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Friday, 15 July 2011

Rocking in the Aisles!!

Hi everyone! I'm sitting in the garden typing my post today, as it is an absolutely glorious day - and, no, I still haven't done that ironing that I talked about a few days ago!! If you knew Devon (which is really the jewel in England's crown - hee hee!) then you would know that when the sun shines, you get out there and enjoy it.  You certainly don't stay indoors doing housework, for fear that it might be raining again the next day.  Well, that's my excuse anyway, and I'm sticking to it!!

When my daughter got married back in early June, two very good friends of mine were here when we arrived back from the ceremony and did us proud serving the Pimms and cream teas to everyone.  They were absolutely brilliant, and also cleared up afterwards before they left.  As a little "thank you" I booked for the three of us to go to the theatre, so we went last evening.  I knew that it was a show that they would absolutely love, and they certainly did!

The show was called Rock Around The Clock and was billed the greatest rock 'n' roll show since rock 'n' roll.  It was brilliant and took us back to the days of juke boxes,  bouffant hair styles, brylcreem and teddy boys, to name but a few!  To get that authentic 50's feel, newsreel footage and photos of the era were showcased as a backdrop throughout the evening.  

With apologies to my younger Followers who will never have heard of any of this (!), the show featured non-stop rock 'n' roll classics, such as Great Balls of Fire, Jailhouse Rock, Blueberry Hill, Shake Rattle and Roll, Good Golly Miss Molly, and other classics made famous by Bill Haley, Elvis Presley,  Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, and The Platters, to name but a few.

We really were rocking in the aisles by the end of the show and all agreed that it had been a terrific evening, when, for a couple of hours, we were transported back to the songs of our youth. 

This evening I am going on a Treasure Trail with my ladies' group, and that will be another fun evening, followed by a meal in a local hostelry!

My Sunday Snaps post on Sunday will feature Ruby Violet's day at the seaside!!


Belle said...

I'm up late and I am first to comment! The show looks fantastic. I'm so glad you all had a good time. I'll be looking forward to seeing Ruby again.

Thisisme. said...

Hi Belle -you really should be getting your beauty sleep you know!! It really was a fantastic show, right from the very first minute to the finale. I was pleased that they had the hits of the early 60's in there as well, with songs from Del Shannon,Roy Orbison and Connie Francis (Lipstick on your Collar!).

orchid said...

OH, GOOD OLD DAYS are always wonderful!!!
Even though I am NOT young, as a foreigner I don't know much of this;I know juke boxes,haha.
"Treasure Trail", sounds really FUN. Have a wonderful time.

PS> Thank you SO much for your generosity and concern for my blog problem. I am really proud of being able to become your follower, my Dearest Lady!!!
Big Hugs and Love, xoxo Orchid

Sush said...

Sounds like sooooo much fun for you and your friends! Crank up the juke box...! Did they have jukeboxes in the booths of soda shops where you lived? We did, and I loved rock n' roll!
In New Orleans they now have a bowling alley called Rock'nBowl and they play rock and roll constantly. Great fun!

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy that gorgeous weather!


SkippyMom said...

That is my kind of show! I wasn't born until the following decade but grew up loving everything about the 50's, especially Elvis! I am so glad you had such a fabulous time and what a wonderful present for your friends.

Super happy that you are getting some wonderful weather - I have to agree that you don't stay inside and iron when there is sunshine and warm weather to be had! Enjoy.

Claudia Moser said...

I am super jealous for the weather! In Germany we have October weather and I cannot believe it!

As for the good times you have I am so happy for you! Enjoy the Trailing!

Thisisme. said...

Orchid - nice to see you! I have a Juke Box of my very own and it's wonderful! We are surrounded by fields, so I can play the music as loud as I like!! I think we were all worried that you hadn't been on here for a few days, and that is why I went into your Blog. I hope it gets sorted my friend. Take care.

Sush - hi there! Gosh, that Rock'n'Bowl sounds like such a great idea. I'm sure that sort of thing would go down a storm over here as well. Yes, we did have those booths over here as well!

SkippyMom - hey, you can leave comments agaiN! Is that because you are using Pooldad's Netbook? Anyway, you will soon be on your way to your vacation. Exciting times for you! I'm glad I have your permission not to do the ironing! Hee Hee! I'm still super excited about winning those S'mores!!

Claudia - I can't believe that you are still having such horrid weather over there in Germany. It's getting beyond a joke now, because the summer is zipping by! Fingers crossed for you that it will soon improve my friend. The sun can make us feel so much brighter.

Shady Del Knight said...

Here's to sunny skies over Devon and and more pics of Ruby Violet! That show must have been delightful, Thisisme. When a modern production harks back to the 50s or 60s I have two concerns. Will it accurately replicate the music and styles of the period? Will it remain respectful to the music and the time rather than making a mockery of it as some have done. When NBC rolled out the television series American Dreams a few years back I had high hopes that were quickly dashed. The series was riddled with historical inaccuracies. Moreover, current pop and hip hop stars were cast in the roles of Lesley Gore and other boomer era icons and sang lame covers designed to give our oldies a modern, updated sound. I crave authenticity and didn't find it in that series. Have a marvy weekend, dear friend!

Thisisme. said...

Shady - I quite understand your concerns, but, really, this show hit all the right buttons, from the hair, costumes, juke boxes and, most of all,THE MUSIC!! There was nobody famous in it, and sometimes I think it's better that way. It was just a young, energetic company, giving it their all. I do think that you would have enjoyed it my friend. Enjoy your weekend.

EvaMarie Sa said...

Hello there my friend.
That is exactly the same way I do things - if the sun is shining over here in Ireland. I drop everything about housework and spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the sun! The house work will still be there for a rainy day.
The show looks fantastic - and great music too. I love those oldie's even if I am not that old in the game yet, but kind of grew up with those songs tehee. Glad you had a great time. Have a lovely day and enjoy the SUN!
Greetings from a (today) cloudy Dublin.

Thisisme. said...

EvaMarie - I'm glad that you do the same as I do when the sun is out! We just have to enjoy it when we can, don't we?! Haven't seen any new paintings from you lately - perhaps you'll get down to doing one this weekend. Enjoy!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

So happy you enjoyed your sunny day! :-)

And oh what a show that must be! Down Memory Lane.

I was in college, when Elvis blew on the scene. A summer vacation, and I *captured* the local gorgeous *bad boy,* and he introduced me to Rock and Roll. :-))))))))))))

Every girl has to have had a gorgeous *bad boy* in her past. ,-)


Pat MacKenzie said...

What a fun show that must have been. I was a teen in the 60s but first became aware of rock and roll in the 50s and remember all those songs you mentioned. What fun!

Bouncin' Barb said...

I would love to see that show. Being born in 1960 and having brothers born in the late 40's, I grew up on 50's music as well. Sounds like you had a blast and will continue to do so over the weekend. Have fun!! Hugs.

Plumrose Lane said...

What a delightful blog you have ~ I so enjoyed my visit!

Odie Langley said...

I would have loved to be in that audience remembering back to the happy days that those songs remind me of. From your report it seems they researched the material very carefully.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Another lovely header photo, I did try again as instructed but it just comes out huge, every time. Goodness knows how I got it right before!!
Still that is not what I was going to say, I wish I had been rocking in the aisles with you. The ironing can wait till Monday now have a good weekend.

becca said...

love the new look beautiful as alwasys and what a lovely show i grew up listen to 50's music because of mom and would have throughly enjoyed this. it sounds like lots of fun with great music to boot

Chatty Crone said...

Funny - you are in England and I am here - and we both enjoyed the same rock and roll songs.

Thisisme. said...

Aunt Amelia's Attic - ah ha! So your secret past is now coming out - you 'captured' the local gorgeous bad boy!! How lucky were you. I can remember the brylcreemed hair and the quiffs and the collar of the shirt turned up, usually with a pristine white t-shirt underneath! It's the boys I'm talking about here by the way. They don't make them like that anymore I'm afraid!!

Pat Mackenzie - Hi there. Like you, I was a teenager in the early 60's, but I still remember all that wonderful music. They also played quite a lot of early 60's stuff, which was great. I wonder if the music of today will still be played in 50 years!

Bouncin'Barb - I promise you, you would have LOVED it! The whole atmosphere was terrific my friend. Did you have the 'hand jive' over in America. Before we all stood up bopping away, we were all sat there doing that! It was a FUN evening. Hugs to you my awesome friend.

Plumrose Lane - Hi Sharon. How lovely to see you here today. Thank you so much for popping over and thank you for your kind comment about my blog.

Odie - as you are exactly the same age as me, I know that you would have so enjoyed the music my friend. Enjoy your weekend, and love to Linda and little Rocky!

LindyLouMac in Italy - that's a shame about the header photo. I've just put a new background on my blog, and I notice that it has reduced my header photo, so that it is not quite being shown in full. Again, because we are of a very similar age, believe me you would have so enjoyed the show. It was terrific! I was very good yesterday and ironed 5 shirts. LOL!!

Becca - thank you for noticing the new look of my blog my friend! I think a lot of people grew up with their parents playing this kind of music, and a lot of it obviously goes into the brain! Enjoy your weekend.

Chatty Crone - yes, it is strange when you think about it, isn't it?! Enjoying the same music in different countries. Here in England we were always so disappointed that Elvis never made it to our shores! Have a great weekend.

Manzanita said...

That show sounds great. My daughter and I used to go to London and just see shows. Good times. And you have another fun night with the gals. You go, girl.

Gawgus things... said...

Glad you all enjoyed the theatre and hope you made it round your Treasure Trail!

EvaMarie Sa said...

Mmm - I love the new look of your blog, very colorful and nice :-)

Thisisme. said...

Manzanita - how lovely that you used to go to see the shows with your daughter. I love to go to the theatre, especially to see Musicals. Thanks for popping by today.

Gawgus things - yes, we made it round the treasure trail, and we missed the rain, so even better. Feet aching a bit by the time we finished, but it was great fun as always.

EvaMarie - so glad you like the new look Blog. It was seeing your new look that inspired me!!

EmptyNester said...

Sounds like a truly wonderful evening! And how sweet of you to take them to such a fun event!

Rain? Please feel free to send it our way. While we've had some the last few days, we're still 11 inches behind for the year!

Jilda said...

wow, I want to come and hang out with you and your friends!

Jilda said...

wow, I want to come and hang out with you and your friends!

flowers on my table said...

Hi Diane, so glad you enjoyed the show. I love rock'n'roll, if I could travel in time I would love to have been a teenager in 50's America. I agree with you about the sunshine v ironing, no question you get out there and make the most of it! Thankyou for your comments. We had such a lovely relaxing time at the beach and the weather was terrific. If I get time I will post some pics tomorrow. Love Linda x