay safe, and have a fab Christmas. I am working but have whole week off on 2nd January .. Whoop whoop xx

Southhamsdarling said...

Hello Anne. So lovely to see you here, and I apologise that I’m late in getting back to you, but I’ve had a long weekend away, visiting my cousin in Bristol. I agree with you, we have such lovely blogging friends, and it’s lovely to keep up with them all on Facebook and Instagram. That’s great that you got a bargain with your new puffer coat. I’m sure it will keep you lovely and warm. My goodness, we,ve certainly had a cold snap! After buying Christmas presents, I certainly could not face any Boxing Day sales! I’m glad you have time off work to look forward to, but I do wish you a very Happy Christmas, and all your family and those delightful grandchildren. Let’s hope that 2018 will be a good year for you. Hugs ❤️