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Sunday 5 July 2020

A Wandering Mind

Because of very damp weather here over the past few days, when I should be out working in the garden, I find myself confined to the house.  What to do ... shall I tackle that pile of ironing, get the duster out, or.... write a blog post. Well, as you can see, I opted for the latter option, so here I am to entertain you once again 😳.

Isn't it funny how our mind works sometimes?   Well, this girl's mind anyway and, yes, even at my age, I still think of myself as a girl, albeit a slightly 'worn out' girl. 

Last evening I found myself thinking of school milk, back in the 50s. Ugh! In the Summer, the crates of milk used to sit there in the heat of the classroom until the Milk Monitor (a much fought after position) distributed them among the pupils. Then, in the Winter, the bottle tops would be frozen. 

Incidentally, who remembers Jack Frost making patterns on the INSIDE of their bedroom windows?  Not forgetting the liberty bodices we wore as little girls. Although I don't remember mine being quite as posh looking as the one in this picture. (All images today courtesy of Google). 

I'm including this next picture, again from Google, because this little girl looks exactly like me at that age. In fact, I think it is ME!! 😂


My mind then turned to roller skates. Almost every child in my neighbourhood had a pair of these.  I remember them being great fun. As you can see, they were the height of sophistication - NOT!


I then moved forward a few years to the navy blue regulation school knickers we used to have to wear when doing PT, or netball and 🏑 hockey. I remember them having a sort of fleece like lining. All the girls hated them and would try to hide in the changing rooms, rather than having to parade around outside in them. Horror of horrors!!  Until the Gym Mistress used to stride in looking for us. Oh my goodness, the Gym Mistresses of the 1950's. My, they were a frightening lot. Just think of the most officious Sergeant in the Army, and you still wouldn't be close!  Bear in mind, this was a totally different era. We were total innocents back then. I'm sure these days, the girls would be taking selfies of themselves and posting the photos on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat!  


Talking of my early school days, I found this photo of my first school class, which would have been taken in 1952.  


I came across this photo recently - I used to love the donkey rides across the beach as a child. Happy days! 

I hope you have enjoyed my reminiscing today, and perhaps it might have brought back some memories of your own school days. Anytime you want to enlarge a photo from my blog, just double tap on it, and that should do the trick.

Bye for now. Hope you're all keeping well. 


Linda O'Connell said...

This post certainly was reminiscent of my childhood, too. Ugh that warm milk. And roller skate keys. We had to wear one piece gym suits, royal blue, and they had bloomer bottoms. We hated them. I enjoyed this post.

Suzanne said...

This is a cute and fun post Thisisme! But I don't get the gist of the "liberty bodices". I'm thinking they're similar to what we wore as undershirts. We wore them under white blouses unless we had full slips on. But I see now that they were a more comfortable alternative to the corset. You made me think and remember the pointed brassieres, haha! I can't believe they were actually worn by women!

We had light green gym suits, and yes, the gym instructors were scary! I guess they had to be and I did enjoy gym classes, except for changing in front of the other girls.

My elementary school didn't have lunch facilities, and we took our own lunches and milk in thermos jugs. It stayed pretty cool, but I didn't like drinking milk in the middle of the day. I know I have seen your school picture before, and I can't remember where you are in the photo. There is a little girl far right on the front row who reminds me a bit of your Ruby. Could that be you?

Wonderful and fun post, Thisisme! It is muggy and dreary here today with no breeze. My favorite book store is allowing customers to come in with masks on, and I am planning my first book store adventure since March! I always get my mom a gift card to the book store for her birthday, and it is coming up in a few days.

Have a wonderful week, with great blue skies and not too many tourists! Sending hugs your way! ♥

Glenda said...

What a fun post! And I loved seeing how your childhood school days and fashions in the UK differed so much from ours in the US in those days.

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi again Linda. Glad you enjoyed the Post today. We do have similar memories, don't we?! I still don't like milk even now.

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Glenda. Lovely of you to visit, and I'm glad you enjoyed the Post today. Stay safe over there, twin 🥰

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Suzanne. You always take such trouble when you leave your comments, and I really do appreciate that. Yes, you're right - yours were called under shirts. Well, that's what they were, right?!! How exciting that you can get into a Book Store at last. I hope it won't be too busy in there! Gosh, who ever thought that our lives would change so much when 2020 began! We have to get used to a new kind of normal now. As for my school photo, I'm the little girl in the front row, with my hands in my lap! Take care over there my Texan friend, and, once again, thank you so much for your enduring support of my Blog. Love and hugs to you ❤️

Southhamsdarling said...

Me again Suzanne. The front row over on the left!! 😊