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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Snaps!

Well, hopefully daughter number 2 and her hubby are enjoying lovely hot sunshine over there in the Dominican Republic.  So far, so good looking after the little ones, although having the family still here from France is a terrific help!

Daughter number two's husband will be starting a new job on the 1st May and, to celebrate, they took us out for a meal on Tuesday at a very swish restaurant in Plymouth, so here are a few photos of the evening.

Entrance to the Ladies' loo!

We were served all this delicious food, when Emma reminded me that I hadn't taken any photos for my Blog. Doh! I was so busy enjoying it, that I completely forgot the blog photos! Hee Hee!  So she took this one of the Dessert that I had.

The family from France!

Hubby and I.

Roses from my birthday.

Pebble found on the beach.  See the funny face?!

Eleanor  having her second surfing lesson, before she hit the waves!

Emma and her dad on our favourite beach.

Beautiful colour Tulips - more birthday flowers.

I hope you have enjoyed my selection of photos today - Meanwhile, have a lovely week my friends.

 I would  like to share this  with you today -

Pinned Image
Courtesy of Pinterest.

I've just realized that I missed my 400th Post, and I was going to give it a mention as well.  DOH!! This is post number 402, since I started blogging in October 2010,
and I have received 9,350 comments up to the time of writing. Amazing really!
I would like to thank all of you who take the time to pop across to leave a comment.  Each and every one is so much appreciated, believe me!


Shady Del Knight said...

Hallo, dear Thisisme, and congratulations on reaching the 400 post milestone! It's quite a coincidence because my 400th is coming up very soon. I enjoyed looking at these candids taken as you and your family members from France dined and had fun together. The men look handsome and the ladies beautiful. The smiles on all your faces are worth a thousand words and your happiness fills my heart with joy. I'm surprised to see Emma and her dad bundled up at the beach. Your warm weather streak must have ended. Florida is in store for a brief cool down, too, something that most of us welcome at this time of year. Happy Sunday to you, dear friend Thisisme!

Shelly said...

Now that is a terrific milestone, indeed. Congratulations!

That restaurant looks very nice and you all look so happy there. It is a joy to see families who obviously love each other.

Your pics are wonderful and your flower pics are exquisite!

Sush said...

Wow you've made it to 400! I'll have to ck my stats, I don't do that often enough.
I loved all the pictures today...Emma is always so beautiful and Eleanor is a brave girl to be surfing (even with a wet suit) when everyone else is all bundled up! As a surfer of yore I really do understand!
Happy Days for you my friend and you are looking lovely!

Unknown said...

Hi Diane,
Your photos at the restaurant are wonderful. Everyone looks so happy to be together enjoying one of life's simple pleasures. Congratulations on crossing the 400 mark! I've just crossed into those numbers as well.
I also love the beach photos, and it was so nice to see your hubby with you and with Emma. I'll have to remember to add more pictures of the times our family celebrates together. Thank you for lifting our spirits with the good things in life.

Claudia Moser said...

Loved the shots, but what happened with Emma, I miss her blog posts :))

not displayed said...

Congrats on 400 posts. That is awesome.
Also awesome is that desert. Hope it tasted as good as it looked

Unknown said...

Good Afternoon Sweet Thang,
Isn't it hard to believe that we can come up with that much to blog about with your over 400 and my over 500?
Today's blog is another award winner with such lovely pictures and a timeless message that all parents can pass on to their children.
After all the sunny, warm weather we are experiencing cooler and rainy conditions today. Lord knows we need the rain so let it come. Kindest regards to your lovely family and pass on to Emma that this was my Grandmother's name on my father's side. Have a wonderful time visiting with your family and know you are thought of often my sweet friend.

Linda O'Connell said...

Such a feel good post! Happiness all through it.

Glenda said...

You have a beautiful family, Diane. Congrats on your 402nd post. That's a nice milestone. I agree with Linda above. Happiness all through your post! Our Sunday is just starting, but hope yours has been lovely thus far.

Denise said...

Good looking family you have.So nice for me to see all of them.Lovely photos of your time together.Congrats. on your 400th post.That makes Me want to go check mine-I have no idea.Talk to you soon, hugs Denise

Jennifer said...

Beautiful photos! You and your hubby look so happy. :)

Congratulations on your 400th post milestone. That is quite an accomplishment!

Many Blessings,


Sally Wessely said...

Your photos are lovely. Like you, sometimes, I am so busy enjoying life, I don't photograph the experience. I always feel just a little self conscious taking photos in a restaurant.

Congrats on your 400 posts. Each post is lovely. You do such a nice job. I always look forward to reading your blog dear friend.

Belle said...

That bathroom is nicer than my house! I'm happy for your son-in-law. Congrats on his new job. Love the family photos, but I must say the rock face is my favorite! He reminds me of one of the ghosts in the comic books Casper the Friendly Ghost. I am busy drawing, Diane. But I have to visit once in awhile. I miss everyone too much.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yeah I was going to do a post about my 400th post but alas I forgot Sounds like you had a great time out love the photos.....

orchid0324 said...

Dearest Diane,
How wonderful you were invited to that swish restaurant, it must have been a special mealtime with your lovely family. And the "loo"; haha, by the look of it, I never thought what it was. (first word)
I DID LOVE to see you and your husband's beautiful happily smiling faces♡♡♡ I can see the marvelous couple♪♪♪
Oh, you posted more than 400 and so many comments to you; you sure deserve that(*^_^*)
For the last, I liked the difference of flatter and the compliment the most in the quote.
Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

Chatty Crone said...

I love to see pictures of families and what they do - so I thought the pictures were great.

You have a lovely family.

400 post - congrats - and many many more.

The restaurant looked good too.

I know you had a nice weekend.


Unknown said...

Fab photos! Congrats on the 400th and the many wonderful comments you so richly deserve!
Have a wonderful week.

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hi Diane, as I mentioned on facebook, that's a great milestone and I send my congratulations to you again!
I can tell just by the entrance to that toilet, how good the restaurant must have been!
Duncan In Kuantan

Anonymous said...

Apparently I missed your Birthday so Happy Birthday!
Your family is lovely and it's wonderful that you get to spend time with them. I hope you enjoy every minute then relax when they are gone!
That last little bit that you posted about teaching our daughters... Do you think you could email that to me?? My email is
You are truly a wonderful lady and I ma enjoying getting to know you through your postings.

Empty Nester said...

Diane, your family is so lovely! I just love it when you post pictures and tell us about a visit- such love for one another! Congrats on the 400th post...well, the 402nd. LOL

Anonymous said...

Dear Diane,
I am BACK yeyyy! What a lovely post, you have such an adorable family. It feels so great to be back, I have really missed you all.

I loved your pictures, and that little pebble was so cute. Wow - 400 posts wohoo! Hope you're having a great evening my friend.
Big hugs to you xx


Cindy Ellison said...

Hi Diane! My goodness, I have been so behind and please forgive me. I am happy you had such a wonderful birthday and I love your new car! Your husband seems like such a loving and thoughtful man. You have such a wonderful and good looking family, too. I really enjoyed seeing the restaurant photos and am sure you all enjoyed the celebration of a new job. I love seeing faces in unusual places, the pebble with the goofy face was precious!

Oh, and your vlog! I loved it and it is was so good to hear your voice! Your grounds and flowers are so beautiful. Your voice is fantastic and I love English accents. I remember when I was a kid, trying to copy the way Haley Mills talked and my cousin telling me to shut up. ;-) Well, at least I was not forty-something like Madonna and trying to speak with a fake English accent. Hope things are continuing to go well with you, you have had a very special few weeks ... keep it up! ♥

Carol E Wyer said...

Cooeee my leetle friend! Here I am and I have brought Hubby too because he loves chocolates and he saw these on your fabby photos.
Congratulations on all of those posts. How did you manage to keep such a good record?
As always the pictures of your family prove to show what a super bunch you all are.
Hugs and love to you all.
A Bientot! xxxxxxxxxx

LindyLouMac said...

Congratulations on the blogging milestone. I have not checked my stats recently but now you have tempted me to take a look. No blogging at present you may have sen on FB lots going on in real life and my hard drive is broken on the laptop. I do not fancy posting from iPad as much as I love it!!!

vintch said...

what a BEAUTIFUL family and such pretty pictures. thank you for sharing this sneak peek:) and such wonderful, sage advice for daughters!

Pat MacKenzie said...

Lovely pictures Thisisme. You have a beautiful family. Loved the funny-face pebble!

SkippyMom said...

Oopsie Doodle - now how did I miss this lovely post with all the gorgeous pictures. You certainly have quite a handsome family Diane. Just beautiful to behold.

Enjoy your week and I am sorry I was late to the party. :) Thank you so much for sharing with us. Many, many smiles here for you there. :D

Stella said...

Lovely photos of your family and beautiful flowers. Have a good week. Stella