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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday Snaps!

Hi there.  Wishing you all a very Serendipitous Sunday dear friends! I do have a photo to share with you today, even though last week I said that I might stop my Sunday Snaps feature for a while.  

This one is of little Ruby, who I am pleased to say, had her cast removed a couple of days ago.  It seems very early to me, and she is still saying "ouch" a lot, but I guess the doctors know what they are doing. (????!).  Her wrist is still very bruised and swollen, but I'm sure nature will do its job.  It's strange how quickly we get used to things, because I have noticed that she is still using her left hand to eat with and to draw with, even though she is naturally right-handed.  I guess that will come back when she feels more confident about the right arm.

Anyway, here she is and, as you will see, although the cast has been removed, Ruby clearly thinks that her little arm should still be all wrapped up!

I don't know what has happened here peeps, but I will have to ask you to please scroll down the page for the rest of this post! I've tried fiddling around with it, but to no avail! Sorry about that.

Everyone here has really been getting into the Olympics, and the support for our team has been amazing!  Royal Mail have come up with the brilliant idea of painting the red post boxes GOLD in the home towns of all those Olympians who win gold medals.  I thought that was such a lovely idea, and they have gone even further in that all gold medal winners are going to have a stamp printed in their honour.

I was like a wet rag at the end of the evening last night.  So much excitement for the British people.  We won six gold medals yesterday, with three coming one right after the other in the Athletics competition.  Unbelievable! I think we have probably peaked now - bit like me really!

I do hope that everyone out there has had a good week and that you are enjoying the summer.  As I look out the window, the rain is pouring down again.  The poor garden is starting to resemble a jungle, as everything is growing so much!

See you all again soon.  Bye for now.


EM Illustrator said...

Good morning Diane,
Ruby is so cute :) and congratulations to all the medals! I am not really following the Olympics that much, due to no TV in the house makes it harder to follow live.
Hope you'll have a fab Sunday in spite of the rainy weather. Big hugs to you x

Claudia Moser said...

Darling Ruby - so sweet! She is such a cute girl!

Congrats for all the medals, happy for your emotions!

orchid said...

Dearest Diane,
How wonderful that your angel Ruby had her right arm got freed. I feel pity for her about some things you said, though.
Oh, Congratulations on your countries many medals☆☆☆
I AM excited watching TV, only drawback is the time difference p;)
Making dinner from now and Love you always from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Shelly said...

So glad to see little Ruby is on the mend. Bless her heart- she's so cute in wrapping up her wrist herself.

The Olympics have been a barn burner and England has been a top notch host!

Shady Del Knight said...

Hallo, dear Thisisme! I always look forward to your Sunday Snaps and honestly hope you don't discontinue this feature. I especially love seeing Ruby Violet, the most precious little girl in all of England. I hope her arm continues to heal and that she will soon feel confident enough to make full use of it again. Of course there's nothing wrong with being a lefty all your life. Just ask Shady. I wonder if Ruby's mishap and her subsequent contact with doctors and nurses will give her the desire for a career in the medical field?

It pleases me very much to see all the goodwill and sportsmanship coming out of your Olympics. You must be extremely proud of your country's athletes as we are of ours.

More rain? I can hardly believe your bad luck with summer weather. My friend in Ireland is also complaining about it. A rainy day gives you the perfect opportunity to rest and build strength for the coming week. I hope yours will be filled with health and happiness, dear friend Thisisme. Cheers!

Bouncin Barb said...

Congratulations on all your Olympic medals!! That's so exciting for you and your country. I think I heard you cheering from here...hehe.

Ruby is about as precious as they come. Love this picture with her "bandage".

I hope the sun shines brightly soon my awesome friend!!! Hugs.

Sush said...

Whew! So happy Ruby has her cast off, although it probably will be a while yet before she stops hurting. Aren't little ones 'troopers'?

I have been so enthralled with the Olympics! I've heard from different news sources that the coverage by the BBC is much better than we are getting here. I've tried to find the BBC coverage but to no avail...I cried along with your Olympic running champion. You could see how proud she was! Ms Ennis is a wonderful champion! I've found the Olympic spirit is much like the spirit in our 'blogland'. Everyone proud for each other's success!

Hope you are feeling spry and the weather turns back to sunshine!

Knitty said...

Ruby is truly adorable!

I love the idea of painting the post office boxes gold for the athlete's home towns!

As for the odd spacing in your post, I've had that happen too. Sometimes I have to change from "compose" to "HTML" mode and clear out a lot of coding that isn't visible but creates extra spacing.

Retired English Teacher said...

I'm so happy to hear Ruby is out of her cast. I'm sure her arm is weak and will need some time to heal. Kids are so resilient. This will be all a distant memory for her in a very short time I am sure.

I love the mail boxes and the stamps! That is such a nice touch. We should do that for our 'golden athletes' here in the U.S. We tax ours instead. Yes, our gold medal winners must pay taxes on their medals!

I have loved watching the Olympics!

Susan said...

I love those stamps, I did see GB win a few medals...we have to watch the primetime events, but are really enjoying them. Congrats on all your medals! It's really been exciting hasn't it?

I hope Ruby's arm heals ok, it doesn't seem like it's been too long since her cast was put on. But, maybe younger children heal quicker than us 'a little bit older' crowd. She's such cute cherub! Glad you did your Sunday Snaps today. I've been catching up on my blog reading.

Have a wonderful week, and, more Olympic success!♥

Bethe77 said...

Ruby puts such a huge smile on my face. Praying or her coniued heling and tht her ouch will son be a faded memory. Congrats to you all on your wonderful Gold Medals. We here in America are pretty darn proud. So much excitement in the Oylmpics this year. Love the idea of painting mail boxes gold. Blessings

Olive Cooper said...

That does seem like early premature cast removal but I have actually removed casts from patients myself without permission so what do I know? The postal stamps for your gold medal winners is a brilliant idea. I know y'all are terribly excited. We are for Michael Phelps too. xoxo, Olive

Craziness abounds said...

Isn't it funny how fast children heal?
Sorry I haven't been around lady it's a regular madhouse around here. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you.

Odie Langley said...

As you said I too hope the doctors know what they are doing and not rushing things with little Ruby's arm.
The Olympics have truly been great and I have enjoyed lots of hours watching.
We got a surprise heavy shower around lunch time and should cool things off and help all the parched plants and lawn.
Have a great evening and sweet dreams tonight.

Belle said...

Shady told me yesterday that Ruby had broken her arm. I was so sorry to hear that, but glad she has mended. She looks so cute making her own cast! Congrats to Great Britain for all the medals you have won. It has been an exciting Olympics. God Bless.

becca said...

so happy to hear Ruby is feeling better and well I'm a bad american as I've not watched any of the Olympics this year

romance-of-roses said...

The Olympics have been amazing and congratulations on winning all the gold as well as us here in the USA. We certainly will miss them when they are over with. Your little Ruby is so adorable, glad her cast is off now. When my daughter was 6 or 7 she also broke her little arm and was in a cast for six weeks. Hugs, Lu

Grammy Goodwill said...

I'm glad Ruby has her cast off. It looks like she may have picked up some orthopedic skills during this ordeal.
I love the mail boxes painted gold in honor of the medal winners. What a great idea.

yaya said...

Hi Diane! I just had to pop over and visit your it! I think you should keep the Sunday Snaps even though this is my first visit and post read from you. Congrats to your country and all those medals! You have been a good host and the opening ceremony was great. Have a good week and I'll stop back!

Katherines Corner said...

yippee for a Sunday Snap. She is such a cutie pie. Of course I have been shouting out for the UK and the US so the Olynpics have been extra fun this year xo

Linda O'Connell said...

Diane, kudos to your athletes! Love that photo of you all on the swingset. It is precious. And Ruby wrapped her own little arm? Too cute!

Alessandra said...

Ruby is simply adorable. Congrats on all the gold medals, I think the stamps and the painting are definitely good idea. Hopefully, all that rain won't ruin the paint job..:)

Chatty Crone said...

Congrats on all your medals and how well the games are coming off in England. Also the header of you and hubby on the swings with the grands - so sweet. sandie

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Good to see Ruby is on the mend and yes the Olympics has certainly been exciting.

Denise said...

Diane,Thank you so much for your sweet comment on My post.I'm just lacking energy right now because I'm losing weight so fast.30 lbs in 5 weeks.It's hard just to learn about this new life and way of eating.Just can't take photos right now.I'll be back,stronger and thinner than ever.Hugs Denise