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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hi  everyone. The Easter holiday is now over and on we go with Spring, full of new life everywhere, and the hope of a wonderful summer season in front of us, when I hope that we will all will be blessed with blue skies and sunshine.

Easter Sunday dawned with blue skies and sunshine, and all went well with the Easter Egg hunt out in the garden.  Eli was so good, and just picked up his own little eggs, pointing out to Ruby where she could find some.  Ruby on the other hand wasn't averse to just picking up a little pile, without leaving any for Eli!! (Tears WERE shed, just for a moment.  I couldn't resist sharing  this photo with you today where you might just spot a tear on Ruby's face, but I will be showing you some more photos in my Sunday Snaps feature on Sunday.)

Of course, the country is now gearing up to two huge events this coming Summer, being the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics.  I expect there will be street parties held throughout the land and a general feeling of the country pulling together, which can be no bad thing.  In these recessionary times, we all need a bit of feel-good factor to keep us all going.

Red, white and blue bunting is everywhere in the shops now and I'm sure within a couple of months, the whole country will be going mad!!  We're a pretty reserved bunch over here, but we can let our hair down when there is something important going on.

I can still remember the Royal Wedding which was held in April of last year, with everyone being so happy and full of joy.  That event really did bring the whole country together.

I think it's lovely that as the Queen visits every part of the United Kingdom as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations, she is keen to be accompanied by members of her family, both young and old.

Princess Beatrice Visits York with the Queen
This is Princess Beatrice, one of the Queen's granddaughters, who accompanied her Gran (as they call her) on the visit to York. I actually think that this is a lovely photo - she must have been having lessons from Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, because, I don't know if you will remember, but she was vilifed at the wedding of William and Kate because of the ridiculous outfit and hat she was wearing!

The Queen unveiled the first commemorative Jubilee Greenway disc outside Buckingham Palace ©PA

I hope you are all keeping well, and I'll look forward to seeing you again on Sunday.

What Is a Grandma?
A grandma is warm hugs and sweet memories. She remembers all of your accomplishments and forgets all of your mistakes. She is someone you can tell your secrets and worries to, and she hopes and prays that all your dreams come true. She always loves you, no matter what. She can see past temper tantrums and bad moods, and makes it clear that they don't affect how precious you are to her. She is an encouraging word and a tender touch. She is full of proud smiles. She is the one person in the world who loves you with all her heart, who remembers the child you were and cherishes the person you've become. ~Barbara Cage~


SkippyMom said...

Your Queen is much admired throughout the world, as well she should be. [I do realize, as with any figurehead she has her detractors] but she has been such a presence and a strength her entire life. She takes the "business" of being Queen very seriously. Well, anyway that is what I have seen and studied through the years and I really like her. I think it is fabulous that she is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this year and it is a treat to see her visiting with her children and grandchildren. You are right! Beatrice cleans up nice. :) I always thought she had her Dad's smile and should play that up instead of some the clown clothes/antics she has pulled through the years.
We love the Olympics and watch it every night together. It is going to be especially fun that it is in England this go round. Will you be attending any events or celebrations? I am most excited for the opening ceremonies and swimming. :)

Enjoy your Spring and Summer. It is SURE to be a happy time. :)

Shelly said...

What precious pictures of the kids- even though little Ruby does look momentarily put out.

I think very highly of your queen. She is hardworking, no-nonsense, and has the best interests of the country always at heart. I think William and Kate together are magical (don't know as much for Charles and Camilla) and I think they will be great at the helm when their time comes. That the Queen is so keen on the younger generations of her family is a wonderful thing, as well.

Is Prince Phillip as gruff and rude as they make him out to be? He's also quite hard working.

Shady Del Knight said...

This is a lovely post, dear Thisisme! It begins with the heartwarming header picture of the grandchildren hunting Easter eggs. I'm happy to know that Eli helped Ruby to find some. If she wound up with most of the eggs in her basket then I can't imagine why she became upset. Was it because she was told she'd have to share some with her brother? At her age it's hard to grasp the concept of selflessness. They're both adorable and I look forward to seeing more of them on Sunday Snaps (along with a couple of my friend Alfred). I'm glad to know that a festive mood prevails in England and that the country is becoming united because of the major events unfolding. Not so in the USA where a presidential election coupled with violent acts being investigated as racially motivated hate crimes are threatening to divide Americans as badly as we were four years ago. "Love is the answer," sang John Lennon. I wish we would all remember that. Have a fine Wednesday, dear friend Thisisme!

Odie Langley said...

From what I've seen it seems everyone had a great Easter weekend this year and the weather was kind in so many places.
I guess you will be having plenty of blog material with all the celebrating that is coming up soon. How close will you be to the Olympics?
It is early over here, 7 AM Wednesday but it appears we will be having another beautiful day. Hope you have the same.

Linda O'Connell said...

Diamond Jubilee and Olympics, wow your country will be in the spotlight. Your Easter with the grandchildren looks spectacular. We had wondeful weather here, too.

Claudia Moser said...

I was actually considering to come to the Olympics, but it is rather expensive, since I am convinced that it would be a great event!

Bouncin Barb said...

After seeing those beautiful children on Easter, I can't help but adore your "What Is A Grandma?". It's so true isn't it? It's my proudest job in life. Great post too regarding your country and the celebrations to happen. Sounds fun and very meaningful. I'm still unpacking but I need a break here and there!! Hugs my awesome friend.

Chatty Crone said...

So the Olympics are going to be helt there too. And Beatrice looks much better. And you are right about grandmas - so much more fun to be a grandma!!! And your grands are so cute. sandie

Olive Cooper said...

Your wee kiddo is so sweet and I adore those polka dot stockings. I just bought Joe a large foot stool(they called it a pouf) with your flag on top of it and we love it. The Union Jack is a lovely flag. Must get photos out on the blog soon.

Retired English Teacher said...

The Queen looks quite jubilant in the photos of her that you shared with us. I would love to come over for all the celebrations. Sigh... No traveling will be done for a bit, but I sure would love to be over there to see all the bunting, the souvenirs, and to join in the festivities.

Ruby is so cute. I love her darling leggings.

becca said...

what a cute pic of Ruby and glad you had a great Easter weekend. Plus i love the poem about Grandmas gave a copy to me my she loved it

Denise said...

That's such a hugable Granddaughter you have,She is beautiful.One of My daughters announced Easter She is pregnant again.So excited, will be My 10th Grandbaby,I'm on a roll!Wonder how many I'll end up with.I love hearing about all things British-Queen ect.Keep us all informed,we love it.

Glenda said...

Your sweet snap of Ruby tell much more that a hundred words could tell. Look at that sweet face with the one lone tear. Adorable.

We're fascinated over here by your Royal family. And the Queen is always so poised and well dressed. I love her hats! Are hats really worn a lot in England? Or only in the Royal family?

orchid said...

Dearest Diane,
Oh, sweetest, adorable Ruby♡♡♡ How wonderful being a grandma and being able to see them grow. Such a blessed feeling in life, isn't it♬♬♬
This year sure must be a wonderful year♪ I share he same respect for ourimperial family. I need to check "Diamond Jubilee", hehe.

PS> I really am grateful for your kind and encouraging comments and Iam doing my best. Always thankful for your sweetness, my friend. Have a lovely week, xoxo Miyako*

Belle said...

We had the Winter Olympics in our province two years or so ago and it was such an exciting time! I'm happy for your country and people that you have two events to celebrate. I always admired how the Queen and her family acted during the second World War. They were an inspiration.

Poor little Ruby. Learning to share is hard. :( But she will get the hang of it soon. God bless, dear friend.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I admire the Queen she is amazing for her age and still works so hard for the country. A lovely tribute to the good old UK.

Eva Ason said...

Hi Diane, I remember when the Queen visited Ireland last year, it was nice. I like your post today, a nice tribute for your country and queen :) I apologize for being a bit late visiting, but a lot is going on in my life right now...Hope you're having a good week!
Big hugs to you my friend xx


EmptyNester said...

What a lovely poem! And that little Ruby- what a sweetheart! Can't wait to see more photos! Yes, I like family photos whether they're of my family or not. :) Did I tell you that Birdie and her boytoy (Evwardo) are coming to England in July. It's before the Olympics, thankfully. They will be London for a one week and are both so excited!

Sush said...

Oh I love this post...I hope my comment makes it through this time. I'm still having wi fi issues and haven't called the company because I'm so all over the place babysitting and visiting with friends.
Ruby and Eli are just too adorable for words and I cannot get over how much they've grown since 'I' first met them!
So happy you had a lovely Easter and I'm looking forward to all the great celebrations in the jolly old England!

Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

What a wonderful post and I have always liked the Queen and I get really pissed off with hubby when he makes stupid smart ass comments about the Royals when they are on tell, I tell him just because he doesn't like them doesn't give him the right to make such comments when I am listening to what is being said. She is a lovely lady so elegant

Darlene said...

Lovely poem about grandmothers, and so true. I love being a "grammy". I enjoyed your tribute to the Queen. England will be having lots of celebrations this year. I'm always envious when I see them wearing their hats. Of course, I do have my pink boa! heehee

Nezzy said...

Oh girl,I love that header of the kiddos...priceless!!!

I did so enjoy your royal pictures! We are all smitten with those royal kids!!!

God bless ya and have yourself a beautiful weekend sweetie!!! :o)

Stella said...

Great header. What precious children. I love to see the Royals hats. Wish we had hats in our shops but don't often see any except at Easter.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Oh what precious 'Grands.' And what a lovely Header pic, they make. :-)

Enjoy this year of festivities! What a wonderful thing it is, for a Country to have reasons for pulling together! Wonderful! Enjoy!

I so wish that my Beloved Country will soon have something to rejoice about and pull together with. I am so tired, tired, tired of being a Country divided. Even by our elected leader. -sigh- It is time to turn over a new leaf, over here, across the pond.

“Hath the pearl less whiteness Because of its birth?
Hath the violet less brightness For growing near earth?”

~Thomas Moore

Susan said...

You got some sweet Easter photos! And I do love your photos of the queen...I think she's really special! Your flag displays really do incite the love for your country. A great post, Thisisme, and I, for one, appreciate your Grandmother's true! Have a great birthday weekend. Love your new car!