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Thursday, 19 April 2012

My First Vlog - Giving You A Tour Of The Garden!

Hi there. It's me again! So many of you left lovely comments about the garden yesterday, that I thought I would try to do an Odie, and make a little Vlog and take you on a tour of the garden!  Now Steven Spielberg I am not, so I'm afraid it's a bit all over the place at times, but I hope it will give you some idea of where I live.  How lovely if I could have a garden party out there with a Marquee (like the wedding last year), and you could all come along and drink Pimms and eat dainty little cucumber sandwiches! Hee Hee!  I just know that we would all have so much fun together, as I really do feel that we know each other very well.

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter and husband are going on their delayed honeymoon this evening for a week to The Dominican Republic, and we are looking after Eli and Ruby in their absence.  So!  I will be rather busy, and I hope you will forgive me if I don't get to visit you quite so much during this time.

Take care until I see you again.  Big hugs to you all.


orchid said...

Wow,Wow Dearest Diane♡♡♡
We could enjoy your garden and your sweet, lovely voice as well♬♬♬
I am expecting guest from now and no time to detailed comment.
Just let you know how wondeeful!!! And I will come back here commenting later,

Love you always from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Diane, how lovely to hear your voice and tour you lovely garden--it goes on forever--so big! I wish you had let us see you too. My husband tells me my garden at home is in bloom and plans to send me photos. I haven't been home since late December. Currently, I am in Alberta, in the Rocky Mountains, where it continues to SNOW!!!! Spring will catch up to me eventually, I expect.
Love your wishing well.

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Great video of a wonderful garden Diane! I would love to be able to bring my family to a little garden party there! Good to hear your voice!
Duncan In Kuantan

Claudia Moser said...

Looks good Diane :)

Elizabeth Hernandez said...

This is wonderful! Such an awesome garden too! Your gardens are beautiful!

Shelly said...

This is a terrific vlog, and I so enjoyed seeing your absolutely beautiful garden and yard. It looks quite large. What I also enjoyed was hearing your voice! It sounds like I've imagined it.

Your daughter and son in law will love the Domincan Republic. I've heard it's a lovely place.

Becky said...

It gorgeous and beautiful views as well by the looks of it x

Shady Del Knight said...

You're real! Thisisme is real! (LOL) It's an out of body experience to actually hear your voice, my dear friend. It helps me to fill in the blanks of who and what you are. I am certainly not disappointed. Your voice is quite lovely and refined and suits your gentle nature. I would enjoy listening to you recite the telephone directory for hours. You also have a youthful voice. At first I thought it was Eleanor who was conducting the tour. This was an uncanny experience. It adds another dimension to my perception of you. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your plants, flowers and grounds and of course my good friend Alfred. Oh my, dear Thisisme. How glad I am to have you in my world!

kneesandpaws said...

Dear Diane, you are even more lovely in voice than in the written word. How to I follow Tom's comment? He has said what I felt. Thank goodness you don't sound like the Queen or we would be too intimidated to reach out in friendship. Your garden and the surrounding countryside is absolutely stunning. It reminds me of my childhood hometown, with the surrounding fields and birdsong. What I would also love to know is how you maintain so much and still have time to blog! A garden and home can be more than a full time job, and you and your husband obviously care about keeping it looking beautiful. Thank you for the tour! I might be inspired to make a little vlog of my own!

Odie Langley said...

Rats!!! Shady beat me to you with his silver tongue. Oh well, the important thing is that anyone who views your video will, if they haven't already, fall in love with the amazing Diane of Devon. Maybe others were wondering how someone so sweet sounding and looking could also maintain that rather large area of grass and garden. The name "Wonder Woman" comes to mind.
Of course I am sure your wonderful hubby helps you a lot caring for your property so we won't leave him out. Thanks so very much for the tour, for your enchanting voice and hopefully the first of many vlogs to come. Have a happy rest of your Thursday.

Eva Ason said...

Dear Diane,
Oh I enjoyed your little movie, how nice to see how you live :-)
And the sun is shining on you too.
It will only be a few more days without internet for me, will hopefully get the modem on Monday.
Just stopping by quick while at work to wish you a great day!
Big hugs

orchid said...

Dearest Diane, Orchid again♪
Oh my, oh my!!! All of your friends before me took the words right out of from my mouth(*^_^*)
Your voice is so elegant and I strongly wish to have a caption with your Vlog, I hoped I could understand all of what you have said... (hehe, this is no one else cannot say)
Even so, I enjoyed the tour of your fabulous huge English garden hearing your sweet voice with the bird singing♡♡♡ Oh, I wonder how hard it is to maintain your property! We have trouble just pruning small pine tree.
Thank you very much for the wonderful time with you, dear friend.
Blessing to you, xoxo Miyako*

becca said...

thank you for taking me through your gorgeous garden it was a wonderful tour

Craziness abounds said...

You pulled an Odie! haha I love it! That was a lot of fun! Thank you!

Olive Cooper said...

Diane, it's wonderful to hear your voice. Your property is big and lovely. I would so enjoy a cucumber sandwich. hugs, Olive

SkippyMom said...

Aren't you the [very generous] LUCKY grandparents to have those two beautiful babies for a whole week. I know how much it means to your kids. You are sure to have the most fun time! To have wee ones around again.

I feel like you made this video just for me, because you know how soothing your garden is for me. I know it is for all of us that love you and a garden party would be so, so lovely. I wonder if your town has enough hotel accommodations for all of us who would love to come and share the beauty of you and your magical garden? I know I would find a way to be there. I can imagine many of us in the kitchen cooking up batches and batches of treats and then the huge group of us sitting around in the dwindling light of day, Pimms in hand [what is Pimms btw?] just chatting and chatting until the wee hours of the morning.

That will be a wonderful dream I can fall asleep to tonight.

Thank you for doing this for us. It really means more than you know.

Hugs my friend. Enjoy your week. And PLEASE try to nap when your grandbabies do. I think you'll need it. :) [I know I did when my kids and I were young!]

colenic said...

I LOVED it! your garden is even more beautiful than your pictures show...i love the idea of a garden..but hate getting my hands while I start with the best intentions at the beginning of the season- by they end of it everything is overgrown...
Thank you so much for sharing with us...hugs and lots of love to you.

romance-of-roses said...

Diane, Wow, wish I had that much space for my garden, lucky you. It looks absolutely lovely and you did a great job on your first video. Hugs...Lu

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Oh my goodness how 21st century you are having a vlog tour of the garden! Loved it, I am so impressed and somewhat jealous of your glorious weather. It is still cold and wet here, rather disappointing as we have plans this weekend. Have a good time with the grandchildren.

Nezzy said...

Now that was a garden party for sure!!!

It was great to see your massive gardens. I see ya have OCFD too (Obsessive Compulsive Flower Disorder). We certainly create allot of work for ourselves, don't we?

Yours is absolutely beautiful sweetie.

God bless and have yourself a fantastic weekend!!!


Dear Diane, I've found my dream home! What a super video blog you've done. I loved every minute of if!!! It was wonderful to hear you and see where you live, and Alfred is so-oo cute. I think that is the most beautiful yard and garden I've seen and I truly love your special remembrance rose garden. Wishing you a many happy sun-shiny days to be outside enjoying your garden. Have a great weekend! Love, Kerrie (aka KC)

Susan said...

Oh Diane! How do you do? It's so nice to meet you again-in sound! Beautiful goes on and on. Some lovely tall trees, shrubs...and, then, open space with beautiful skies. And, I, too, adore your special little rose garden. you have posted some of the most beautiful roses ever, and, now we see where they came from.
I love your 'vlog'? I didn't know that's what they're called. How exciting to hear your 'royal' voice! This is fabulous! Thank you so much for the tour, Alfred is so cute and adorable. Have a wonderful time with two great children!

Sush said...

I know I left a comment yesterday after listening to your 'Vlog', but I don't see it so here goes again. I love your garden it is all I thought it would be and more. You sound so lovely narrating...even your voice is a delight. Now that car is some spankin' hotness, I'll bet you just love toolin' around in that set of wheels! And we even get to see Sir Alfred, you were of course a gracious hostess and I am so ready for another vlog...keep em coming!
PS I hope this makes it through my off and on again wifi

EmptyNester said...

I love this! It was fabulous! I now see why you spend a lot of time in the garden-if I lived there I might never go inside! What a huge yard and your neighbors are farish away and your house is lovely too! It's perfect! Just perfect!