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Friday, 11 November 2011

11/11/11 - Remembrance Day.

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the  11th month every year here in Great Britain, we commemorate Remembrance Day, in honour of all those men and women  that have lost their lives in wars from the First World War right up to the current time, when so many are losing their lives (or suffering terrible injuries) in the war in Afghanistan.

We must never forget the ultimate sacrifice that they paid.

Remembrance Day art

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Poppies

Canada - Remembrance Day

Newsround Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Subway Art

field of poppies for remembrance day

All the images above are from Pinterest.

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, marks the signing of the Armistice, on the 11th November, 1918, to signal the end of the First World War.  At that time, the guns on the western front fell silent after more than four years continuous warfare.

Remembrance Sunday is always held on the 2nd Sunday of November, which is usually the nearest Sunday to the 11th November.  Special Services are held at Churches and War Memorials all over Great Britain, and a national Service takes place at The Cenotaph, Whitehall in London.  The Queen always lays the first wreath of poppies.

The Cenotaph in Whitehall.

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them."
Fourth stanza of 'For the Fallen' by Laurence Binyon (1869 - 1943)


Belle said...

Beautiful post, Diane. I had two uncles serve in World War ll. Stan Machan, a Commander in the Canadian Navy, came home, but Jack Conlin died in France from a sniper's bullet. My sister Liz served in the Gulf War.

I have always been thankful to them for fighting and making the world a better place. I appreciate everyone in the military. Thank you for honoring them.

chambanachik said...

Love this. Interesting to see England's remembrance (Veterans Day to us here).

Bethe77 said...

Lovely post and honour to thsoe who serve anbd gave the ultimate price.
Thank you to each one.

Claudia Moser said...

A great post, sad in so many ways, but we should never forget!

Daydream Living said...

Morning! I love the way people in the UK remember their fallen ones, with a simple poppy everyone knows and remembers...
hope you have a good weekend,
Maureen x

Thisisme. said...

Belle - thank you my friend. Your family have certainly done their bit for their country. It must have been a worrying time for you when Liz was serving in the Gulf War. Both hubby and I lost a grandfather in the First World War, so we never knew them.

chambanachik - thank you. Yes, I have learnt about Veterans Day since I have been blogging.

Bethe - It is right that we honour and remember each and every one of those brave men and women who died whilst serving their country.

Claudia - hear hear!

Maureen - hallo. Lovely to see you here today! Yes, that simple poppy means so much and we all wear them with pride at this time. Have a lovely weekend.

Shady Del Knight said...

Yes it's 11-11-11, Thisisme, and both of our countries are honoring our men and woman in uniform. Our observance was once known as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day and is now called Veterans Day. War is unfathomable and the sacrifices of those courageous individuals who put duty to their country ahead of themselves and their families is truly remarkable. I still can't get over Belle's sister Liz taking part in the Gulf War! Have a splendid day, dear friend!

Shelly said...

The selfless bravery of soldiers always inspires me. May we never, ever forget.

orchid said...

Dearest Dian,
My hubby and I was just talking about "11.11.11" was wonderful.
And never knew about your "Remembrance Day". Sure important to have a opportunity to think about the sacrifice from the war,isnt it!!!
In Japan, August 15th is "the anniversary of the end of the Pacific War"
As you may know (somewhere from my blog), my father hasn't talked about his experiences in the war.
Thank you very much letting us know.
Much Love, my friend, Miyako*

PS> As for the Soba plates. It is not so much tough job to wash them becase no oil is contained. Just I need to dry them well. But many pans and sieves should be washed(*^_^*)
Night Night from Japan,

Thisisme. said...

Shady - hallo my friend. It's always so good that you take the time to pop across to see me - a true friend indeed! As you say, war is unfathomable, and I just can't imagine what they must have gone through, especially in the First and Second World Wars. My poor mum was bombed in the house that my dad and her used to live in, during the Blitz of Plymouth, and my dad had to help dig her out. The house and contents were all completely destroyed. Take care my friend.

Shelly - you are so right. We must never forget the sacrifice that they made for us. I pray that we never have to go through another war in our homelands.

Eva Ason said...

What a nice post Diane. And I agree with the others, we shouldn't forget.
The weather is dreadful over here today.

Have a lovely day my friend!

Hugs x

Thisisme. said...

Orchid - I guess you can understand why your father never wanted to talk about his war experiences. It must have been pretty ghastly for all those who had to live through it, on all sides. That is interesting to see that you commemorate the end of The Pacific War. Oh! Thank you for the information about the Soba plates! Night night my friend from the East.

Eva - Not long to go now, and you will be homeward bound from your office, for the weekend. :) Yes, we must never forget what those poor souls went through. Weather pretty lousy over here as well :( Enjoy your weekend, and sending hugs your way.

Gawgus things... said...

We've just seen the memorial service in Paris - it's a bank holiday here so people can pay their respects and reflect..

Susan said...

Oh, Thisisme! This is great. I love your pictures and story. I had read a little about Armistice day-didn't realize it had been around so long. And I remember the poppies, mom always got us one to wear. Our President says he's going to bring our soldiers home by next year-I hope so. It makes no sense to me! I'm happy to be able to see and learn about your special days and holidays, that are much like ours! Thank you! And have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Shady Del Knight said...

I just read your comment and was horrified to learn about your mother's terrible ordeal. Mrs. Miniver is one of my favorite films and tells the story of an English family's life during the Blitz. Have you seen it?

Thisisme. said...

Gawgus - nice that the French people had the day off to reflect....

Susan - it is always such a pleasure to see you here and read your generous comments. It is nice to learn all these different things about each other's Countries through blogging, isn't it? I am learning quite a lot I must admit. Blessings to you my friend.

Shady - Dear Tom, how kind of you to come back and leave another comment. Yes, I have seen Mrs Miniver and also loved it! Plymouth got hit very badly because the Dockyard is here with all the ships and fuel tanks. It was completely ablaze for days. My dad had to go to this place to claim for their household items and was told that there was no way that they could have had a nice home like that. Fortunately, my mum had kept every single receipt in a metal box, so all was well in the end, but imagine how he felt when he was first told that, after all the trauma that they had gone through. Hugs my friend.

Shady Del Knight said...

Hugs to you and good night, dear Thisisme!

Thisisme. said...

Shady - night night!!

Grammy Goodwill said...

Thanks for such a beautiful post. "Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it." (I don't know who said this.)

Thisisme. said...

Grammy - thank you my friend. I loved that quote that you put in with your comment. I have never heard it before, but it certainly makes sense!

becca said...

beautiful post on this day of the year

Thisisme. said...

Becca- thank you, and thank you for always coming over to visit me! Enjoy your weekend.

Retired English Teacher said...

Thanks for this beautiful post.

Katherines Corner said...

beautifully written sweet Diane. Prayers sent to all. Big Hugs xo

Thisisme. said...

Retired English Teacher - Hi Sally. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, and I hope that your weekend is going well.

Katherines Corner - As you say, prayers for all those concerned, and for the parents and friends of those who are still fighting today in Afghanistan. Take care.

Facing50.Blog said...

I always get a huge lump in my throat at this time of the year. My father was in the army all his life so we always paid tribute when he was alive and I have ever since.
I live near the National Arboretum Memorial and I can't walk around it without crying.
Beautiful post Diane.

Thisisme. said...

Facing50 - Hi Carol. Yes, it is a very emotional time, isn't it? I certainly wouldn't want a son of mine or grandson joining up now really. It must be such a worry when they're posted to Afghanistan. But I suppose I would be proud at the same time. xx

Chatty Crone said...

So true - I don't want to forget or take for granted all the veterans have done for us. sandie

Natasha in Oz said...

This is a beautiful tribute Diane. Thank you for sharing the English side of the day with your International friends. My children had a minute's silence at their school and we all wore poppies.

Hope you have had a great week. Best wishes for a happy Sunday and a fabulous week ahead!


Thisisme. said...

Chatty - I so agree with you my friend. We owe them all such a lot, and to think what they went through. We see young soldiers now coming home from Afghanistan with horrendous injuries and loss of limbs.

Natasha - Always lovely to see you over here! I think that's lovely that they are holding the minutes silence in school, so that this remembrance can be carried on with the new generation . Have a good week after all your birthday celebrations!