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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Sunday Snaps

It’s that time of the year, over here in England, when we ‘put the garden to bed’ once again, although this October we are still experiencing warm, sunny weather. The light always seems so clear at this time of the year. I took this photo the other morning, as the sun was rising across the fields next to the garden....

There are still so many roses blooming at the moment, although I’m sure that they will finish flowering once the mornings start to get a little chilly. 

I think the colours of Autumn are shown really well in the following photos - it really is like having a carpet of gold in the garden πŸπŸ‚πŸ

Every year I like to plant winter flowering pansies in the tubs, so that their colourful faces brighten each day! 

All the photos here today have been taken in the past week. This was my attempt at a little Autumn display!

Don’t forget to just double click on any image if you want to enlarge it.  I think the following quote (courtesy of is always worth remembering 

It’s hard to believe, but this little tub of flowering daisies has been in full bloom since June and, even though it is now October, it is still covered with buds!

So then, I hope you have enjoyed my Sunday Snaps feature today,  of my Autumn garden. I will leave you with this thought .... ❤️. (Pic courtesy of Pinterest).


Suzanne said...

Hi Thisisme! You still have the most beautiful roses, and plenty of them! I never get tired of seeing fresh roses on the bush! Your fall display is so pretty, with the pots of pansies! Pansies always get through the winters around here, and I plan to get some soon for a barrel I have in my front yard.

I always enjoy your garden photos, what a wonderful collection of blue pots! It's a great time of year when the leaves start turning colors, isn't it! We are having cooler temperatures now, which is unusual for us even in October!

My little Scootie is turning 10 this coming Friday. They are having a Halloween celebration at his school that evening, so he will start his Birthday festivities with his schoolmates, and he is pumped! Saturday, we are having a celebration for him at a Pizza parlor with some of his classmates too! This will be Shawn's first Birthday party!

Your Sunday Snaps today is full of bright colors, and the daisies are so fresh! Have a great week, Thisisme! ♥

Southhamsdarling said...

Hallo Suzanne, my Texan friend. 😊. What a wonderful supporter of my Blog you are. I really do appreciate how you take the time to pop over and always leave such a lovely comment. I’m sure that Shawn will have a wonderful 10th birthday, starting with the school Halloween celebrations. I’m sure he is so excited about the pizza parlour with a few of his friends. It is Half Term here this coming week, and I will have Ruby for the day on Tuesday and Eli on Friday. They will sleep on those nights. I feel lucky that they live so close by. They’re all growing away too quickly, aren’t they?! Yes, I love to have the pansies through the Winter. It gives a bit of colour on the front patio. Hope you have a good week. Take care ❤️