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Friday, 11 October 2019

Changing Of The Seasons

Well, usually I love Autumn, especially when the days are dry and bright. I love crunching along on crisp, fallen leaves and admiring the changing colours everywhere. Unfortunately, this October has been exceedingly wet so far.  However, I did manage to venture out for a walk yesterday, during a dry spell!  It felt so good to be outside, seeing the beauty of nature all around me. Just a couple of photos from that walk ...

However, in the next couple of weeks here in the UK, the clocks go back and the darker mornings and evenings will be with us once again. Many enjoy the closing of the curtains,  and perhaps enjoying the crackling of an open log fire or woodburner. The feeling of being cosy and warm. 

I like to light scented candles as well, to make it even more snug and cosy. I'm fine with this at the beginning, as, the weekend after Thanksgiving, which we don't celebrate here, I decorate the house for Christmas, and there are twinkling fairy lights everywhere!  I do love Christmas! 

But it's after Christmas is over and all the pretty ornaments are packed away once again in their boxes, and the lights dismantled from every nook and cranny, that I start to feel rather gloomy. 

However, I know that many people really do suffer at the onset of the darker evenings.  It can lead to feeling rather low, feelings of apathy, and general loss of energy. 

Sometimes it is rather difficult to remain positive at times like this and those negative thoughts can become difficult to dismiss. 

Reading a good book can help us lose ourselves, and I find that playing my favourite music rather loudly can all help to lift my mood. Luckily, I have no neighbours!  

So, to you all, I hope that you can find some pleasures in these soon to become shorter days, so that we can all head towards Christmas in good spirits. 

Here are a few positive quotes to help you on your way ....


Well my friends, on that note, I will leave you once again, hoping that all is well with you in your little corner of the world.  Have a lovely weekend ❤️

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