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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Love The Sunshine, But ......

Hi there everyone.  Hope you are all  doing well today, even those who are recovering from an operation - and, yes, Teresa, that means you! Do hope that you had a comfortable night and that the painkillers are kicking in.

Well, my daughter and son in law arrived home from Ibiza last evening, looking as brown as berries - spit, spit!!  They said they  had an amazing time.  As many of you may know, I've been looking after little Alfred whilst they've been away, along with my 13 year old granddaughter.  (Think I forgot to tell you that we went to see the very last Harry Potter film last week - brilliant!).

The family will be returning to France on Sunday and, I don't know about you, but I think that Alfred is feeling very sad at having to leave grandma behind again!

I love him, because he's got more wrinkles than me! Hee Hee!!

Going back to how brown my daughter and son-in-law were looking, reminds me of how the sun is very much a mixed blessing for me these days.  Obviously I love to see the sun and love to feel the warmth on my old bones, but because I suffer from Vitiligo it can also be a bit of a pain at the same time.  I always used to have a lovely tan and then, when I was in my early 30's, a little white patch appeared at the top of my neck and then, the following year, I had a few white patches on my arms and legs.  Obviously I didn't know what it was then, but the white bits got progressively worse each year, and the condition was diagnosed.

Now my skin has got no melanin (pigment) whatsoever, so I don't tan at all.  The main problem though is that melanin provides a natural protection against the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun.  Because there is no protection whatsoever on my skin, I have to be very careful not to contract skin cancer.  Obviously I use a very high factor sun protection cream but, unfortunately, that usually makes my skin flare up, so I am in a catch 22 situation.  It can be a bit depressing at times, I must admit, especially with the allergy problem relating to my skin that I have as well. 

I live in hope that I will find something that will soothe my skin, although I have tried virtually everything.  Because I used steroid cream on it for so many years, it is also very thin, so the least little knock or scratch and it starts to bleed. (I do get quite angry about that, because the Doctors over the years just used to write out loads of repeat prescriptions for me, when they must have known the harm that it was doing to my skin.  I'm certainly paying the price for that now!).

Anyway, I shall continue to enjoy the blue skies and the bright sunshine, but I will be the one sat under the large sun umbrella!  Take care my little bloggy friends.  See you again soon!


Raindrops and Daisies said...

You are probably better sitting under a big umbrella as it is much safer Thisisme!

Sad dog, not very pretty is he!!!

No sunshine here.

Have a lovely day.

Shady Del Knight said...

I love Alfred! I wonder if he even recognized his mum now that she's a deep brown color. He'll have to use his sniffer to make sure it's her. I'm sorry about your skin problems but I can relate. My father had very fair and sensitive skin and burned easily even whilst sitting under an umbrella. He underwent many years of treatment for skin cancer mostly on his face. Fortunately I inherited my mum's skin and can tolerate much more sun. That said I avoid the sun because I don't want to invite cancer. Thank you again for the pictures of my favorite canine, dear Thisisme, and enjoy your time with daughter Gawgus.

Odie Langley said...

I am so glad you had your grand daughter and Alfred to pal around with and I know you will miss them. My skin is thin as well and if I hit my hand on something it leaves a spot that takes a while to go away and if I scratch myself it takes a while to stop bleeding.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your granddog looks just like mine. You will miss him as much as he misses you for a while.

I'm sorry to hear about the skin condition. I suppose that means long sleeves in summer? Have a nice day.

orchid said...

My Dear Lady,
Oh, yes poor doggie, "Alfred" does look a little down. But I hope you can enjoy being with your lovely granddaughter and him.
I'm so sorry to hear that your skin is sensitive to sunshine.
I have more physical trouble than you may think I have. I don't know what is worse than what. Well, I can feel your feeling towards the doctor.
I might have had a normal height if the doctor of the university hospital found my disorder of the pituitary grand, when my mom took there at the age of 10. Haha, It was too late the growth hormone to be really effective next time I was taken at the age of 15.
My lady, hope you take care of yourself and protect your skin as much as you can.
For my one other trouble, I found what it was through PC. Information from pc can help you a bit, I HOPE.
Blessing to you, Orchid

Bouncin' Barb said...

This..Yes I saw Miss Tan's photo yesterday and am also jealous. Even living here at the beach I don't get that tan. Well I do if I were out in it every day for a month straight but it's too darn hot. Sorry to hear about your skin condition but that is also why you look so great and young. Have you done online research for sun blockers for sensitive skin? Dermatologists are claiming there is something out there for everyone. I read an article on AOL a couple weeks ago about it. Look into it for yourself, especially so you can enjoy a beach day when the sun actually shines! You're still AWESOME in my book! Hugs and Love

Shelly said...

Alfred is darling! I love the look on his face. It does seem to say he will be missing you.

So sorry to hear about your skin. I exercise and run outdoors quite a lot, and here in the fiery furnace of South Texas where I live, I have to be very careful, too, about too much sun.

Manzanita said...

Oh cute Alfred. He must be Boston something.... They were very popular in my youth.

What a tragedy that you cannot sit in the sun for short times. All that free vit. D going to waste. I try to get sun on my body every day. Burning is what causes the damage.
Take care

SkippyMom said...

I would be said to leave "Grandma" too - gosh he is a cutie This. What a face!

Sorry to hear about your skin condition. That is a hard thing to bear I am quite sure. I do hope you can find something that would work so you could enjoy the sunshine without long sleeves and a huge umbrella. But the bonus is I know you look fabulous in a beautiful sun hat. :D

Hugs my friend!

Pat MacKenzie said...

It's becoming more popular these days to not tan so you're on the leading edge of fashion! I'm sorry about your skin condition. I would think England would be a good place to live with an aversion to sunshine!;)

Thisisme. said...

Raindrops and Daisies - yes, it is much safer, I agree. But I would love not to have to wear long sleeves, because that can get a bit hot!! No sunshine here today either.

Shady - Hallo Tomn. I knew you would enjoy the photos of you-know-who today! Gosh, that couldn't have been very nice for your father to keep having treatmentlike that. Having seen that, I can quite understand why you would want to keep out of the sun yourself. Take care.

Odie - having thin skin can be a bit awkward at times, especially when I'm out in the garden. I have long leather gauntlet type gloves, but still seem to come in bleeding all over!

Linda - yes, mostly long sleeves I'm afraid :( Yes, my daughter says that Alfred always misses me for the first week or so when they return to France.

Orchid - I'm sorry that you had that problems with the doctors and your growth. They can get things quite badly wrong sometimes, can't they? You are right, I will do some research on the internet. Thank you my friend.

Bouncin'Barb - again, yes, I think I will have to look seriously at the internet and, hopefully, get some suncream that won't make my skin flare up. At least that way, I could wear short sleeves. Thank you, as always, for your wise advice my friend. I'm eagerly awaiting your post for your Blogavversary tomorrow!

Shelly - you're here again. Yay!! Yes, Alfred is a little cutie. He is so good tempered. No trouble at all. I love to go walking by the sea, which is close by to where I live, but of course, we don't get the higher temperatures that you do!

Manzanita - lovely to see you here today. Alfred is a French Bulldog. You're right, I'm missing out on all that vitamin D :( You are wise to get the sun on you. In all the media here now, it says that people are just not getting enough vitamin D, because they are using total sun block because of skin cancer scares. Like everything, do it in moderation I guess is the answer.

SkippyMom - yes, "what a face indeed!". I think that says everything, but he is just so cute, and I've loved having him here. Yes, it is a problem with my skin, I'm afraid, but if that's all I've got to worry about, I really shouldn't complain!!

Pat - yes, that's me - the cutting edge of fashion indeed. Hee Hee! Yes, fortunately, we don't get too much sun over here in England, so thank goodness I don't live in the places in America suffering from those extremely high temperatures at the moment.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

first - thank you for thinking of me. i think (knock on wood) that today is better than yesterday.

how sad alfred looks. i'm sure he will miss you when he goes back home. dogs have very good memories.

for your skin... find some cosmetic grade emu oil (or lotion made with emu oil) and put it on your irritated skin. you will be amazed at how much better your skin will feel. i used to make/sell soaps and lotions and studied the properties of various oils quite a bit. the emu oil is absorbed very well into the skin and has healing properties. another thing you can do is find someone who makes soap using goat's milk. fragrance free. you will be amazed at how your skin feels after a while.

Bethe77 said...

You do have one little sad doggie there! Im sure the grandchildren dont want to leave thier grandma's either.
I know I never did!
Your skin OH! Thisisme how sad indeed. It would be so hard for me who loves the sun and outdoors. As it sounds as you do as well.
I think maybe sun hats would help. What a beautiful fashion statement they do make.
Enjoy the time with family.

Bethe77 said...

You do have one little sad doggie there! Im sure the grandchildren dont want to leave thier grandma's either.
I know I never did!
Your skin OH! Thisisme how sad indeed. It would be so hard for me who loves the sun and outdoors. As it sounds as you do as well.
I think maybe sun hats would help. What a beautiful fashion statement they do make.
Enjoy the time with family.

Pearson Report said...

You’ve written a great post - so timely and so important.

Women, and men too, really need to reassess their commitment to protecting the health of the largest organ of the human body - the stuff that holds everything together...our skin!

After twenty-seven years in the skin care business it never ceases to amaze me that a few of my clients, who really do know better, still do the flip, flop and fry routine on their face and body - tsk, tsk - so sad!

I like that you still enjoy the sun, but that you do so with a hat, umbrella and proper protection - even if it’s necessary because of your skin condition. frost my frilly socks when I hear how doctor’s just put pen to paper and hand out prescriptions and renewals like giving candy to kids - they really need to present other options.

Great post...worthy of more on the subject...keep the awareness going!

Cheers, Jenny

Pearson Report said...

And...Alfred really does look like he's going to miss grandma! Cute face!

Cheers, Jenny

(got so carried away with my last comment I forgot sweet, loveable, little Alfred)

becca said...

Alfred does look very sad poor pup. so sorry to hear about your skin though what a bummer. i was always so pale growing up and in my early twenties because i never stayed out much then last year something clicked and i got a little color and now i actually have a slight tan. kind of funny i actually look like i belong in FL..hehe

Aunt Amelia said...

What a cutie doggie!

Sorry you have these issues. But not sorry you can not "bake in the sun," like so many do.

My husband, way back in pharmacy college, learned that sun is not good for our skin, and he always insisted that I not, not, not try to tan. And I am so glad now.

Because my face is so much better than many of my same-age-friends, etc. No sun and no smoking, and Yes, inheriting good skin from my maternal side too.

But I am so glad, that I can see the difference in my skin condition today. Of course it isn't perfect but wow, it is compared to lots of gals my age.


Sush said...

Hi Diane,
Isn't it something how we don't know all the troubles our bloggie friends endure. It seems you are a real lover of the outdoors and of course gardening so it must be a trial to have to be so careful doing what you love. And indeed we all can suffer at the hands of 'well-meaning' physicians.

In lieu of real hugs, I am sending you lots of love and well wishes for no bumps, much filtered and dappled sunshine and a lovely last few days of visiting with Gawgus, Alfred, and your beautiful granddaughter. I'm sure those males that are in the family will bring you joy as well, tee hee! I do so wish you happiness and joy as you bring so much to all your bloggie least I know you do to moi!


Thisisme. said...

Teresa - I'm so glad that you feel that today is better than yesterday, and I do so hope that each and every day you will feel a little easier. Thank you so much for your advice about the Emu Oil. I will certainly go on-line and see if I can get hold of some. Believe me, I have tried SO much, that it would be a miracle if I could find something to give me some relief. Thank you my friend.

Bethe - yes, it will be quiet again in this house next week, and we will all miss each other! But I am going over to France in a couple of weeks, so all is well. Thank you for your concern about my skin problems my friend. I do so appreciate everyone's comments. Blessings.

Pearson Report - Hi Jenny. I loved your remark how it "frosts your frilly socks!!!", but it's so true how Doctors just hand out these prescriptions willy nilly without any thought to the consequences. Like you, I am amazed at the number of young girls I see virtually frying themselves in the sun (including their faces), when there is so much awareness now of how the sun can cause so much damage, and wrinkles as well!! Thank you so much for your supportive comment.

Becca - little Alfred is a sad pup, isn't he?! Hee Hee!! Nice that you now have a slight tan, but that you're not going overboard with it. I think everyone does feel better if they have a tan, albeit done in a sensible manner. Hugs.

Aunt Amelia - you are so right about womens' skin, and I am glad that you have looked after yours, and now can see the benefit. I used to do aromatherapy massage, and I could tell instantly who was a smoker, and who was not. It really was amazing, the difference in the skin texture and, of course, sun is the worse thing to cause facial wrinkles! I have still not received any e-mail to say that you have done a new post, so I shall go over and visit you manually in a moment!

Sush - hi there. Thank you SO much for your lovely and heartwarming comment my friend. You really are SO sweet. You're right though, everyone has something to worry about and which causes them some stress. I always try to keep my blog posts fairly uplifting as there is enough doom and gloom around in the world!! Take care.

Retired English Teacher said...

I understand your frustration over you skin condition. I have the same thing. I used to also tan beautifully, and loved having a tan. Now, I am covered by the white spots. I try to just ignore them, but they are so unattractive.

Enjoy your time with your daughter and family.

Thisisme. said...

Retired English Teacher - Gosh, I have never met anyone else with that same condition before. I used to look like a sort of piebald, and I was very conscious of it. It's almost better now in a way that I am now white all over! Never mind, there are lots of much worse things we could be suffering from I guess.

LV said...

What a very good feature today. I believe I would miss the little ones, more than the doggie. However, it is easy getting attached to both. You probably spoiled all of them.

Chatty Crone said...

They have a lot of clothes out and hats that are sun proof now so that you can go out in the sun - just didn't know if you knew that or not.

Hope things get better for you!

Belle said...

Alfred looks very wise in his pictures. I love his sweet face!

I'm so sorry you have had this skin condition for so many years. Your skin looks beautiful in pictures. I can see why it would be frustrating to have thin skin also.

My girls loved the Harry Potter movie also.

Thisisme. said...

LV - yes, it is surprising how you get attached to a little dog! I've never had a dog before, but he is so cute and well behaved. Thank you so much for popping across and leaving a comment today.

Chatty - I've never tried sun-proof clothes, I must admit. Perhaps that's something I will look into. Thank you my friend!

Belle - Alfred does look very wise, doesn't he?! Hee Hee! We could do with some wisdom in this house. LOL! I am so very lucky that my face isn't affected - phew! Otherwise I would never go outside the door!!

kneesandpaws said...

Dear Diane, I was a little sad to hear of your condition. Then I was thinking about how professional photographers avoid bright sunlight because it washes out all the color. They say that under an umbrella or a shade tree is the perfect light for capturing beauty. I will think of you under that shade tree, of you being beautiful just the way you are.

Claudia Moser said...

Alfred does look sad, but in the end he will be with his masters!
Happy you enjoyed your time with your grand-daughter!
And I did not know about your skin, you look so wonderful in all pictures. I guess you will be fine in Germany, no more sun for a while!

Thisisme. said...

kneesandpaws - Aaaw, thank you so much my friend. You always leave such sweet comments. Hugs.

Claudia - yes, as you say, Alfred will be with his mum and dad! Sorry the sun is missing from Germany again! Take care.