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Saturday, 28 May 2011

I Wish I Could Come Up With A Really Funky Title !

Can you believe that the weekend is here once again?! I hope you all have a relaxing weekend and manage to find some sunshine. 

My good friend Colenic over at A Smile A Day has passed this on to me, and I am very grateful that she thought of me.  Please go over and say hallo, as she is feeling a bit sad at the moment.  Col was very much looking forward to this weekend as a dear friend whom she has known for 21 years was due to visit.  But, life got in the way, and it wasn't to be.  They had all sorts of things planned to do, so she really could do with a little cheering up right now.

This is quite a simple one, because I just have to pay it forward to five more bloggers, so here goes :

Anne in Oxfordshire - Anne loves to travel and has recently returned from Italy, sharing some wonderful photos with us.  She also does lovely ceramic painting.   I'm sure she would also welcome a visit from you, as she is feeling a bit 'down' at the moment, as her husband is away working again.

Shady Del Knight - It's been a long time since I have handed an Award to Shady, and he certainly deserves this one.  He is always so supporting and encouraging to all his blogging friends, and we all look forward to his comments, which often are really funny.  He puts so much work into his blog, which is all about music of the 60's and his love of the Shady Dell, which was a haven for teenagers in York,  P.A.,  and the magnanimous couple who created it, the late John and Helen Ettline.

Thoughts From Meme's Corner - LV is a very young 81 year old, who intends to be blogging til she reaches 100!  I think it's a real inspiration that she is embracing all this new technology.  If I'm still blogging at 81, I guess I will be one happy lady!

The Giggle Fest - LyndyLou lives up in Elgin, Scotland with her gorgeous son Jack, and her daughter Holly.  Jack needs 24 hour care, but LyndyLou's posts are filled with love and fun.  I think she is an absolute star, and an inspiration to us all.

Sush over at First Do No Harm - this is quite a new friend of mine, and I am enjoying getting to know her.  She is a wife, mum and grandma, and has raised five children.  Her blog posts are full of warmth, and I know you will enjoy meeting her.  One of the things I love is the comment on her profile, that says she is married to the love of her life and, after 39 years of marriage, she still thinks that her husband "hung the moon".  Isn't that wonderful?!

I hope you will enjoy visiting my chosen Blogs.  I think a few of them will be new to you, which is always good.

Enjoy the weekend dear friends, and know that you are loved.



Belle said...

That was a good title, This! It had me wondering if you needed some ideas.
Paying it forward is what is nice about blogging. Everyone is so helpful.
It was cloudy here all day, I'm afraid. But the sun will be back again some day.

Bethe77 said...

Congrats on your award! How wonderful!
WOW! A few new blogs I must go check out and give congrats too. But I will congratulate each one here. What an blessings.
i like the Paying It forward as well!
It is still very wet and rainy here in the PNW and likes to be for the coming week. Im thinking I will have to adjust to this liqid sunshine and will ahve to wait a bit to put away the winter frocks and blankets.

Sush said...

Oh my dear sweet friend across the Pond! How sweet of you to mention me! I welcome any and all friends of yours. I am hoping Blogger repairs whatever is the problem that has taken away my follow button and my followers. Lost identity = a crisis, y'all!
Paying it forward is the continuity of life!
Hugs to you and thank you and have a wondermous weekend!
(and yep he hung the moon, even though sometimes I might need to send him there for a respite)!

Sush said...

PS...Can I admit to how absolutely thrilled I am because this is my very first ever award for blogging! If you only could see this huge grin plastered across my face!
Oh Happy Day and I will Pay It Forward!

Thisisme. said...

Belle - Good to hear from you, as always. Yes, I agree that everyone is always helpful. I enjoy meeting you all so much. Cloudy here again, but the sun must return some time!

Bethe - thank you. You must get very wet on your walks with CK on these rainy days! Let's pray that the sun will shine on all of us soon. It makes such a difference.

Sush - It was a pleasure to mention you my friend, and I do hope that some of 'my' friends will also come and visit you. Hee Hee! I loved that comment about sending him back for respite sometimes. Well, I'm glad he's not perfect ALL the time. LOL!! So glad that you are thrilled with the Award!!

Anonymous said...

Paying it Forward, what a lovely idea! I'm off to visit the blogs you mention. Have a lovely weekend ... :0)

Shady Del Knight said...

Thank you very much for giving me this award, dear friend! I'm having more Blogger problems at the moment. The followers roster has disappeared from my sidebar. It's perplexing but I suppose I will muddle through like you have. I've been hearing about the dreary, cool weather from several friends in the UK. It's hard for me to imagine what you're going through when I've been enduring blazing sunshine and near record heat for quite some time. Let's hope the weatherman is saving all his best for the 11th which is just around the corner. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and happy weekend to you, Thisisme!

Mynx said...

congrats to you and your awardees. This is a great award and it is good to see it passing to lots of bloggers

Thisisme. said...

Shirl - Hi there! I'm so glad that you are going to pop over to the blogs I mentioned. I know they will all be glad to see you.

Shady - hallo dear friend. Yes, this dreary weather is getting a bit much now, but I don't really mind. Because I would hate it to be a heatwave now and then change for that certain date! At least we have a good chance that it MIGHT improve by then! Can't imagine what it must be like to be in that heat all the time. It would be lovely, but I suspect that even that would get a bit wearing after a while!!

Mynx - Hi. Nice to see you and thank you. Yes, I tried to pick a few different names this time! said...

A lovely generous spirited post, as always, and I shall certainly visit the blogs you have recommended.
As for sunshine pfft! zis iz Eengland and a Bonk Holiday so it iz grey and blowy. Wish I'd booked that flight to France today as we had intended.
Have a lovely weekend you sooper dooper person. Off to check out these bloggers now.
ps Congratualtions on the award - you are one blogger who always deserves them. (There have I been nice enough?)

Anonymous said...

What a nice post, and congrat's to your award :) and thank you for suggesting the new blogs, will go and have a look. Very windy over here again, hope the weather is better there. Enjoy your Saturday!
- Hugs -

Thisisme. said...

facing50 - you are so right about the Bank Holiday mon ami! Very windy and thick drizzle down here. Oh happy days!! You have been far TOO nice you little mynx. I shall be thinking that you want something from me if you carry on like that!

Hi Eva Marie. No! I'm afraid it's still very windy here and it's now started to drizzle. Hey ho! It will just mean that you will have to stay in and create some more of your lovely paintings!

Odie Langley said...

Congratulation on the award and it looks like we will have a quiet weekend leading up to the surgery on tuesday. Sometimes quiet is good.

Claudia Moser said...

Congratulations on the award and get ready for a new one :) Check my blog!

Thisisme. said...

Odie - thank you, and I think that a quiet weekend will be just what Linda needs before she goes in for her surgery. You know that I will be praying that all goes well. Take care both of you.

Claudia - thank you. Eeek! I shall pop over to your blog right now :)

becca said...

great choices for the award and congrats again on receiving it

Thisisme. said...

Becca - thank you, and I hope that your weekend is going well.

doreen said...

Congratulations on your award. I am going to go visit all of your picks! I decided one of my goals for this year was to randomly pay it forward and it is really doing me so much good.
Thanks for the visit and the nice comment. I hope you are having a blessed weekend.

Thisisme. said...

Doreen - Hi. It's nice to see you over here! Bit wet and windy over here, but never mind. I'm so pleased that you are going to visit the blogs that I mentioned. Enjoy the rest of the weekend my friend.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I think you came up with an very Funky Title! :-) Our Title of of Post is *supposed* to catch the eye. And yours does.

Wow, an 81 year old blogging gal! I must go see her. It's not often that I (at 74) find someone older than I, blogging. thank you.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Gentle hugs,

Thisisme. said...

Aunt Amelia's Attic - Well, I'm sure glad that the title grabbed your attention!! Yes, I know - 81 and blogging. I think it's fantastic. Do pop over and say hallo.

Bouncin' Barb said...

I'm not surprised in the least This. You are very loved. Congrats to everyone!

lyndylou said...

Congrats and thank you for the award!
Have a lovely weekend :)

Thisisme. said...

Bouncin'Barb - thank you, but you are loved more!!

lyndylou - thank you. Hope the weather is much better up there than it is down here for this Bank Holiday weekend!

LV said...

You cannot imagine how excited I was when Carol dropped by for a visit and said you had given me an award. I am honored that you thought of me in this way. Also, pleased that you have my button on your sidebar. Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness and kindness. I will gladly pass this award to five others. Now, I feel I have a new friend all the ay from United Kingdom. Take care until we meet again.

colenic said...

aww...thanks sweetie...I was checking my email on my phone today and a whole bunch of people that I don't know posted on my blog and then I realized they were coming from you....they all put smiles on my faces today...thanks for youe kind words....hugs!!

Thisisme. said...

LV - it was my pleasure to pass the Award on to you, and I'm pleased that Carol popped over to say hallo. You will like her - she is a very funny lady!! Sending you warm wishes from over here in England!

Colenic - Hi there. Yes, that was when Blogger was going haywire, and I had to comment as Anonymous :( I hope you're feeling a bit brighter now, after the disappointment of your friend's visit. Take care.

Chatty Crone said...

You are one sweet dude. sandie

Thisisme. said...

Thank you! You're obviously catching up on all your blog reading!