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Monday, 16 May 2011

Didn't He Do Well!

Here I am again, after my little sojourn up to Stratford upon Avon and then The Flower & Garden Show yesterday.

Hubby picked my friend and I up from the coach late last evening, and as we drove up the drive, I noticed that he had a very smug smirk on his face.  Now this could mean one of two things, either he's been eating sausages and bacon all the time I've been away, and hasn't put the loo seat down, OR he's been up to something!

Well, I had a very nice surprise, as he had power-washed all the patio in the front of the house (quite a large area) and painted all the slabs a nice sandstone colour.  The area had really been looking a bit grubby over the past twelve months, but it was now so bright and gleaming, that I had to put my sunglasses on!  So the jobs are gradually being ticked off now for a certain event in June - the countdown will soon begin!  Eeek!

When my friend and I last went on a weekend trip, the tour guide was pointing out all these things to us as we went along.  Of course, we were busy nattering away, not taking a bit of notice.  Then, heaven forbid, on the way back, she gave us a quiz on all the things she had been talking about.  Needless to say, we let ourselves down quite badly on that occasion. 

BUT, this time we were prepared and, complete with A4 pieces of paper and pens at the ready, we proceeded to scribble down every name, every place, every little nugget of information that was being thrown at us.  Oh, we felt so good all weekend, knowing that we would be getting 100% in the quiz on the way home.

What are those sayings, "never count your chickens...." and "how the mighty are fallen....".  We DID have a quiz on the way back and my friend and I were squirming in our seats with excitement.  (Well, we don't get out much! LOL!!).  The first question was read out, "what is the largest organ in the body?"  Okay, I did know that one, but didn't remember her telling us about it on the way up.  Second question, "name Henry VIII's third wife."  Now I know that Henry VIII certainly hadn't been mentioned the previous day.  Turns out it was a General Knowledge Quiz!  That will teach us to be so flipping clever.

I will post a few photos for your tomorrow.  It's good to be back.


Belle said...

I love how you can read your husband's face! How nice he got that big job done. That was sooo funny about the quiz on the bus. I'm still chuckling.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hi, Thisisme! I'm late commenting because I just returned home from another doctor visit and assorted errands. It's nice to find you back on your blog. Everybody's still getting back up to speed following the recent Blogger shutdown. That was so nice of your hubby to freshen things up in advance of the wedding. I hope the weatherman is equally cooperative when the time comes. Have a wonderful day, dear friend!

Desiree said...

This is hilarious! I can just picture the two of you, feeling so smug (two little school girls all over again, dying to get the teacher's attention!) - shame! What a blow! I'm going to spend the rest of the evening chuckling about this :)

Great stuff, Hubby!!! Now, when do we get to see some piccies of his handiwork? I promise I'll wear my dark glasses too :)

So glad you had such a good time away...looking forward to hearing all about it, in detail ;)

You of course know where F50 got to now! After sneaking away from us so slyly! I wasn't able to trail her this time...guess that was her plan all along, hey?

It's great to have you back, too!!!

Big hug,
Des xoxo

Chatty Crone said...

She tricked you! HA HA! Sounds like a great time.

SkippyMom said...

I bet it looks spectacular. YAY for Hubby! :D

I, too, am giggling at the general knowledge quiz. Heehee Sorry about but I bet you did quite well.

Thisisme. said...

Belle - yes, I can certainly read my husband's face in any given situation!!! He has been wonderful doing all these jobs I must admit, and he hasn't complained at all. Glad I gave you a smile today about the quiz!

Shady - I'm getting a little worried about you now, dear friend. I do hope that you are okay after visiting the doctor again. Yes, I am also hoping that the weatherman will be co-operative on the big day. We don't want little Alfred getting wet, do we?!

Desiree - yes, it was rather funny, and we did have a chuckle to ourselves!! (As you say, we were like two little schoolgirls again! LOL!). I'll see if I can take some photos of hubby's handiwork. Yes, F50 was very sly this time, wasn't she? We'll have to keep a closer eye on her!!

Chatty - she tricked us indeed! Boo!!

Thisisme. said...

SkippyMom - hi there! Yes, hubby did a great job and I was very pleased. Well, I'm glad I'm giving you all a smile today about the quiz! We were well and truly HAD!!

Kristina said...

Sounds like a great time! Sounds like that quiz was quite comical. Too funny! :) Yay for the hubby's accomplishments!

Becca's Dirt said...

Sounds like a fun girl time. So glad that blogger finally decided to act right for now anyway. Blogger is irritating at times.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Wow your hubby did do well :-) :-) I think it is great when they just decide to do something , that they know will plesed us a lot .. but hey you have the wedding coming up , so maybe that spurred him on!.. yep I love the quiz story too :-) can just imagine you and your friend ha ha

Gawgus things... said...

Too many sausages and bacon - LOL! Nice surprise to find the stones had been cleaned. You should leave him on his own more often :) Ha, ha! So funny about the quiz - that'll teach you to try and be teacher's pet!!

Claudia Moser said...

You seem so happy after the weekend, great time, great surprise and a great laugh for me to finish a long day :) thank you!

Olive Cooper said...

Tim, I would not be happy about those quizzes! I wish we could get some power washing done here. Your event is getting a lot of tasks taken care of that's for sure. ♥O

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

kudos to hubby for getting the chore done! i'm sure that it looks awesome out there.

love the quiz. hehehe!

Thisisme. said...

Kristina - thank you for dropping by and, yes, we had a lovely weekend. Always nice to have time away with a girlfriend.

Becca's Dirt - nice to see you over here, Becca! Yes, it was a fun time.

Anne in Oxfordshire - Yes, the wedding is certainly keeping his mind focused on what needs to be done!! Yes, my friend and I were gutted about the quiz! LOL!!

Gawgus things - well, I know what he's like when I'm away. Eats all the wrong things, but probably thinks he's in heaven! Hee Hee! Yes, I never was teacher's pet!!

Claudia - well my friend, I'm so glad I made you smile at the end of a long day.

Olive - yes, everything's being done at a great rate of knots here! We just thought it taught us a lesson about the quiz! Serves us right for trying to be so clever. Hee Hee!

Teresa - yes, he did very well whilst I was away enjoying myself. Hope all is well with you. Not so good going back to work, I don't expect!

Anonymous said...

It was really enjoyable reading your post, I was laughing away for myself while reading about the quizze's lol Glad to hear you had a lovely time and so much looking forward to see the pictures. And a shiny clean patio, that's Lovely :)

Odie Langley said...

Glad you had such a good time and to come home to that grand surprise was awesome. The sausage and bacon seemed pretty good to me.

EmptyNester said...

My husband would never think to do anything like that- you're one lucky lady!

I was laughing so hard at the quiz! Sounds just like something my BFF and I would do! What fun!

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

Ha ha you got fooled again with the quiz but really isn't always the way. Great that hubby did all that work while you where away, it would have been a nice surprise.

On My Soapbox said...

Men can be so funny! We just have to make sure to praise them for everything.... But when we do things (projects, chores, etc.), do they say anything about it? Nooooooo!

Thisisme. said...

Eva Marie - I'm glad you enjoyed the post! My friend and I thought we were being SO clever!! LOL!

Odie - Thank you. Now why did I know that the sausages and bacon would appeal to you my friend??!!

EmptyNester - Yes, I guess I am lucky! I should probably show my appreciation more often, but I did say how lovely it all looked! Yes, it's fun when us girlfriends get together, isnt it?!

Jo Anne Mother and Nana - yes, we couldn't believe it when she started to ask the questions!!

On My Soapbox - oh my goodness, you are SO right! Yes, we do have to praise them when they do anything, but everything we do usually goes unnoticed! Very strange!!

flowers on my table said...

How funny that you thought your hubby had been eating sausages and bacon, that's what mine would do too! How lovely of him to surprise you though.You are funny, I can just imagine your faces when the quiz got into full swing and you realised that you didn't have it covered. Oh well, c'est la vie! Love Linda x

Bouncin' Barb said...

It's the little surprises that mean the most to me This. Sounds like you're the same. I get so excited when I notice a picture hung up or dinner on the stove while I was napping. Sounds like we have great men!!

becca said...

yay fir hubby and sounds like you have a very lovely friend