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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Too Much Choice? Yes or No?!

I don’t usually put up a Post so soon after my last one, but here I am.  Lucky you! πŸ€¨πŸ˜‚.  I’m delighted to say that the snow has all melted and normal service has been resumed over here in heavenly Devon.

What gave me the title for my meanderings today, you might be wondering.  But then again, you might not!  I shall tell you anyway, so pin back your ears.  Actually, it was all brought about by Hot Cross Buns.  Hot Cross Buns, I hear you cry - how come?

Next week it will be Easter (and, yes, we have been threatened with another bout of snow over the holiday period, but I am choosing to ignore that just at this moment. Sticking my head in the sand you might say).  Anyway, I was at my local Supermarket this morning, and I just couldn’t believe the range of Hot Cross Buns that were on sale.  I started taking  photos - I’m sure the other customers were thinking, who is this crazy woman taking photos of Hot Cross Buns.  But when I’m on a mission, I won’t be deterred.   Last week, I even bought a packet of Salted Caramel and Chocolate Chip ones.  Unfortunately, I can’t show you that packet, as I’ve eaten them all. 😱

So hence my question, do we have TOO much choice these days?  You go for a packet of crisps and there are TWO aisles full of assorted crisps.  I can remember (alright, I know I’m ancient) when we just had a packet of Smith’s Crisps, with a little blue sachet of salt inside.  Who else remembers those ? No, you’re far too young!

Looking at that packet of crisps, it reminded me of other things that we used to use.  An ice cream wafer, when, if you squeezed them too hard, the soft ice cream would ooze out. 

I’m thinking that perhaps these memories only apply if you lived here in the UK back in the day!  As a child, I used to love to do this......!

When I was first married, back in the mid 60’s, I used to use these tongs to lift the heavy, wet washing out of the washing machine part of the twin tub, into the spin dryer.  We didn’t need to go to the Gym in those days - housework was far more strenuous than it is today!

Who else remembers sitting on the top floor of a double decker bus, and the Bus Conductor coming around with his ticket machine?,

Thinking of Easter again, when I was a little girl, we all used to dress like this on Easter Sunday.  My, how things have changed!

These were the prams we used to have, and they would be placed outside in the enclosed back garden, complete with sunshade to keep the sun off the baby.  

These prams were very heavy to push, especially on the hills here in Devon. Gym needed!

It’s funny how pictures can bring the memories flooding back.  The above retro pics are all courtesy of  

I’ll close again for now, but I’m sure I will popping in again fairly soon 😊


Glenda said...

Your post today is making me wish we had hot cross buns over here across the pond. I've never seen a washer and dryer like that! As long as I can remember (which is a very long time) we've only had the option of buying the units separately except in the early 80's when they started selling stacked units for small spaces. No double-deck buses here either. The first one I saw was when we lived in Germany in 1968 - 1970. The only thing this American gal could relate to was the swing. Oh, and the Easter dresses! We dressed in our frilliest and finest on Easter Sunday with a bonnet and white patent-leather shoes! Such an interesting and fun post, Diane!

Southhamsdarling said...

Hallo Glenda, twin! It’s always lovely to see a published author over here! I did wonder whether my friends in other Countries would be able to relate to this Post in any way. It would seem that we were all dressed up in our Sunday best for Easter though ! First of all over here, we had boilers, with a totally separate spin dryer, and we then progressed to the machine mentioned in my Post today ... the twin tub, before we progressed to the automatic washing machine that we still use now. Hot Cross Buns are very tasty. You can have them hot with butter, or with Devon Clotted Cream, which is what I like ! Thank you for taking the time to leave your comment, and I’m glad you enjoyed this Post 😊

Babs said...

Here's another one from across the pond who enjoyed your post. We do get hot cross buns at the supermarket where I shop, but I don't think they're a "hot item". :) Now, I'm going to buy some for Easter and I'll think of all the choices you have. I like choices, but yes, sometimes I think we have too many.
I do remember prams, or what I think my mother called "baby carriages". I remember dressing up for Easter church services, and like Glenda, I don't remember a washing machine like that...or tongs to pull out the clothes. I get tickled when watching TV programs about people from the United States who are looking for homes in England and how they're surprised that so many of the homes don't have clothes dryers, just clothes lines outside. Anyway, thanks for a fun post and I'm glad your snow has gone. Hope you have Spring weather soon.

Southhamsdarling said...

Hallo again Babs! Nice to see you. Well, that’s funny that you have Hot Cross buns where you live. I can’t imagine eating them cold! Isn’t that strange that you didn’t have twin/tub washing machines over there. Mind you, the Americans were way ahead of us when it came to kitchen appliances! I don’t hang my clothes out on a line so much now / I mostly use the tumble dryer, but I remember years ago hanging out the clothes in a line, and your hands used to get so bitterly cold, that it made you cry. Anything for comfort these days 😊. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Post today.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello Diane ... I certainly cannot believe the choice for "Hot Cross buns" too much choice , think they should just have the normal ones. Mind you , I don't eat them but certainly a huge range. I am confused now , I thought we did eat Hot cross buns cold with butter. Never seen them hot and never with clotted cream :-) must be you Cornish people xx

We had to get dressed up Every Sunday , not just Easter .. so annoying having to wear hats ,,

Ah yes the Twin tub , my mum had one of these and those tongs. As for a tumble dryer , I did have one but still hung my washing out , well depended on the weather. My daughter in law hangs her washing up on a dryer and the line , then tumble drys it. Interesting Post. Happy Easter x

Southhamsdarling said...

Hello Anne! Thank you for popping over. I agree that there’s far too much choice of hot cross buns. Well, you can have them cold, of course, but I’ve never done that! Hey! I’m not Cornish - I’m a Devon maid, born and bred!! 😱. I hope you have a good Easter, and I hope you didn’t get the snow again. It looks as if it’s just going to be wet down here! xx

Unknown said...
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