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Friday, 10 August 2012

I Live Here ......

I first posted the following at the end of March 2011, but I thought my newer Followers might be interested in reading about the South Hams of Devon.

 I thought perhaps you might be wondering about my Blog name, i.e. Southhamsdarling.  Well, the 'darling' part is obvious of course, for that is what I am (Hee Hee!).  The first part is from the South Hams, which is the most delightful part of the county of Devon, which is where I was born and live.  The South Hams really is the jewel in Devon's crown and that is why thousands of holidaymakers flock to the region during the summer months (Emmetts or Grockels, we call them).

In 1887, John Bartholomew's Gazetteer of the British Isles, described the South Hams like this -
"South Hams - District in the south of Devon, with a line being drawn from Tor Bay to Plymouth Sound, and spreading away to the sea in bold swells with winding combes, and rich vales.  It comprises about 240 square miles, and is so fertile as to be called "The Garden of Devon."

In the South Hams, the countryside consists of rolling hills which gently meander down to the sea, where the water glistens like diamonds.  I'm sending you all an open invitation to come and visit.  I know you would love visiting the little villages and the cottages with their thatched roofs.  I would treat you all to a Devon Cream Tea, which is a speciality in these parts.  In fact, as I walk along, quite often the locals are heard to say "tell e what, that maid, ers been eating too many cream teas again, me 'andsome!" 
You will see that I was trying to give you an example of the Devon dialect there, which is completely different from the rest of England.  I will write a separate post on that another time!

( I bet I've spoilt the myth now haven't I?!  I expect all my American friends were thinking that I spoke like the Queen! LOL!).
Just a few photos to whet your appetite for when you visit :

So, do you think you would like to come and visit?
This is the garden where you could sit and I will serve you up your Devon Cream Tea!


Unknown said...

Good morning Diane,
Absolutely gorgeous, I'll take the next flight over :)
Hope the weather is treating you nicely. We have a lovely morning here so far. Enjoy your Friday my friend!
Hugs to you x

Claudia Moser said...

Maybe one day I will be able to visit you, it is on my bucket list :)

Judith said...
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Judith said...

What a stunning part of the world you live in, would love to add this little spot to my 'visit-wish-list'.

Daydream Living said...

Hi Diane!
Well, since I'm a fan of the UK and hope to visit again next year, I would pop over to your end for sure, never been to Devon so will keep that in mind! Love the scones too! yum! Had one in Scotland, hopefully the brits in dubai will make them there?!
btw, do you know Jill? She lives in Devon too, blog: Nice day at Rosies.
Anyhoo, gotta go, sorting to do, movers are coming this monday! hugs
Maureen x

Shelly said...

'ow very lovely! I feel like I've just been for a wonderful visit to your beautiful Devon. Thank you for sharing- I do not know why my ancestors had to leave there in the 1600's. One day, one day...

Unknown said...

It is so so lovely. On a sunny day, your part of the world looks like a piece of heaven!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hallo, dear Thisisme! I would love to visit your beautiful part of England, stroll those pristine beaches, climb the rocks, stand atop cliffs, breathe the fresh, clean air, meet and greet the locals and hear the native dialect. Somehow I imagine you speaking like Meryl Streep. (LOL) Nonsense, because you know very well that I already heard your soft, refined voice on the video you presented a while back. I nearly swooned when I heard your voice because it reminded me of listening to a gentle violin melody. I would certainly enjoy having a spot of tea with you in your garden and I know you would be a perfectly charming host. I hope you are well and in fine spirits, dear friend Thisisme. Have a wonderful weekend!

colenic said...

I love when you show your home is careful what you wish may end up with a houseful of friends you have never met!! My company just bought a company in London and I am trying to weddle my way over South Ham sounds like a perfect holiday destination when I get there :)

Chatty Crone said...

I am a long time follower and I did not know this - I missed it first go round!

It is incredibly beautiful there - I didn't know any of the history or the beauty that you live by.

I am awestruck.

We need to house switch for a couple of weeks.


SkippyMom said...

I wish I had that header pic' with me this week This. That is about as smile worthy as it gets. WOW that is a great pic'. Thank you for popping it up there. I LOVE it.

And I remember this post and it just makes me want to come see you more and more. You are so fortunate to live in such a lovely place. 'Tis fitting tho' for such a lovely lady as you, I know.

Missed you! Love Skippy

SkippyMom said...

Oh - and one more thing about the header - definitely Christmas card worthy, especially if you can also add in a pic of your other lovely grand daughter too.

Just saying [hinting, actually. ::giggle::]

Unknown said...

Well we just got blessed with another fine example of our Queen of blogland, Diane's incomparable blog. You are an artist using words and painted a glorious picture of Devon.
I still have my can of Ambrosia Devon Custard I found by accident while on holiday and it's still unopened on my desk. Unless I win a lottery I probably won't make it across the pond but that doesn't mean I don't want to as you live in a little piece of heaven. You are certainly blessed my sweet friend. take care and have a fabulous weekend.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, how I would love to come to visit you. Thank you for the invitation! You live in a lovely spot, don't you?

Sally Wessely said...

You are just tempting me! I would love to come for a visit. Your part of the world is just beautiful. Honestly, my hubby and I are talking about a trip next year to England. If we could just get this house sold so our lives could settle down, that just might happen.

Cindy Ellison said...

Oh my, this looks like one of the most beautiful places on earth! I am wondering what movies were filmed there, I bet some of my old favorites such as Ryan's Daughter or Far From the Madding Crowd.

I would love to visit that area some day.

BTW, my husband and I actually met a fellow blogger in person last week! This was a first for us, he saw a blog post on my FB about visiting a church and invited us to sit with him last Sunday at this particular church. He was very nice, interesting and this week we hope to meet his wife. There are "real" people behind these words! :-D Thank you, Thisame! A great blog post!

Anonymous said...

hi thanks for visiting my blog...hope the contact remains...glad to hear from you..loves

Anonymous said...

hi thanks for visiting my blog...hope the contact remains...glad to hear from you..loves

orchid0324 said...

Dearest Diane,
Wow, very beautiful place indeed☆☆☆ Thank you very much for sharing the pictures!!!
And I really loved to know where your blog derive from, my friend.
Oh, how I crave your Devon Cream Tea♡♡♡

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Cynthia said...

What a fabulous place to live. Definitely adding this to one of the places I must see "someday."

Rebecca said...

wow you live in a beautiful town and yum i'm coming for tea

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I would love to visit your part of the world and love the photos you have shared with us. Does anyone talk like the

Unknown said...

I'm coming! What a lovely advertisement for your home and native land. No wonder we all love you, Diane, you are from such a great place, you can't help being sweet.
By the way, I like your new header photo...swinging with the Grands. They will treasure that photo in years to come.

Bethe77 said...

I think I surely would love to come and visit your village. So beautiful.
I would love to come and sit.

Anonymous said...

I definitely want to come visit! What a beautiful place!