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Saturday, 18 January 2020

I Will Not Wish You Riches .....

I thought I would just drop in, to wish you all a lovely weekend. After day after day of torrential rain, and gale force winds, we have big ☀️ suns forecast for the weekend. so I shall definitely be getting outside and taking the pup for some nice walks. 

A friend gave me this little gift many, many years ago. She made it herself, and I thought I would share it with you here today. The actual words come from an inscription on a Church wall in Upwaltham, here in England. 

I've often thought that life needs encouragement. Perhaps more these days than ever before, with so much pressure all around us, especially on young people it would seem. To be honest, I'm grateful that social media wasn't around when my two daughters were growing up, because it leads to pressure on parents as well, trying to keep on top of what sites their children/teens are going on. 

How can this encouragement take place? Through YOU!  Through each and every one of US.  We can be the voice of encouragement. The arms that can help to lift the burden from others. You are the smile that can be a blessing to others, which can give them HOPE.  For without hope, we have nothing. 

It can take courage to be there for others .... sometimes we would rather be doing other things, but it is so important to try to reach out. How many times have we, ourselves, said "I'm fine...", when maybe, actually, we are far from feeling fine. We all do it, don't we?  To simply listen can sometimes help another person so much. Just to let them know that we understand, and we are there for them. 

So whatever you do this weekend, leave a trail of light for someone else to follow. It might help them more than you will ever know. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and remember to be kind to yourself also. 

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