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Monday, 30 May 2011

Thank you Claudia!

Hi all my little bloggy friends.  It's Monday today, and I hope to be able to get out and do some work in the garden .  I've planted up quite a few pots, but still have more to do.  Trouble is, it's still so cold out there (even though we're nearly in June) that I don't really have the heart to do it, but do it I must!!

That is just a taster, because I've done about twenty five so far!  They will look better in a couple of weeks when the flowers come out a bit more.  At least the cold weather has put a stop to my roses for a while, which is good news for me.  There are hundreds in bud, so they should come out just when I need them to!

A week after the wedding, we are holding a Midsummer Cream Tea (with musical accompaniment) in the garden, in aid of Children's Hospice South West, so we hope to raise quite a lot of money then. 

I am delighted to say that my friend Claudia (The Story) has awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award (along with quite a few others), so thank you for that Claudia.  Every one is much appreciated.  Claudia lives in Germany at the moment with her husband, Peter, but originates from Romania.  She took part in and completed the recent A - Z challenge, and is now carrying out the Z - A challenge!  This challenge has a musical theme, and she has introduced us to some lovely musical artists and some very unusual musical instruments. 

For this Award, I have to come up with ten things about myself, which is getting quite hard as I have listed several things on other occasions.  Maybe I should just refer back to those posts - ?? Well, I will have a go!

For our evening meal tonight, we will be having baby new potatoes, roasted cherry tomatoes, asparagus and British pork parcels with a rosemary, sage & onion stuffing, wrapped in smoked prosciiutto.

I will be going to my Book Club tonight, and we will be discussing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.  This is the first book of a trilogy, although it stands as a story on its own.  I have seen this particular book in the bestsellers list for a long time, but it just never appealed to me, even though I didn't know what it was about!  Well, I have now finished it and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I found it to be a real page turner.

I love taking photographs (as you have probably realized from all the ones I post on my blog!).  If I had my time over again, I would definitely like to train as a professional photographer. 

I took piano lessons from the age of nine, but I don't play any longer.  I can only play by reading the music.  I am very envious of anyone who can just sit down and play a tune by ear.

I love anything that is retro or vintage, which is good, as these things are all around us at the moment!

I'm a real lover of 60's music and love bopping around to my Juke Box.

I trained to be a Masseuse just after my 50th birthday, after working in admin all my life. (Actually, I'm almost sure that I've told you that one before!).

I am an avid reader and always have a book (and sometimes two) on the go.

When I was training as a secretary back in the good old days (hee hee!), my shorthand speed was 130 words per minute, and my typing speed was 100 words a minute.  Actually, my fingers still fly over the computer keys pretty rapidly now!!

I am going on holiday with a friend in September to Majorca, which is a very pretty island.

Phew! That's ten.  Sorry I couldn't make them a bit more interesting for you!

Well, my lovely little bloggy friends, I will leave you again for now, but look forward to seeing you again soon.

“The steeper the mountain
The harder the climb
The better the view
From the finishing line”.

Ooops! Nearly forgot - I have to pass The Versatile Blogger Award on, and I am going to give it to five people :

All of the above certainly deserve an Award, and I hope they enjoy it!  Now I really am going!!


Desiree said...

You are such a wonderful sport, Diane! You ALMOST make me feel guilty for being such a wet blanket...but actuslly, no, it really does suit me to be this way ;)

Congrats on your umpteenth new you still keep a tally on them all? I really loved the 10 things you shared and the absolutely delightful way in which you did, too :)

I honestly think you are quite amazing...with a wedding and a fund raiser just around the corner, I'd be a nervous wreck by seem to take it all so comfortably in your sride...still finding time to blog and leave thoughtful comments...I honestly wonder how you do it all? Are you by any chance a modern Mary Poppins with a magic umbrella tucked away?

We are in the throes of a typical Western Cape winter's day...cold, wet, blustery and gloomy. It was like this all weekend and will continue through to Wednesday. This is our rainy season and our dams are really low, so every drop counts in getting them full in time for summer.

Big hug,
Des xoxo

Sush said...

Hi ThisIsMe...
So one thing I've found out that wasn't it your ten but is in the comment above. You are Diane! What a lovely name, one I've always thought of as romantic.

I read the first two of the Steig Larsson books last summer and thought they were wonderful as well. A tad dark, but Oh the intrigue! Am waiting for the third in paperback. Retirees count their pennies!

I too am in awe of your organizational skills. A Garden Wedding would have me around the bend, but a fundraiser to boot???? You Go Girl!

A masseuse? Well if only you were around the corner! Although I have a friend who trained as a masseuse she says since I've had three back surgeries she won't touch me. Sigh...

If anyone ever deserves awards- from my vantage point standing atop a mountain of is you!

Rock on, may I say...Diane?!?

Bethe77 said...

Congrats on your awars. Which I do beleive you so richly deserve.
I love all the little tidbits you leave for us about you.
I know how you feel about yoru graden adn not wanting to do it. As I feel that way about my little patio. I will work on it this week. It is just gettign much to late in the season. I wont have any pretty flowers unless I do.
How wonderful to have a tea to raise some funds for a wonderful cause.
Your plate is full with wedding up coming a tea and gardening so all will look beautiful for thsoe events. A vacation that surely will be well earned and deserved.
Love the picture of the rose on your banner.
Congrats to all your selcted winners as well.

Duncan D. Horne said...

You have a blooming lovely garden! One day I'll have one like that too...

Duncan In Kuantan

Thisisme. said...

Desiree - My goodness, such wonderful comments. My head will be so big, I won't be able to get through the door in a minute!! I can assure you that I am not amazing in any way, shape or form! I just plod along in the best way I can! My trouble is, I always want everything to look perfect, and I want everything to be perfect for everybody else, which is silly and puts a lot of pressure on. I so wish that I was much more laid back about things. But there you are, we are what we are!! Thank you again for such kind comments dear friend. x

Sush - Yes, thisisme is Diane! I'll admit it! You have also left me such an awesome comment, that it makes me feel quite humble. I had to give up on the massage when I had two operations on my back, which is a shame, and I won't have a massage now, because I'm afraid that it might upset things, so your friend is probably right! Thank you again. Hugs.

Bethe - Here you are, leaving a lovely comment as usual. It's raining today at the moment, so I won't be doing any gardening, unless it brightens up a bit! :(

Thisisme. said...

Duncan - oh, very good my friend!! Thank you. It does take a lot of looking after, that's the only thing!

Shady Del Knight said...

Cold, Thisisme? It's so hard for me to believe it's cold where you are at the end of May when it's sizzling here. Your garden's coming along beautifully, however, and I hope your roses follow your wishes and explode into full bloom on the 11th. I found it interesting that you are a speedy typist. So am I! When I worked in TV news people used to stand behind me mystified as my fingers raced around the keyboard. Everybody said I was the fastest they had ever seen. Congratulations on another award! The new post that I just published salutes you and Belle for recent honors that the two of you have given to me. I treasure our friendship Thisisme! Have a wonderful day!

Thisisme. said...

Shady - Hi! Yes, it must be just as strange for you to think of me shivering over here, as it is for me to think of you over there in such heat! It would be nice if we could meet in the middle somewhere! Gosh, imagine what a pair we would have made in the news room, with our little fingers leaping over the keys at a great rate of knots!! Enjoy the warmth my dear friend.

SkippyMom said...

I always knew you were a woman of many talents :wink: - and I remember shorthand too. Those were the days! I hated typing class in high school but I have to say it was one of the more valuable skills I took to college and out into life.

The garden is coming along beautifully - it is almost like waiting for Christmas to see what it will look like on THE day! eek

How many more weeks is there until the wedding.

Have a wonderful Monday. Hugs!

Odie Langley said...

OMG has blogger been busy and fixed it's problems. I am finding more posts that I can comment. Thisisme it is always fun to learn new things about my friends and this was great. Our monday is just getting started as it is only 7 AM. We will be leaving shortly for Rocky Mount to let Rocky get a much needed "pedicure" before visiting Aunt Katie & Polly. Have a wonderful rest of your monday.

Thisisme. said...

Skippy - fancy you doing shorthand as well! I can still remember a lot of short-forms, even now!! The wedding will be a week this coming Saturday (11th June) - Eeek!

Odie - well, how lovely to have you back my friend. I/m sure a lot of people have been missing your comments, but so glad that it's now been fixed for you. Looks like you have a busy day planned - enjoy! Will be thinking of Linda tomorrow and hope all goes well for her.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

A September holiday on Majorca! Oh me, oh my, oh mercy! What a delightful thing to look forward to!

May I please "hide-out" in your luggage and tag along? :-)))))))))

Now THAT is a mind-picture! Me! Squashed in and *hiding-out*, packed away in your suitcase. -giggles- Impossible, but I still like the thought of trying. LOL...

Gentle hugs...

Thisisme. said...

Aunt Amelia - you ARE silly, but your comment did make me smile!!! Hee Hee! Yes, I think I will be ready for a lovely holiday by then!

Glenda Manus said...

It's no wonder that I love all of your posts! A lot of your "10" could have been written by me - we do have a good bit in common even though we're an ocean away. Your garden is lovely - your roses will be beautiful and your guests will be so lucky to have such a witty and charming hostess. Don't ever give up writing - you would be sorely missed.

And thanks again for your comments on my blog. It takes time out of your day to comment and you are always so thoughtful to do so.

Thisisme. said...

Glenda - thank you so much for your lovely comments. That's good that we have quite a lot in common my friend! Gosh, I will try to be witty and charming on the wedding day! I suspect that I will be too busy chasing around after the two little grandchildren!! Hee Hee!Haven't heard much about Olive & Rube lately! I hope they're doing okay.

Belle said...

I've always thought it would be such fun to be in a Book Club. Your garden looks lovelier every time I see it! I'm sure the roses will be spectacular.
It's wonderful you are having a charity event in your garden after the wedding. What a blessing!

Thisisme. said...

Belle = Hi. Yes, belonging to a Book Club is great fun. It is always a really nice social evening as well, as we have a glass of wine and some nibbles. It has made me read books that I wouldn't normally read, and I'm thoroughly enjoying reading and discussing the books.

Glenda Manus said...

Those grandchildren can give you a run for your money, can't they? Olive and Rube have ventured out a bit from their safety zone - but she always brings her back at night, somehow knowing that the close proximity of the house (and guard dog) will deter predators. Will blog on her in a day or two.

Thisisme. said...

Glenda - thank you for coming back again and giving me a progress report on Olive and 'my' little chick!

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late today, but here I am. That are some lovely flowers, you must have been busy today ;) They look lovely. Reminds me that I have to get my things in motion and do some freshing up in our garden, but it's still too cold out...where's the sunny weather?

Congrats on your new award, love the things you shared :)

Have a lovely evening my friend

Thisisme. said...

Eva Marie - thank you so much for popping over this evening. Yes, still chilly here and been damp all day, but it did brighten up late afternoon. Think it's going to get warmer at the end of the week! I'm glad you enjoyed the things that I shared today.

Chatty Crone said...

Congrats on your award. And that's right - is the wedding at your house and that is what you need the roses for? So exciting. I love the purple...

Bouncin' Barb said...

First of all, everything about you is interesting! Second, that dinner sounds mouthwatering. Last, make sure to read the other two books in the trilogy. I loved them. Hated to see them end and sad Larrsen(?) died so there will be no more.

LV said...

Nice to learn more about you. I was an Executive Secretary back in my young day, but never could type or take dedication at that speed. You are a very smart lady.

Thisisme. said...

Chatty - It's the wedding reception that is being held in our garden, so, yes, that's why I want it looking good! Obviously, we're praying for a dry day as well!

Bouncin'Barb - you are too kind my friend! Yes, the dinner was rather tasty, I must admit. (Now how come you were the only one to comment on the food ??! Hee Hee). My daughter had all three books for Christmas, so I will definitely be reading the other two. I thought it was great, and, as you say, sad that he died so young, before he knew what bestsellers they turned out to be.

LV - Executive Secretary! WoW! That sounds good to me!