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Monday 2 April 2018

Here’s To Another Year

As I write this, I find it hard to believe that in a week’s time, another birthday will be here.  I often think about my birthday last year, which was a very special one for me.  I’ve put up a new Featured Post, where you can read how I reached that ‘big ‘O’ birthday. Just click on the link at the top of the right hand side bar.  I always think that with each passing year, we appreciate things just that little bit more, and count our blessings just that little bit more. 

 The important thing for all of us to remember is that “age really is just a number” , even more so these days. I think the important thing to do is to surround ourselves with people who uplift us, who make our souls happy and who make life ‘fun’.  It’s not exactly rocket science, is it?,  we also have to look after OURSELVES, and to remember to be gentle with ourselves. We might not always get it right,  but that’s not the end of the world, is it?  


Perhaps it’s better for us not to think about age at all, but to just live in the moment.  Sometimes getting older isn’t quite so easy, but I believe we must embrace it - not look back to what might have been, but to always look for the positives in each day, and, believe me, there are ALWAYS positives. Each year of our life is special and precious. 

So I look forward to this next year with hope and expectation of good things to come.  Despite the weather still being chilly, I decided to go out and make a start on the garden during the Easter weekend.  Here are a few photos, which I hope you will enjoy. 

Hope the week ahead will gradually see warmer weather over here. This Winter seems to be dragging on and on! 

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Suzanne said...

Good Afternoon, Thisisme! Well, it is afternoon in Texas and almost time for me to head toward Scooter's school to pick him up.

I really enjoyed your post and again, seeing the beauty that you are surrounded by. I know your winter has really dragged on, but it has most definitely graced you with lovely blooms. I love Daisies, and your daffodils are so pretty and healthy.

So, you have another year creeping upon you. I must say, you certainly have not aged since I first saw you. In fact, I think some of us get even more attractive as we age. Maybe that has something to do with your comment regarding age as just being a number. Most of the time I actually believe that. I don't always feel my age, but I'm not sure how we should feel at our age! I think our generation has stayed younger for a longer period of time than some of the generations before us!

I know you will have a wonderful Birthday, Thisisme! Try not to have too much fun, haha! Just kidding. Thank you for this lovely post, and have a great "Pre-Birthday" week! Hugs from Texas! ♥

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Suzanne, my Texan friend. What a lovely comment you’ve left for me today. I totally agree with you about how we seem to age better than previous generations. For a start, there was a real generation gap in the clothes that you used to buy. Now I shop in the same shops as my daughters. Perhaps life is a little easier for us women now, especially with all the labour saving gadgets we have available to us. As you say - how SHOULD we feel at our age - although I’m sure you are quite a few years younger than me! Really, the main thing is keeping in good health. If you are blessed with good health, it makes such a difference, and I do count my blessings for that every single day. It’s the two week Easter break over here for the children, and I looked after Eli yesterday and he slept overnight, and I shall look after Ruby tomorrow and she will then sleep,overnight. It works well, as they both get to spend time with grandma on their own, and they also get to spend one on one time with their mummy as well. I shall do the same next week. Thank you for always taking the time to,pop over to see me and leave a comment on the Blog. I’m sure you will let me know about developments elsewhere. Take care my friend. Hugs ❤️

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

HELLO , I am here now :-) Thank you for you lovely comment on my post, I did reply.

I try not to think of my age , it does make you stop and think about life in a different way.

I am much younger in lots of ways than my mum was , when she was my age .. and so different in attitude. No one believes that I sons in the 40's and middle 30's and 5 Grandchildren ♥ And don't forget Olivia called me Gangsta Granny , when I went out for must of the night hahahah..

As the lady above said , "you haven't changed since I met you blogging" and we have certainly stayed younger . Regarding clothes I shop wear I like the clothes :-) Not too young though.

I am sure you will have fabulous celebrations , maybe not like last years but near enough ♥ Take care XX

Southhamsdarling said...

Hallo Anne. So lovely to see you here. Thank you for your comment. Gangsta Granny - I like that!! 😊. I agree that we are indeed younger than our mums were at our different ages. During the day of my birthday, I’m going to the cinema to see A Wrinkle In Time, with my youngest daughter and Eli and Ruby, so I’m looking forward to that 😊. Thank you again for popping over x

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